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No more "It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times"

Public domain ebooks with modern typography, full proofing, complete metadata, and version control. Ebook projects like Project Gutenberg transcribe ebooks and make them available for the widest number of reading devices. Standard Ebooks takes ebooks from sources like Project Gutenberg, formats and typesets them using a carefully designed and professional-grade style guide, lightly modernizes them, fully proofreads and corrects them, and then builds them to take advantage of state-of-the-art ereader and browser technology.
posted by Cash4Lead to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 11:51 AM
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Georgia on My Mind: All Bets are Ossoff

Tonight, the much anticipated results of the GA-06 Special Election will be known. Recent polling has shown Ossoff and Handel to be in a virtual statistical tie. Pro-Ossoff dinosaurs have been seen campaigning around the district and have made campaign signs into glitter bombs (Joan Walsh, The Nation! Here are 6 key things to watch for (Caitlin MacNeal, Talking Points Memo) as the results come in. Here are some resources (courtesy of Chrysostom) for following the results.
posted by Excommunicated Cardinal to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 3:54 PM
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Trevor Noah's best Daily Show segment yet.

"What they're basically saying is: 'In America, it is officially reasonable to be afraid of a person just because they are black'." Trevor Noah's June 21 address to camera on the Philando Castile verdict was stark, heartfelt and undeniable in its hard truth. It matches the very best of what Jon Stewart was able to achieve with the show.
posted by Paul Slade to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 5:02 PM
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Ooh, shiny

From the Moonrise Kingdom library

Did you once love a kids' book that no one else remembers? Are you looking for something unique to read at bedtime? Readers of Atlas Obscura share their favorite obscure childhood treasures.
posted by Harvey Kilobit to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 9:40 PM
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Fashions of the Plain People

"Amish dress practices are slow to change because they are viewed as religious precepts. But change they do, and not only for utilitarian reasons. Amish fashion – change for the sake of change – exists, but it is subtle, slow, and miniscule. [...] Individual signs of rebellion or boundary testing include, for women, wearing prayer kapps that are smaller and thus expose more of the ear, kapps with untied strings, kapps with pronounced heart-shaped designs on the back, dresses in brighter colours, decorative pins on jacket lapels, and small frills and ruffles on sleeves."
posted by Eyebrows McGee to MetaFilter on Jun 21 at 9:24 PM
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Appalachia coming at ya/Nazi scum we're gonna smash ya

"Redneck Revolt’s anti-racist, anti-capitalist message seems to be taking hold in communities across the United States. The organization had just 13 chapters in January but has nearly tripled its chapters nationally in the last 6 months. The group now has 34 different branches, 26 of which are in states that voted for Trump. Multiple chapters have over fifty members." Redneck Revolt pushes against the KKK and other reactionary moviements in white, working class spaces.
posted by The Whelk to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 11:52 AM
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So THAT'S what it's like for two languages to be mutually comprehensible

Is that… is that from Harry Potter?

tick tock tock tock

Against The Clock is a YouTube series from British music portal FACT where electronic musicians of various predispositions lay down a track in their studios. Some use just Ableton or Logic on a laptop and a MIDI controller, others go full hardware and Eurorack, while some explain their process and others are silent throughout the video, but all of them have just 10 minutes to build that track from scratch.
posted by lmfsilva to MetaFilter on Jun 21 at 2:53 AM
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The master vs. the camera

"Why didn't great painters of the past reach the level of photorealism achieved by many artists today?" asks a curious Ouora user. An insightful answerer explains what the Masters saw that photographs don't show.
posted by chrchr to MetaFilter on Jun 24 at 11:10 PM
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A thread full of surprisingly interesting and varied love stories.

A question posed to the married men of Reddit: what moment with your future wife made you think "Yup, I'm asking this girl to marry me."? (SLReddit) Although the one-sidedness of the question is not ideal (how about "married women, when did you know you wanted to marry your husband"), there are some great stories in here, from the touching to the silly.
posted by millipede to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 3:52 PM
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The solstice, the librarian, and the size of the Earth

The Guardian: "Eratosthenes of Cyrene was the chief librarian at the great library of Alexandria in the third century BC. So the story goes, he read in one of the library’s many manuscripts an account of the sun being directly overhead on the summer solstice as seen from Syene (now Aswan, Egypt). This was known because the shadows disappeared at noon, when the sun was directly overhead. This sparked his curiosity and he set out to make the same observation in Alexandria. On the next solstice, he watched as the shadows grew small – but did not disappear, even at noon..."
posted by Wordshore to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 6:11 AM
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She came up to me and she said...

