May 9
Mefites share memories of moms and their music in the current "What is Mom Rock?" thread.

May 8
Episode 104 of the Metafilter Podcast is out!

May 4
Now discussing on Metatalk, City Songs: the new MetaFilter Music Challenge; the Mefi Music thread is here.

April 18
Got it in one! Dirtdirt asks for examples of "when an actor pulled off some ridiculous unlikely thing on film, ideally on the first try."

April 14
Great suggestions from barchan in response to "Help a girl on a budget have a spa day in the privacy of her own home," including links to DIY pampering concoctions.

April 5
In a discussion of the current Hugo Award nominees, Monsieur Caution offers up a great, linkified alternative slate of personal favorites, plus points out a couple of posts on 2014 SFF that fans might want to peruse.

April 3
That's Doctor iamkimiam to you: one of our local linguists has completed her PhD dissertation on how we pronounce "mefi" and "mefite", and why.

March 31
Eyebrows McGee asks Mefites to Tell Us A Fascinating Thing About Yourself.

March 30
ryanrs on "what recreational espionage looks like in EVE" (and why EVE has rich espionage gameplay and other games don't) in a question about hobbyist espionage groups.

March 27
"take a deep breath...": Mefite paramedics skyl1n3 and itstheclamsname offer pro advice on an ambulance traffic etiquette question.

March 24
sciatrix and Iridic put the cart before the hordes today with great posts on the history of the dog cart and a glossary of carriages

March 17
"decentralized and borderline anarchic": Suelac offers search tips and breaks down some of the search and rating terms for fanfiction, and several members share reading recommendations in the Fanmade World discussion.