Italy's Earthquake Lack of Recovery Prompts Superhero Cosplay Marches
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NY Post reports these efforts of Superheros marching on the Italian government in dissatisfaction to earthquake. Italy's government has been slow moving in getting assistance to the earthquake victims of Amatrice region struck by the major earthquakes in August 2016 and December 2016. Read how it's prompted a superhero march.

After two disasters hit the Reiti Amatrice region of Central Italy , it was quickly discovered that Italy does not have swift and sanctified disaster relief programs. There is no FEMA or immediate governmental disaster relief programs such as the USA, and google the Red Cross Italy, it's deployed from other areas. As an Italian American I am disgusted that not more has been done.

Many Italians are still displaced with assistance caught up in red tape. Although 20 million euros were raised in August by SMS text for the earthquake victims, evidently has not reached them yet.

Some of the latest news showed Prince Charles standing in rubble of Amatrice one day (where the Church of St. Agostino lay crumbled, which dates back to the 1400's), and promoting his book the next. The horrific images of crumbled stone were quickly replaced with the Diana book. Still, protests happen daily and even has triggered a superhero march that has now made international attention. I've been following this Italian activist, Mauro Merlino, who has recently made international news dressed as Spider-Man.

At first I thought this was sheer stupidity, but it's actually plain genus. He parades around cities dressed as Spider-man holding signs and it's worked .

Unfortunately Parliment's recent passed vote simply states that the rebuild costs outweigh the money allotted, so reconstruction will be slow over five years, and in my opinion probably won't occur. Even the Parliament stated "the Amatrice region of tomorrow will not be the same as 1970." The town dates back to ancient times and people have lost everything. The region is specifically prone to earthquakes, so I'm wondering if they are looking at a sheer rebuild cost factor.

This video here on youtube was produced by Italian's Bologna TV and is sheer genius. Although the words are in Italian, I have translated that it's a "Spider-man Special" . It Merlino greeting children one minute and chastising the government the next. He says "enough bureaucracy , it's not working to help these people." I'm counting, so far I've found proof that he did march over 482 KM across Italy in 25 towns donning different Spider-man costumes and holding signs. There was even a special made in Lombardy, that is equally as interesting where the local police allowed him to climb the Piazza Sordello which is an ancient building.

Another article I recently read on Slashdot indicated that countries such as Germany , France and Italy do not use social media as they should. I find this to be wrong considering the blogs and direct streaming TV has made this guy an international newsworthy. Ironically I found very little on Facebook for him, mostly Youtube, Websites, and Blogs. I shared some of the articles hoping it helps spread awareness here in the Italian-American community, but i assume that social media is the jest for helping the Merlino activist spread his message.

Suffice to say as an Italian American I cannot believe the lack of support from the government on this quake. Is this Haiti repeating itself ? Any thoughts on this?

This brings up yet another question, should we Americans be marching on our own White House lawn as superheros dressed in cosplay for important issues? Would the election or women's march been any different if 1000 superheros banded together? It's an interesting theory. I wonder if I should be investing in a Wonder Woman costume.
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