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Tales for the L33+. Because the l33+ need to understand classic literature, too.

Chris has done several other Flash movies, and you can download Tales for the L33+ from the listings page as a ZIP file, if you decide you like it and want to watch it again and again while saving his site from the same bandwidth-sucking fate as that one song with the squirrel and the weeeeeeeeee! and the strife and the Ron Jeremy and all that.
posted on Aug-21-01 at 3:09 PM

The Hindu nationalist group Bajrang Dal name a puppy George Bush. This isn't meant to be a complimentary act... it's in reaction to their discovery that the Bushes' cat's name is India (short for India Ink). They've taken this as an insult to the nation, and have retaliated with the puppy. I'm kind of curious about what this tells about Indian naming practices and significances, as compared to those in the US. Could someone more familiar with Hindu/Indian culture please enlighten me as to why they'd feel so insulted?
posted on Jul-26-01 at 10:22 AM

One more school shooting. This time it's a Roman Catholic school in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. A girl in 8th grade shot another girl "in the upper body, but the injury was not considered life-threatening."
posted on Mar-7-01 at 11:09 AM

Let Jesus bring light into your life. No, I mean, literally. Mary, too.

Or just get a tree and be done with it.
posted on Dec-22-00 at 12:32 PM

Not that we need to give Mattel any more press, but I found gothic Barbie and Ken, Addams gig or no, to be très étrange. (Oh Tish! That's French! You know that drives me to further acts of kitschy assimilation!)
posted on Jul-10-00 at 9:59 PM

Those of you who're Slashdot kids have probably already seen this new computer made in Taiwan, but it's so small, it may have been overlooked.
posted on Apr-23-00 at 4:31 PM

Tell me: what websurfing kid is going to go to Visa's site to find this art contest?
posted on Mar-24-00 at 9:38 AM

Foolish mortals we, who had thought that the whole Mahir thing had run its course. We were wrong.
posted on Mar-9-00 at 9:35 PM

This one is for all of you who've gotten sick of the "Who Wants to Be a _______" mania or, worse, have the meme so entrenched in your psyches: Why not come out of the closet for cash and fabulous prizes? (Pointed out by schlyer of NeoFlux)
posted on Mar-9-00 at 12:25 AM

Why, yes, I like being stupid, but now I don't have to be. How silly of me to have failed to recognize that the earth is a Time Cube, with four simultaneous days. (But if God were queer, I'd think this whole gay marriage rights mess would never have happened...)
posted on Mar-8-00 at 7:37 AM

The article in this week's ALA about the allure of blue and green on the web should not concern nor cause alarm among the citizens of MetaFilter. MetaFilter is not in league with any corporate entity in a conspiracy to make a profit off your opinions. There are no attempts of gaining your trust with the hidden motive of making you more susceptible to efforts to sell you product here at MetaFilter. Please continue reading. That is all. [heads up from Fairvue]
posted on Jan-29-00 at 3:00 AM