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Howard Hughes on the set of Hell's Angels. For some reason, the Wisconsin Historical Society has a huge collection of stills from old movies that they are slowly releasing online. This collection is part of the material they sent to Scorsese for pre-production of The Aviator.
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Bonus: still shot of a young Jean Harlow

The images are nice & I'll enjoy look at the wider collection, but the size & placement of the watermark are a little annoying.

Granted it's a 420dpi image and that has a certain value. But could they not have found a more aesthetic way of protecting their property?

First one I think of is an animated gif or flash presentation - watermark on/watermark off, slow rotation.
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great stuff, thanks
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Sadly, the often amusing WHS satirical blog is no longer being updated.
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I had to give it up: after three months, it became another job.
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I am looking out the window at the Wisconsin State Historical Society as I type this.
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do you see Howard Hughes then?
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Yeah, he waved from a fourth-floor window. He appeared to be brandishing a cantilevered brassiere.
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I read once why they had those records, but I can't remember it right now. The collection is extensive, making Madison a leading film history center.

Historical Society Finds Home for Records Online. Among the WHS's special collections is an exceptional civil rights archive. More pertinently, they recently purchased via eBay 32 photos of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin under construction.

Apropos of the film and Wisconsin connections, the Lunt/Fontanne getaway Ten Chimneys is now open to the public.
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