November 30
Break out the sound-emitting devices, it's episode 179 of the MeFi podcast with jessamyn and cortex!

November 17
Shop the Mefi Mall for freshly picked, genuine Mefite-made stuff! Sellers, time to add/update your shop!

November 10
Behold, episode 178 of the MetaFilter podcast with cortex and Jessamyn!

November 4
Prepare for festive times! Sign up now for the Mefi Holiday Gift Swap (signups end Nov 11) and Mefi Holiday Card Exchange (signups end Nov 14)!

And NaNoWriMo all month long, commiserate and encourage fellow Mefi writers!

October 26
MeFi Holiday Card Exchange Planning currently happening in Metatalk, as well as discussing the idea of a CD micro SD Swap, and the possibility of a MeFi Visual Arts Club.

October 13
It's episode 177 of the MeFi Monthly Podcast with jessamyn and cortex!

September 2
Hey, it's episode 176 of the MeFi podcast with cortex and jessamyn!

August 30
someone forgot to tell like 99% of the human race this is going to happen to them ... flug with some great information about presbyopia in the What is up with my glasses? Ask Me thread

August 24
Joe in Australia on why beavers are fish in this super fun thread on Defector's ranking of state flags, included mainly because the comment contains the phrase "born through supernaturally heteropaternative superfecundation," which, iirc, we are legally obligated to include on the sidebar should it ever appear on the site.

August 23
Algorithms are great *but* don’t go to any guilty pleasures or allow any other person to use your account, unless you want those choices feeding into it. I don’t know a way to come back from the pollution of one’s algorithm. (I found *great* new bands until I allowed this to happen) – cotton dress sock: Lots of interesting tips, recommendations, and suggestions on the How to find new music I like Ask Me post.

August 21
"something disturbing to raise your spirits": GenjiandProust's Increasingly Strange Stories for an Increasingly Strange Year is another faboo roundup of weird audio dramas, again with tons of info and links to each one ... And for yet more weird and wonderful, PussKillian has posted NPR's excellent list of the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of the last decade. Cheers! 👾

August 19
How do I love thee in the aughts and beyond? pleasebekind asks, "Can you recommend any contemporary love poems or poetry collections? ... I would really like to read more works by women and queer poets, as well as poets of colour. I love when the ordinary life is being talked about, or when the poem doesn't make you think it's a love poem in the beginning. Interested to read how other poets write about the erotic, of the body, being a woman, being human. Or perhaps distances/geography. Or identity. Kink also okay or self-love."