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July 31

Yahoo is now offering 10Mb of free file storage... and I just finished designing a remote file storage app in ColdFusion, so I could store Word documents to be accessed from home, work, and the road for my personal use. Damn.
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July 29

Is it wrong to love a machine? I'm writing this from my employer's new Toshiba ultra portable laptop which also happens to be using the wireless LAN. There's nothing quite like wandering around with a 4 pound, 1 inch thick pentium II 366 that's network enabled.
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You've probably all seen this in email form. Now someone has charted the amount of money Bill Gates can drop on the ground and not pick up.
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July 28

I came across this 6Mb movie montage of Dan Quayle. Pure genius. I wonder if his 2000 Presidental bid is still going strong.
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When this new feature is added to all IE browsers, I suspect that Ebay addicts will slow auction website servers to a crawl.
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July 27

Strange blue Mac products will soon be available from a Singapore company. It looks like they've tried to mimic the Microsoft Phone and the Diamond Rio for a mac audience.
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July 26

AOL and Microsoft are resorting to playground antics. I downloaded the new MS messenger when it came out last Thursday, and I've already gotten three patches for it, each time it works with AOL users for just a few hours. I wonder how long they'll continue the dueling banjos thing.
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This is the worst web navigation I've ever seen at a university web site. It's so user-unfriendly that they have Search above all options. It also happens to be my alma mater, so it's doubly sad to see.
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This is a great discussion of color on the web, with a focus on the limits of computers.
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July 24

Hopefully the 1996 Cat Olympics organization will be holding their olympics in Sydney next year. If so, my cats will start training soon, however, they're already in top form for most all events.
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July 22

Hello AOL? It's Microsoft, we've come to crush your Instant Messenger.
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July 21

Revenge is sweet. I just wish this company would do a partnership with SpamCop, so I could report spam and send the spammer some crap in the mail, in one convienient place.
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Of course, I want one of these, but more exciting than that is the new wireless LAN. At work, we have a 1Mbps wireless than that cost thousands, but this looks 10x faster at 1/5 the cost.
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July 20

Yet another target for Apple's Lawyers is this new iMac ripoff. It looks pretty rough, like plexiglass glued around a monitor.
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Screw the $800 Aeron chair I've coveted for so long, I need one of these.
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July 19

I found this site linked from a mom-n-pop design shop's awards page. Not only has this company stolen the Point Survey's 5% graphic, they're also using the old C|net background. Very original.
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Would you buy a house from someone called "Rambo?"
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July 18

This Futurama fan site is better than anything Fox has to offer online about their show. Rather than unleash their lawyers on these fans, they should be sending them paychecks. Among the many gems on the site are these remixes of the show's sounds.
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July 17

I wonder if Microsoft's acquittal in the Bristol case is a bad omen for the DOJ.
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July 16

Misc. Media zine has a nice article about weblogs.
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Steve Jobs will be broadcast in realtime from MacWorld in New York next week. It will be available at numerous sites around the country, mostly at college campuses. It will be playing at a building on my campus, so I just might check it out.
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I was just thinking that it would be really funny if the Recording Industry Association of America decided to photocopy this book and give it away, just to get back at Justin Frankel.
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July 15

The recent World Cup Soccer Tournament was one small step forward for women in sports, but this is one giant leap behind
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Yahoo now has co-branding arrangements going on. I hate to see this trend continue, as I see it diluting the reputation of both companies. What's Pepto-Bismol got to do with teens having a fun summer? Anyone care to make the connection for me? What's next, Geritol sponsoring a site aimed at toddlers?
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Hello Tarot is the world's cutest tarot card deck. Lord knows I want one.
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Can't remember what that font was on your last project? Looking for a font that's grundge, or one that's high tech looking? Point Central has the best font database I've seen.
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The Death Clock No one knows when they're going to die -- until now! Thanks to the web, you can visit The Death Clock, put in some data about yourself and see what day, assuming you survive the apocalypse later this year, you'll bite the big one on! Fun!
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EXPN is ESPN/ABC/GoNetworks/DisneyEmpire's newest attempt to exploit the existence of extreme sports. I've spent most of my life skateboarding, but I still don't know how much of it I could watch on TV. I'm sure it would get old after a few weeks.
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The world's smallest Web server keeps getting smaller.
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The hype machine for Apple's new Consumer Portable appears to be in full swing.
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As if you couldn't get enough of the JenniCam, now there's the JenniShow. It's fairly boring, more like a video diary than a voyeur's dream.
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July 14

Cat-Scan.com is one of the strangest sites I've seen in some time. I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their scanners, or why.
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