Renegade Soundwave (RSW) were one of those musical act that didn't sell as many records or gain as much fame as their influence would suggest (certainly not in America). From the fertile time that gave us MARRS, Pop Will Eat Itself, KLF, Meat Beat Manifesto, 808 State, etc. they mixed Hip Hop beats, Dance tracks and Dub in a way that heavily influenced the Big Beat and Electronica of the 90's and more.
posted by bongo_x to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 10:59 PM
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Japanese Sumo Robots

ロボット相撲 (slyt) "It's like watching typewriters fight."
posted by Roger Dodger to MetaFilter on Jun 21 at 9:47 PM
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Is there a problem?

When people ask this question, what they mean is, “YOU" are being a problem. Gyasi Ross on flying while “being a big Indian” and the powerlessness of being asked that question.
posted by shoesietart to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 10:11 AM
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The most important traffic jam in the world

One third of all freight traffic in the US goes through Chicago, a train shipment spends an average of 30 hours traversing the Chicago region. To put that into context, freight often takes 48 hours to get from Los Angeles to Chicago.

If there was one bit of America’s infrastructure that you should choose to upgrade, this is it.
posted by Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 7:27 AM
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Historic maps of the (proto) internet: cypergeography from 1969 to 1991

An Atlas of Cyberspaces: Historical Maps of Computer Networks A vintage Web 1.0-style webpage with "a range of the historical maps of ARPANET, the Internet, Usenet, and other computer networks, tracing how these pioneering networks grew and developed." See also: ARPANET Maps from December 1969 to July 1977, plus a logical map from March 1977, and a collection of ARPAnet Logical maps for 1969-1979. A number of these maps were pulled from the 1981 ARPANET Completion Report (scanned PDF with OCR).
posted by filthy light thief to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 11:25 AM
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Perhaps my stark terror will be of use to someone

I have decided that I want to learn to hunt deer. Unfortunately, this involves firearms. I am a liberal. I am a liberal to the nth degree. Also, I'm a little scared of my Dremel, for god's sake. Okay. Well, I have always said that I had no problem with people using guns to hunt. Let's see if I was telling the truth or not. Ursula Vernon [perennially beloved of mefi] learns something new and manages to only slightly traumatize the owner of the local gun shop in the process.
posted by sciatrix to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 3:03 PM
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"To increase and diffuse geographic knowledge"


