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July 20
What happens when you accidentally legalize prostitution? Mefi's own scunning shows up to comment on a post about what their research revealed.

July 9
"Next time you're in Blaenau Ffestiniog, check it out": Mefite aubilenon reports back first hand on Bounce Below, a giant network of trampolines suspended in an abandoned Welsh slate mine, opened July 4.

July 7
From The Vaults: How do you fake American?, 2008. Plus: 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006.

July 2
"On a sunny January morning at the Burggymnasium Altena, Herr Hohage instructed us to close the blinds on our floor to ceiling windows. The day before, we had asked him how people could be taken in by [Hitler]. He intended to demonstrate." MissySedai recalls a shattering classroom lesson as an exchange student in Germany.

JulyByWomen Project: Viggorlijah posts a Metatalk inviting women to participate in a July experiment to increase front page posts by women.

June 26
barchan relates the story of competing for the most daily steps with her parents.

June 19
It turns out the great video, "This is Phil Fish" posted by jklaiho was created by "Mefi's own" Peevish. Nice work!

June 16
Zosia Blue asks for the best modern speakeasy-type bars in each U.S. state... and compiles a spreadsheet!

May 31
dejah420 remembers Bill Hicks

May 19
We're having to staff down at MeFi, and saying good-bye to three moderators.

May 4
Sometimes when you ask a question it turns out the perfect person to answer it works across the street from where you are getting married and can solve your problem.

April 26
User cardinality drops the science on how to nerdily start identifying birds by call, using free software.