Forget the Tate...
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"Primetime Public Art". In 1995, Mel Chin's GALA Committee started using Melrose Place as an art gallery.
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interesting, but really bad web design
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The perfect Metafilter link. Great find - thanks for sharing.
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Hey, isn't Heather Champ, mentioned on this page, one of Flickr's main folks (or at least, the same one that runs the blog)?
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er, I meant, "is," not "isn't."
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This may expose more about my teen years than I'd normally allow, but this post is SO COOL.

I distinctly remember noticing the artwork in several episodes. At the time I simply chalked it up to being an obsessed fan. Turns out it was deliberately, well, artistic.

I want them to be like, "The harpoon that Jo fired at her ex's leg was actually a response to whaling crises in Japan, and was molded out of scrap from Japan's oldest whaling ship."

Or "The bed filled with grave dirt that Richard used to scare Jane as revenge for trying to murder him for raping her is now a permanent installation at the Guggenheim."
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Thanks! I love the idea, as well - although I only remember noticing the mosquito pin that Jane stabbed Michael in the leg with. Are there any other examples of TV programs being used in this way?
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