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I also have no idea why the same ruled we followed in the infantry isn't applied to cops: in an urban situation, you do not shoot until fired upon. They point a gun at you? Too bad. Hold fire. Until the bullet passes you or hits you, you don't fire. You want to wear the uniform, you want to be a badass? Well that takes discipline. Fucking... [more]
posted by Abehammerb Lincoln to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 8:11 PM
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My spouse is actively setting the stage to pursue a divorce action in a misguided attempt to protect me financially when this thing becomes law. It could be argued that she is terminal except she was given six months to live nearly twenty years ago, so I guess we should call it chronic. But we hit our prescription deductible cap in March-April... [more]
posted by Fezboy! to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 12:35 PM
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I met her by chance outside the post office. I approached her because she looked lost and I thought I could help. I couldn't resist her--she was young, she was adorable, and I could stare for hours into her big green eyes. We connected immediately and she pleaded for me to stay. When she followed me to my car I knew I couldn't let her go. So I... [more]
posted by schroedinger to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 5:38 PM
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Right, and look how well their administrations turned out. They won elections, but they couldn't actually accomplish anything approaching a productive agenda... Look, I know this is a few hours ago now but I want to put out there that the Clinton and Obama administrations were both fucking awesome on a policy level and I would even go... [more]
posted by Joey Buttafoucault to MetaFilter on Jun 21 at 5:56 PM
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I was just in the shitter in a serious way with the AHCA bill and the fact that it's once again Satan's Ass Crack in Philly. And in the parking lot to our apartment building, there's one wheelchair accessible parking spot. Somebody was there, very mobile in her vigorous unpacking of shit, and so my SO dropped me off at the door, NBD, but I have... [more]
posted by angrycat to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 5:29 PM
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but if we wanted to stop this from happening again... everyone needed to stop moving for a few seconds to calm the heck down Innocent black men and children are killed by the police while standing still. Lying down. Running away. Standing handcuffed in the back of a police van. Walking down the street. Yet every time someone says it's... [more]
posted by Emily's Fist to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 10:05 PM
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When he started, a lot of people had a lot to say about Trevor not being from here, but his voice, I find, is even more powerful because he came from Apartheid South Africa and thus has an excellent first-person basis for comparison. I work on the show, and I can't even begin to describe what it's been like out on the studio floor every night. The... [more]
posted by nevercalm to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 6:47 PM
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Basically calls it unamerican. And doubling down on that via Twitter: 1/ The Spicer off-camera/no audio gaggle has begun. I can't show you a pic of Sean. So here is a look at some new socks I bought over the wknd 2/ Spicer on #wherearethetapes - "It's possible we will have an answer to that at the end of the week." 3/... [more]
posted by cjelli to MetaFilter on Jun 19 at 11:42 AM
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I don't think it's a coincidence that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the two most popular figureheads of the left wing. They are angry motherfuckers, and I like that they're angry. On the Senate floor today Warren is filled with righteous fury: “These cuts are blood money. People. Will. Die. Let's be very clear: Senate... [more]
posted by Doktor Zed to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 1:02 PM
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It's the "When they go low, we go high" crap that cost them the presidency and senate in 16. One party thinks 'Dangerous Donald' is an effective tactic, the other will gin up as much racial, sexual, violent, repugnant fear and loathing as they can to win. Guess who won. Dems need to learn style points don't matter, only results. So... [more]
posted by IAmUnaware to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 5:09 PM
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Hi there! I've been lurking in these threads (and MetaFilter in general) since the heady days of the primaries... I finally registered an account this weekend, and today I got around to posting a comment here. I won't say these threads have helped keep me sane, but "informed" is a nice second best. Good luck, Georgia. [view]
posted by one for the books to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 4:07 PM
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@CandyAppleAlly The "Pelosi must go" campaign reminds me that if Republicans demonize a successful woman enough, Democratic dudes will eventually join in - They will tell you that they feel bad about it. That it's just "political realities". That the GOP just hates her so much she's "toxic" - They will also... [more]
posted by chris24 to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 6:19 AM
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Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview a ratings flop I yield the balance of my time to the right-honorable gentleman Mr. Muntz of Springfield. [view]
posted by tonycpsu to MetaFilter on Jun 19 at 10:09 AM
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Corbyn loses an election by a few percentage points and is strutting around as if he is Prime Minister-elect. The Dems lose in a tough district and are already sitting shiva. Dem leaders should be out crowing about this election and the electoral swing to Dems. They should be putting it out as a win and making noises that no GOP politician is... [more]
posted by PenDevil to MetaFilter on Jun 21 at 5:57 AM
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@realDonaldTrump With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea......whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings. I just used the possibility to try to... [more]
posted by chris24 to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 10:00 AM
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(not the Castile trial. He's not on trial here. It's Yanez that was on trial. For shooting a man in his car. Who was reaching for his wallet. With two other people in the car with him. The police officer got off because he was somehow reasonably full of fear in the situation. I have a lot to say about this entire situation, but I think... [more]
posted by hippybear to MetaFilter on Jun 23 at 6:39 PM
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Sunday evening hilarity! Grover Norquist has served up an extremely stupid tweet: @GroverNorquist: "How Republicans are born... Daughter, 8, has been savings up to buy her first Guitar. Found it for $35. She had 35 exact. Then...sales tax" ALL the responses are worth reading, but I'm particularly partial to this little... [more]
posted by lalex to MetaFilter on Jun 25 at 4:55 PM
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Johnny Wallflower: Re. the young Muslim killed in Virginia: Fairfax County police believe it was road rage. FUCK. THIS. SHIT. Here in New Mexico, a man shot a four year old girl and everyone called it "road rage". Then Darwin Martinez Torres attacked Nabra Hassanen, and they call it "road rage," even when the... [more]
posted by filthy light thief to MetaFilter on Jun 20 at 7:38 AM
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Oddly enough, it appears that incarcerated people are, in fact, also human beings. Many American minds are blown. [view]
posted by soren_lorensen to MetaFilter on Jun 25 at 7:31 AM
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Ben Wikler breaks it down for us. The tl;dr is that this isn't just "repeal and replace" of Obamacare, this is a direct attack on the poor and a gutting of the LBJ-era Great Society. Here's his tweetstorm in paragraph form: These Medicaid cuts are insidious. Designed to get bigger every year—so, outside window that CBO scores, they... [more]
posted by zombieflanders to MetaFilter on Jun 22 at 7:36 AM
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