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Here are three artists who use maps in their art: Mathew Cusick makes collages of old maps, Layla Curtis makes collages of current maps (flash; click on works, collages) and Susan Stockwell makes maps out of, well, just about anything.
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Aargh I just saw this now: some Fur maps by Yuval Shaul (via moonriver)
posted by dhruva at 6:21 PM on January 24, 2007

Wow, the Mathew Cusick stuff is gorgeous.
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The world's address / a place that's worn / a sad pun that reflects a sadder mess...
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I've never bought art before, but I really want one of Mathew Cusick's works for my wall. Anyone know how much they run?
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Oh my. If there's a demographic for these, I'm smack dab in the middle of it. This is most excellent. Now if only I had 400 million dollars in my back pocket...

I was reminded of this map of Manhattan by Howard Horowitz (for help reading the text after the eye-strain gets to you, click here.
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These are great - I was recently reading the part in Urgent Second Class by Nick Bantock about using old maps in the background of colleges such as this one, but I really Cusick's use of maps. Thanks for the links.
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Great post thanks dhruva.

Matt, I didn't see any figures but this gives a hint: "he's from New York, and so too, appear to be his prices" (some good pics there actually). You probably need to email the Lisa Dent gallery.
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Also check out these great map collages by an artist named Heidi Neilson.
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Thanks, great post. The problem with these kinds of posts (as well as much of what jonson posts) is that they make me want to try these things, and I already don't spend enough time on my photography. But, it all keeps me inspired to see things in different and new ways.

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Thanks, TheWash, I particularly liked this one.
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Tim McMichael has some interesting 3D pieces with maps suspended in shellac.
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As a collage artist myself (who uses maps a fair amount), I'm both incredibly inspired and incredibly humbled by the works featured in this post.

I'm just going to sniff glue until I either create something amazing, or pass out. Whichever comes first.
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A Walk Through H.

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A brief look at another group exhibit with a map theme. Shauna McMullan does interesting things with and to maps including a couple of pieces in which she cut all the names from the index of a throwaway tourist map and then hung it reversed so the map side is seen but has rows and rows of holes in it. Unfirtunately, it seems tricky to get pictures on the web of anything other than her rather good sculpture for the Scottish parliament though.
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