Brunch with Katie Couric
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Duking it out with Bill Maher not your cup of tea? Prefer something a little more Rokeresque? All right - what about brunch with Katie Couric?
posted by hijinx (4 comments total)
Having seen the inside of her colon last year, I'm not sure that I want to know Ms. Couric any more intimately than I already do, Thankyouverymuch.
posted by Optamystic at 12:19 AM on January 15, 2001

And There's More!

As the winner of this auction, not only do you get to brunch with Ms Couric, but you also get to meet Muscles, her bodyguard, who will ensure that an self-confessed stalker like yourself doesn't get within three feet of her.
posted by holgate at 1:06 AM on January 15, 2001

How come they're always auctioning off brunches with lame, pseudo-celebs? My remote control finger is already calloused from clicking past these nimrods every day.

What I want to know is....Where do I sign up for a brunch with this guy?
posted by Optamystic at 1:26 AM on January 15, 2001

Couric may hate the word perky, but she is, and that much perkiness during a brunch would certainly put me off my Belgian waffle. Give me brunch with the wackos from Fox and Friends, though. That could be veddy interesting indeed.
posted by Dreama at 9:16 AM on January 15, 2001

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