January 22
Over the last few months, musicians on MeFi Music have posted cover songs for the entire album "Flood" by TMBG. It's now completed, and all tracks can be heard here just in time for the 25th anniversary.

It's interesting to read the very first thread about (The) Facebook from 2005, the first thread about Netflix from 2002, and the night-before-launch of Apple's first iPod.

January 15
The tough question of what it would be like to have animal eyes as a human got a great answer from member (and brain researcher) wyzewoman

January 1
The fourth and final week of the MeFites' Choice 2014 Winners are up. We also updated the end-of-year stats pages in Labs.

December 22
The results of the third week of our MeFites' Choice Awards are up!

December 18
Mefite Anitanola has passed away; she was deeply generous even in her final days.

December 15
The results of the second week of our MeFites' Choice Awards are up!

December 8
Mefites' Choice Week One contest winners announced!

December 4
Hippybear explains HFR Movies

December 1
Like previous years, we're doing a Best Post Contest for December where mods will choose favorites each week as well as one-off prizes given by users for their favorites. The prize list is being coordinated on the MeFi Wiki, and you can view past Best Post contests here. We'll make weekly announcements here of winners for the month.

November 26
On the occasion of his new podcast launching, mefi's own Alex Goldman, formerly of NPR's On the Media, got his start in public radio soon after asking about the process on Ask MetaFilter here. I asked him how he connected the dots from Ask MeFi to getting internships to landing a job and he wrote the whole thing up on Medium.

November 16
in Metatalk: Mefite Marquis (Sean Michaels) has won Canada's Giller Prize for his novel, "Us Conductors." (... and Ask Metafilter helped!)