January 10
Bean Mine, Valentine! 💖 Mochapickle is organizing a Valentine card exchange!

January 8
The awards are in, the envelopes have been opened, come check out the December Best Post Contest results!

January 6
It's the 2017 year-end call-in podcast episode! Dozens of MetaFilter members called in to say hello, commiserate about the year, wish well for the new one, sing songs, read poetry, etc.

December 31
New Year's Metatalktails: Talkin' 'bout our Resolutions

December 24
It's heeeeere. MeFi MST Club's 2017 "No Stress" Christmas Video Marathon, Dec 24 - 25!

December 15
Hey! Call the MetaFilter voicemail box at (505) 663-6334 and leave a message for the end-of-year podcast call-in show!

December 9
Brighten your day with tales of thoughtful people being nice through the mail, in the Secret Quonsar Thank-You Thread -- now including Quonsmas magazine.

December 3
It's the "what was November all about, eh?" episode of the MetaFilter podcast!

December 2
It's time for the December Best Post Contest!

For the Mefites' Choice awards, everyone can vote, all month, with Fantastic Flags -- weekly awards for most-Fantastic-Flagged post, posts by first and second time posters, and more. And, members and mods are offering separate awards for individual tag categories - so check out what categories are on offer (for posting inspiration) and offer your own if you like!

November 29
Mefite donpardo is looking for the best gift guides: Share your gift guide gold in Ask Metafilter.

November 28
Hey, folks, here's an important MetaTalk post about us resetting expectations about U.S. political discussion on MetaFilter.

November 27
Asking the big questions: how many holes does a straw have?

On the Jackson Wyoming downtown webcam, did you notice that arch made of antlers?

Did you know they make giant mirrors for telescopes, in a special lab under a football stadium?