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Etsy has a YouTube channel where they have all kinds of profiles of their users and how-to guides. My two favorite series are the Process series (e.g. New Books with Old Materials & Tin Toys) and Handmade Portraits (e.g. Armor Guitars & Wood Mosaics). In the description of each video there is a link to the corresponding entry on Etsy's blog, The Storque. The blogposts have more information on the users and sometimes further links and videos. [via Work in Progress]
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Neat, I've got a few hours of youtube watchin' ahead of me now! Thanks.
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I find these videos surprisingly addictive to watch, considering that I'm not much of a crafter.
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Wow! I favorited a chest from woodmosaics on Etsy last month (pity I don't have the lettuce to buy it)-- thrilled to see this little video about the people behind it. Thanks for this post-- I'll be watching all of these.
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Reminds me of when I tried to use RSS to read Metafilter:

"Etsy Howto - Make a Miniature Mo.."
"Etsy How-To: Make Your Own Stoc..."
"Holiday How-To Series: #2 Brandi.."
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this is cool!
I am procrastinating!
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