October 10
Richard Beale was my great great great grandfather ... It's been very weird to see my ancestor's doodles going viral: Mefi's own intensitymultiply on encountering the MERL's popular twitter thread about an 18th century teen's math workbook

October 9
All Hail THANKTOBERFEST!!! Proudly smushing up holidays since ... well, since 2018, Mefi is pleased to bring you Thanktoberfest, a chance to share things you're thankful for, make posts about awesome things you're grateful exist, thank other Mefites for their awesomeness, and just generally spread good vibes and gratitude. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Frowner asks: These are terrible times and I'm fixing to eat my feelings ... what is the best cookie recipe?

October 6
Baseball! The heroes, the villains, the extra inning games. Come to Fanfare for all your baseball playoff discussion needs: first the division series, then the NLCS and ALCS (Brewers/Dodgers and Astros/Red Sox).

October 3
It's episode 145 of the MetaFilter podcast, with cortex and jessamyn chatting about all sorts of nonsense as is their nonsensical wont.

October 1
It was a fantastic way to be young for a while ... bl1nk and others reminisce in the Rave Flyer Archive thread

September 30
After the week we've had, are you feeling like you really need a laugh? MetaTalkTail hour has you covered with member choices for "The Best Memes!"

September 22
Bohemian lifestyle got you down? Rhapsody in Blue on the radio? Long threads have a tradition... Boat on over and check it out.

September 15
Mefites recall: What's a weird thing your family did that you thought was normal until you moved out?

September 4
It’s episode 144 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast! cortex and jessamyn talk about Westfalia camper vans but manage never to make a joke about lengthy treaties. Also, lots of MeFi stuff.

August 27
A great thread on Alberta and it's apparent singular lack of rats, plus everything you didn't know that you really, really wanted to know about Warfarin.

August 26
Buy, Buy Birdy: Teaching capitalism to corvids with the open source Crowbox experimentation platform.