"Again, it almost seems as if the peenworm possessed human feelings"
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Reproduction Cycle Among Unicellular Life Forms Under the Rocks Of Mars A 9-minute claymation exploration of the various reproductive stages of the Martian peenworm, so crucial to our nuclear beer and the Martian war. [Some monster nudity, simulated stop-motion sex] [via]

A 1978 pre-Subgenius film by Douglass St Clair Smith. See also 1973's travel doc "Let's Visit the Future."
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That was pretty excellent. And sexy!
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That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. On so many levels.
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Hilarious and disgusting.

(MetaFilter: Hilarious and disgusting.)
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Truly the best of the web.
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Ok someone has to be the contradictory asshole in this thread or it will assplode, so:

Meh. Blow job jokes. Boring.

Carry on.
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Yeah. I didn't really dig it.
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Is that Bruce Sterling narrating?
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Meh. Blow job jokes. Boring.

Carry on.
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Well, blow job jokes aside (and some of the humor is juvenile, sure, especially early on), I think the claymation is pretty amazing, especially for being what seems like a clearly very indie project. The part after 7:30 or so where "sex E" comes in has some great stuff for animation freaks.

And the link to Subgenius pre-history is neat, too. I'd never seen this before, and used to love Subgenius stuff. Anyone up for a treat should definitely scan through that "Let's Visit the World of the Future" mockumentary, too. It's got some hilariously dada moments and pointed political satire mixed in with the juvenile stuff. I'd call both of these films kind of key documents in the history of underground media in the United States.

That's probably just me.
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The site did not ask if I had achieved 18 years of age and was eligible to view this adult subject matter. Fail!
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Stang sta-sta stangstang. Don't forget to praise Bob
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Meh. Blow job jokes. Boring.

Aha, since there's only one blowjob joke and it's at the start of the video, I deduce you only watched a few seconds of it and then posted a snarky comment! Do I get a prize now?
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I must say, I got a HUGE kick out of reading the comments on this.

When we first started working on SubGenius, we thought we were EXAGGERATING the gullibility of humans. But we learned that P.T. Barnum was right all along.

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Heh. caddis' comment is a quote from Stang, who showed up yesterday at YouTube.
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