May 23
How about some nice videos for pleasant watching?
-Candy-pulling around the world from Lexica... -Time-lapse of a sculptor at work from not_the_water... -Shipwright builds a wooden boat from scratch from cubby... -Steam-engine hobbyist gently critiques an engine from cortex... -Soccer match: two pro football players vs. thirty 8-year-olds from Stark... -Time-lapse of clouds in the Grand Canyon from clawsoon... -Karate in a Victorian dress from loquacious... -Thirsty farm animals, from the bucket's-eye view from ShooBoo... -Collection of art tutorial channels from Wolfdog

May 19
ben30's kid wants to know, are there any synonyms that rhyme?

Chrysostom's post about classic physical special-effects in TV logos drew a bunch of other fun examples in the comments.

Do you know what a billhook is? Well, jedicus found one guy with a huge encyclopedic website about 'em -- and in the comments, zamboni gave an amazing list of "one person's highly-specific passion" websites.

While we're at it, how about pjern's thread of unbelievable garden sheds. And did you catch mrbill's thread a while ago about the amazing garage renovation detailed in a novel-length forum thread?

Thella asks, what do I do with this really weird banister situation in my apartment?

May 15
Heya, we've tweaked the "Gender" field in Preferences to include "...and/or pronouns". Here's the MetaTalk announcement.

May 11
Hey, the new podcast is late but it's here and here it is!

May 9
It's Eurovision time! Jump in today with Tuesday's Eurovision semifinal, and find future installments at Fanfare's Eurovision Club.

May 2
Do sneezes freeze in cold weather? eotvos talks about sneezing while at the South Pole at -70s °F ... and mucus control while wearing a balaclava. Apparently, s'not that pretty.

April 25
Mefites share their old Volkswagen stories, and animal-stuck-in-house stories

April 23
Drunken mushrooms, remote control hand muscles, what an EKG really shows, the telescope that lets us see bees on the moon, and more! Come share your best science facts and stories in this week's Metatalktail Hour thread.

April 20
You're old enough now, it's time we had the talk: where do Muppets come from?

April 12
Great first post from needlegrrl, A good handwritten letter is a creative act celebrating April as (US) National Letter Writing Month.

Also see hippybear's Metatalk thread April Showers Bring May Flowers about posting "simply happy, joyous, silly, or positive posts" this month. (Also open to discussion for a May posting theme.)

April 3
In the latest podcast episode, cortex and jessamyn do their humble darnedest to catch up on the last two months of MetaFilter.

April 1
Reality not doing so hot? Opt for a dose of fantasy, with the Faves & Flags roleplaying system, complete with a handy character generator!