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August 31

This is a hell of a great idea; instead of making a couple bucks each month on affiliates programs, why not just give to charitable organizations? I'm converting all my amazon book links as we speak.
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Last night, I was sitting around thinking 'The Real World show on MTV really sucks, I wonder if anyone on the web feels the same way?' About 30 seconds later I found these guys, and they're serious about it. God I love the internet.
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Unisys has spoken. They've finally admitted that most creators of web graphics will not be held liable for their silly $5,000 licenses. I guess it's not time to burn all gifs yet.
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August 30

A great story on's redesign. I have rarely used IBM's former site because it was so hard to find things. I just revisited, and I could find several products I own in only three links off the index page. It's a lot better now.
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August 29

You say you enjoy the comedy stylings of Mr. Show and Tenacious D? Well then, get your ass on over to FugitiveAlien's site for all your bootleg audio and video needs.
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Greaaaat. Glad to know the freaks are branching out.
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August 28

In the 'Automakers that don't get it' file comes this. Saab USA is spamming people to tell them about their new cars. Great, thanks to Saab USA's inept marketing department, I'll never buy a Saab in my entire life.
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Auto baron Henry Ford was a great entrepreneur and a peacemaker during the World World I era. In fact, he loved just about everyone. Everyone, that is, except for the Jews. Read his book and find out how Anti-Semitism isn't just for white trash anymore.
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And you thought it wasn't over. The original intern, Gennifer Flowers, has a Web site hocking merchandise and her particular point of view. She even bridges the gap between the scandals and sells an Official Gennifer Flowers El Presidente cigar!
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August 27

If you thought Microsoft's Purchase Circle was amusing, check out the ecletic cocktail of the members of the United States Senate, with their Federalist papers, sugar diets, and Geisha memories. And, of course, there's their George Stephanopoulos fetish.
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August 26

Ever since I finished college and turned 25, I was no longer cool. I just can't keep up with new music anymore. But thanks to places like, I'll still know what's cool in the indie music scene.
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Be afraid. Be very afraid. Amway is bringing their scams to the web. When your gullible relatives get online, expect to be bombarded with 'opportunity emails.' Fortunately, there's plenty of people getting the truth out about them.
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August 25

Thanks to Amazon, we can now see what everyone who works for Microsoft likes to read.
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If you've seen Sixth Sense, check this out. There's an analysis of the symbolism used all throughout the film. Lots of it makes sense, but I didn't notice too much of it during the movie.
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August 23

Time is taking your vote on the century's biggest phony. The link leads to the last ten submissions, to vote, follow the link near the top of the page.
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Do increased abortions decrease crime? This is an interesting article and paper over at Slate. Although controversial, there seems to be some truth to it.
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August 22

This of course begs the question, what is so comforting about green toffee? I don't know about you, but I prefer my toffee brown. And why would you make a hair removal product resemble anything remotely edible? It removes hair for chrissakes!
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I just saw The Sixth Sense last night, and I really enjoyed it. So, for shits and giggles, I checked the christian movie review site to see what they thought of it. My favorite quote? 'This movie was titillating to the intellect not just abusive to the senses: a most difficult combination to deal with when explaining to children (teens included) that the movie is fantasy.'
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August 19

People like great trailers, but what if there was no movie? This site a great collection of super-hyped parody trailers for non-existent movies. This site had me laughing for a good while
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Evolt opened their new browser archive yesterday. There's more than 80 browsers, both old and new, I was stoked to find and install IE 1.5. Here's a screenshot of in the old IE
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August 18

Here's a screenshot of a new graphical search engine. Although the interface looks complicated, I have high hopes that this is better than all the attempted visual (usually 3-d) search engines in the past. Hopefully, it will help people find things easier.
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Nobody likes an election campaign that features negative advertising on TV, so I wonder what the 'Friends of Giuliani' were thinking when they set up
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The 30th anniversary of the internet is coming next month, and will be just down the road from where I work. I gotta go...
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August 17

I have got to get this new book. I've had to listen to Dr. Laura's mean spirited gibberish for years. It's nice to see someone's finally wrote a book about the real person.
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Microsoft has finally figured out that sex sells. I wonder if they'll use Britney Spears to sell copies of Windows 2000?
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This is most amazing traceroute app I've ever seen. It combines simple traceroute and ping capabilities with a simple GIS-like mapping component that resolves the location of network hops based on whois queries. Cool stuff.
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August 16

From the You Learn Something New Everyday file: I had no idea there was such a huge move industry in Bombay, India, known worldwide as Bollywood. I need to get out more, I'm becoming quite the ugly american lately...
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I've always wondered why no one has made a search engine that indexes URL's and nothing more. Network Solutions has just released their dot com search engine, but unfortunately a few test searches came up with some pretty dismal results.
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August 15

God, I was really hoping that the Mozilla browser was ready for beta, but after seeing in it, I think they still have their work cut out for them.
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I've secretly always wanted a mac (although my first computer was an Apple ][e, I've used PCs ever since). Now it looks like my dream could come true, it would be great for testing out web browsers on the Mac side.
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I guess it was only a matter of time before someone came up with this. Pulp Fiction + the Phantom Menace, all in flash.
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August 14

Hey I think Jason Kottke linked to me, thanks Jason!
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August 13

August 12

Oh god. Banning backpacks won't solve anything. The school is sending the message that they assume the worst of their students. Next thing they will outlaw will be clothes because weapons can be hidden in them, then a daily body cavitiy search before class, just as a precaution.
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The patent and license exchange An ebay for intellectual property
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August 11

Urge everyone to upgrade their browsers. Why? Well many of the older browsers out there have Y2K problems.
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I'm a sucker for gee-whiz web browser tricks. This site isn't that bad, you can close your browser window after it starts racing around the screen, or just alt-F4, or command-q to kill your browser. A cooler use of browser-movement trickery is this flash site, notice how their banner slams into place, jarring the browser.
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August 9

Jeez. After 4 and a half years of sitting in a jail cell, Kevin Mitnick was finally sentenced today. The funny thing is, his sentence is shorter than the time he's already done. The story sounds like an injustice you'd read about at the amensty international site, but no folks, it happened in the Land of the 'Free'.
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August 7

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Come on down to the Long Beach killbot arena to see robot crushing action featuring the famous 'Ronin' and the menacing 'Nasty'. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
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August 6

I'd heard about these for a while now but it's good to see actual shots of them. Barbie and Hot Wheels branded PCs are on the way. This is another sign that computers are becoming ingrained into our daily lives, when I was a kid, all I remember wanting was a racecar-shaped bed.
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August 5

This page is a goldmine of humor and a window into the madness of net citizens everywhere. I think I'm going to check my referer log more often.
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Attenion hipsters! Your vintage eyeglass frames are only a click away.
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August 4

Wow, this is a great flash site that I've never heard of until I read about it in a book. I can't remember the last time I found a new site in a book. It's funny, with the instantaneous nature of the web and the prevalence of weblogs, it's not often that you see something new from something that was probably written and printed six months ago. Actually, the book has a lot of great finds in it, and it's great to look at.
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August 3

I forgot this was still around, but the Dick List is alive and kicking. If everyone could put the dicks they know in that database, I'm sure it would be the size of Read some of them, they are still trolls living among us.
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August 2

Why go all the way down to your local police auction to pick those great seized property bargins, whey you can buy former drug lords' mountian bikes on ebay?
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Apparently, Chicago sponsors an annual event where artists make fiberglass cows, and they're displayed throughout the city. See the official Cows on Parade if you don't believe me.
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