Atari Games, A good place to stay on your way to EA
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10 Years of Atari/Atari Games VaxMail. For a glimpse of the Atari plant ca. 1992, view the cheesy internal 20th Anniversary video (part 1, part 2).
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Neat link! My husband worked there in the 1980s and took a look over these emails and said to me: "July 1984 is when Jack Tramiel took over, and you can tell things had changed ... lots of goodbye emails." He wrote a blog entry on the Tramiel takeover.
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Found an interesting interview with Jack Tramiel.
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A Commodore post and an Atari post... really we ought to have a big retro fight.
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Oh jesus, am I going to have to make an Apple II post now?
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brb, nintendo.
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girlhacker: I've been loving your husband's blog for quite awhile, but hadn't read that far back in his archives… now, to dive!
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I think this is fascinating just for what it reveals about the culture in a technology firm over nine years, Atari or not.
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Jack Tramiel, hiss!
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Finally, as regards coin-op programmers reviewing the consumer products before they go out, how could I possibly disagree that the coin-op guy needs creative approval (control?), especially when his name is going on the box. We wouldn't want to be embarrassed now, would we? Steve Calfee and his Damned Consumer Division Software Assholes can shove it if they think they can get away with this kind of insolence. LONG LIVE COIN-OP, THE REAL ATARI!!
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Glad you enjoyed it!
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