February 20
zamboni with the facts about giant diamonds, the Venus lander, and what this has to do with export taxes.

Can a fish see out of water? Wolfster introduces us to the amazing anablep, the fish whose eyes are bifocals.

Pogo_Fuzzybutt reflects on "one of the better" pizzas he's had -- the day began with a hiker falling off a cliff (Spoiler: don't worry, the hiker lives).

February 10
Hey, what's with the subtle change in typography on the Modern theme? Funny you should ask.

February 7
It's the latest podcast episode, with cortex and jessamyn. (And a few mefite voicemails too!)

Currently in MetaTalk:

Testing out a new US Politics sidebar widget – A little something to assist both hiders and seekers

WomensMarch 2: Electric Boogaloo – For the third year, members discuss encouraging women to make front page posts to the site with a March drive

February 5
Want to talk Super Bowl? Head on over to this FanFare thread!

February 4
Is your breast savage? We have music:

"the well of leftist funk runs deep"

Virtual crate digging through diverse music from Africa

The Afghan Women's Orchestra

30 Years of Acid on Wax

Smells Like Teen Spirit x1000

Sounds of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Pitchfork's 50 Best IDM Albums of all time

January 4
The new podcast episode is out, with greetings and thoughts and such from dozens of friendly mefites who called in to the podcast voicemail box!

December 30
Call the new podcast voicemail box to share your end-of-year greeting with MetaFilter. Details right here in MetaTalk.

December 24
"A holiday marathon of video festialities": For the third year in a row, the MST3K Club No-Stress Christmas Video Marathon brought to you by JHarris and co: "On the menu: MST3K Christmas movies, a few other riffing delicacies, a wide assortment of Christmas specials and episodes both good and bad, and some other short oddments thrown in..."

December 14
The Secret Quonsar Thank-You Thread is full of thoughtful deeds and gratitude.

December 3
Shop local! Come on over to the Mefi Mall to check out your fellow Mefites' wares -- or list your own store, if you've got stuff for sale. Or drop by the Metatalk thread.

November 30
This month's episode of the MetaFilter monthly podcast, for your consumption.