May 19
"This was not only an aesthetic issue, cracks are where the light gets in, but also where moisture, dirt, cold air and pests get in ...": mumimor has a fantastic comment discussing the architectural history of ornamentation – practical, industrial, and societal – in the The beauty of concrete thread.

May 18
It's got a weird taste that I would describe as ear wax as a sports drink flavor: DirtyOldTown on dishwasher rinse additives in St. Peepsburg's question about dishwasher detergent recommendations for the sensitive stomach, in which we also learn to hand wash your travel mug (now and forever!), and "unscented" ≠ "fragrance-free," among other things. TIL!

May 17
Chicago, USA is a city known by several names and vibes. But to photographer Paul D’Amato it's the working class neighborhoods near Midway Airport that show a unique and wonderful side of the city, as seen in this post created by lwxxyyzz.

May 16
Look, emojis are art ok? If you don’t believe that, then check out this post by ambrosen, which highlights recreations of classic art, using emojis. Come see a fun bit of culture and art!

May 15
Wait, wait, wait, you mean it’s possible to do comedy and cartography at the same?! As pointed out in this post by rory about the Map Men YouTube series, it is not only possible, the results are absolutely fantastic, come check’em out!

May 14
The best book covers show a visual personification of the book, matching its mood in a compelling way. But this collection of public domain book covers, posted by hurdy gurdy girl, do not do that and the results are mesmerizing in a hilarious way!

May 12
chariot pulled by cassowaries posted This Is What Being in Your Twenties Was Like in 18th-Century London, a collection of letters describing a 27-year-old’s office job, social life and financial concerns beginning in 1719.

May 11
nouvelle-personne has an extremely helpful and in-depth answer to the question of how to talk with kids about the end-of-life stage of an elder loved one.

May 10
🎶 If you like Motown then Kattullus has a helluva good post for you! it's about the Motown Junkies blog, where Steve Devereux is reviewing the entire Motown singles discography in sequential order and if that doesn't get your head boppin' and fingers snappin', then keep listening 🎶

May 9
The orangutans have been learning, as noted in this post by chariot pulled by cassowaries. One in particular was seen using a medicinal plant to heal a wound. No word on when they'll be starting medical school, but we're hopeful!

May 8
The recent flare up of a feud between hip-hop stars Kendrick Lamar and Drake has been stunning for the sheer amount of lyrical artistry between the two creators, as highlighted in this post by ndr! The origin of the beef and the many allusions and uncomfortable accusations lobbed back and forth are just a few of the issues covered.

May 7
Interesting conversation on Kitteh's post We Need to Rewild the Internet, about the desiccating corporate "pathology of command and control" that has choked, flattened and ravaged the once-lush sprawl of online diversity.