July 14
MetaFilter turns 18 years old today! Scan some cats!

July 11
International controversy: Are softboiled eggs even a thing?

July 10
In videogames, what superfluous real-world behaviors do you do, even though they're not part of the game? Being kind to imaginary characters seems to be the main one.

July 1
Hey, hey, it's July Best Post Contest! Now with delicious CATEGORIES: "Weekly Best Post," "First and Second Time Posters," "Mod Categories," and "Member Categories."

Come add your own prize category! Vote for the best posts! Make a cool post and win a prize and/or the adulation of your peers!

June 30
This month's episode of the MetaFilter podcast features long-time member and mensch robocop is bleeding! Give it a listen!

June 24
It turns out there's an unintentional easter egg in AskMe. When you click Random Question in AskMe, how many clicks will it take you to arrive at this, the most likely AskMe question?

June 22
Does anyone else remember this one? Mefites share their obscure, forgotten, or rediscovered favorite kids' and young-adult books.

June 20
What're the best bad movies? crank-up-the-radio songs? good-bad weird pizza toppings? bad reviews of anything? songs about the goodness of being bad?

June 10
Been seeing weird white diagonal lines on MetaFilter (or elsewhere) in Chrome? Clever MeFites have figured it out!

June 8
We're experimenting with upping the Ask limit to two questions per week. More info in the MetaTalk announcement!

June 4
In this month's episode of Best Of The Web, cortex and jessamyn talk about (a) MetaFilter and (b) pancakes.

June 3
For the month of June, folks are posting things that bring them joy -- check out the tag JoyInJune to see the posts. Also for June, share your travel and place posts, under the tag JuneJourneys.