November 16
MetaFilter will switch over to https as its default starting Friday, November 24. Curious what that means? Details in MetaTalk.

November 15
🌈 Yes, Australia says "Yes" to same sex marriage! 🌈 Discussion.

November 13
Ask Mefi, Take Me Awaaaay!:

What is the 'Snowcrash' of today?

Funny, quirky, earnest movies?

Literary escapism for those who are Sick of This Shit

Physical Acts of Self Care?

Videos of favourite physical comedy moments, from movies, tv, stage, or life

November 11
Site tip: Don't forget that you can use "My Mefi" to help filter what you see on the front page via tags. Click on "Set Preferences" to show ONLY posts with specific tags or to exclude posts with selected tags. Adding "sexualassault," to exclusions, for example, will hide tagged posts on this topic. Then use the My Mefi view to browse posts.


Reclaiming your time: I need to repair and grow back my ability to concentrate for long periods of time so I can complete a massive project ... Have you re-engineered your focus ... What were your tactics and strategies?

November 8
#totalfuckingchaos: Priti and Boris and Damian and more, oh my May! UK politics discussion.

Open for business: Mefi Mall, 2017: Check out goodies for sale from fellow Mefi members, or add your own shop! The Metatalk discussion is over here.

November 6
Nice storyfilter: In the Metatalktails thread about your best problem-solving moments, johnofjack shares how library research helped a patron in an unexpected way.

Now that you're over your candy hangover, go share what you and yours dressed up as or check out your fellow mefites' costumery!

November 5
Like swapping gifts with friendly strangers on the internet? You have till Thursday the 9th to sign up for Secret Quonsar, so get to it!

I worked at a chippy for a year and here's my expert opinion... Jilder gives the definitive eye-opening answer to the pressing question "Wtf is an Australian Burger?"

November 1
It's episode 134 of the MeFi podcast!

October 31
bumpkin tells about encounters with legendary climber Fred Beckey