July 20
El pregunta es ... what do mis-gendered nouns sound like to bilingual people?

July 17
Thumbs up on this popular Ube Tuber: brilliantine posts about the brilliant Purple Filipino Yam

July 16
In Ask Metafilter, Ms Vegetable asks for directions to Weirdly Specific Packing and Possession Lists

July 15
metaquarry posts Derek Lowe's column on abandoned "easter eggs" found in labs, that asks "what’s the strangest (or most terrifying) thing you’ve come across in cleaning out an unused chemical space?"

July 14
MetaFilter is twenty years old today! It's sort of weird and wonderful and unbelievable. Here's a MetaTalk post to talk about what this place means, and share memories, and celebrate.

July 12
The Wrong Kind of Cheese lays out the difference in nomenclature between various kinds of bags in detail.

July 10
State of the Site update: ad revenue is down, we're stepping up a push to make MetaFilter wholly community funded (you can help!), and some discussion of current site resources and some short and long-term goals.

July 8
Hey, folks, we've made a couple new MetaTalk posts following up on the last month of discussion about how the site and community can better serve our non-white/PoC members. Context and immediate goals, and then medium/long-term goals.

June 30
Devonian (hashtag "okimobsessivesosueme") takes us on a wonderful deep dive with late-70's new wave synth-pop UK band Tubeway Army and Gary Numan.

June 28
Maybe you can help Goofyy find a photo of himself at the front of the 1973 Gay Pride Parade at Washington Square Park!

June 22
In a question about mask-wearing in Restoration-era England, verstegan answers with fascinating details and sources.

June 6
We've been having a discussion in MetaTalk recently about negative experiences people of color have as members of the MetaFilter community and what can go better and how, and as part of trying to hear from folks better we've set up a thread specifically to make space for those thoughts from members of color. If that's you, we'd really value hearing from you, or privately via the contact form if you'd like; if you're not a person of color, it'd be good to head over there and read and not comment.