May 28
ISO Ohrw├╝rmer: LSK asks, "I'm looking for a list of songs that were large hits across multiple European countries but which never made significant inroads in the US."

May 27
As we wave goodbye to pb, we also say hello to MetaFilter's new tech person, long-time community member frimble!

May 23
SciFi on the HiFi: Presented for your consideration, Iridic's Mind Webs post tunes in an historic archive of semi-dramatized readings of classic science fiction tales by some of the genre's best authors, preserved from weekly broadcasts aired by WHA Radio in Madison, Wisconsin

May 21
Happy Nappy Day(s): Is Metafilter on a roll? Or a different kind of roll? Or are we in the pocket of Big Mattress? When it comes to nap time, apparently we must all hang together or ... shall we all hang separately? (Tip o' the nightcap to filthy light thief for the title!)

May 19
Hedonism time! Share your waterbed stories, and learn the secrets of making your own granulated caramel for baking.

May 16
KeepMefiWeird - Just two more weeks left in this month's theme posting event! Enjoy all the great weird posts so far, and break out your best obscure weird stuff for a post this month.

I fell down the rabbit hole of reading this CIA publication: peeedro digs up interesting background on classified intelligence briefings to U.S. presidential candidates

May 14
Better than bubble wrap: Mefites are sweet on carter's Hand cranked candy post, wherein we learn "how to make Victorian Nectar Drop candy and why are Lemon Drops called drops?"

May 11
Members are testing how Fanfare can handle sports events, and the Eurovision song contest. Come check out the new clubs:

NBA basketball club!
(Fanfare Talk announcement here)

Football club, for Euro 2016!
(FanFare Talk announcement here)

Cycling club! (Fanfare talk announcement here)

Eurovision club!
(Fanfare Talk announcement here) (Also recent: How to watch Eurovision from the USA)

Other folks are welcome to try out coordinating discussions for other sports, as well. Drop by the Metatalk thread if you want to hash out an idea.

And for a summer's worth of film series and book discussion and more, check out all the other FanFare Clubs.

May 10
An odd FPP is fun and a hit; can you add a new bit of apt wit – but on top of all, eke it out to fit? Mad Ape Den Day on MF

May 9
Reminder: we're hiring a db/web admin!

May 8
the difference between housekeeping and professional organizing is that housekeeping/cleaning is about the stuff, and professional organizing is about the person who owns the stuff: Great answer from The Wrong Kind of Cheese on "How do you find a really good professional organizer?"