Stanford, MIT, Duke, and UNC refuse to block Napster.
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that really, really kicks some major ass. eat that Lars and Dr. Dre! heh heh
posted by SentientAI at 7:42 PM on September 22, 2000

It's obviously an opportunity to separate the men from the boys. I'm ashamed to say that NYU -- my current academic squeeze -- pooped out before the first shot was barely fired -- about a week after Indiana. They said it had something to do with internet security. Frankly, the Cowardly Lion showed more staying power.

posted by leo at 11:05 PM on September 22, 2000

I never thought I'd say this but "Go Penn," at least for the next few months. Ulrich and Dre's lawyer claims that the letters he sent to Penn and other institutions were "never meant to be threats of litigation." Right, that's why Indiana, Yale, and USC's initial ban refusal led to Ulrich and Dre's decision to file suit.
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Quite appropriate, I think: MIT and the Leland Stanford, Junior University (you'll never know for how many years the missing comma made me wonder... :-) were two of the first sites on the ARPANET, and Duke and UNC were *the* sites that created Usenet -- which, even more than email, was probably the catalyst for the Internet we know today.
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