September 16
Come ride the waves with not_the_water's great post about slab surfing

September 13
For a party, help me think of typical UK foods to make with US ingredients, or vice versa

September 12
How do you drain a pool?

September 7
"September 6th, 2017: the day thousands of Mefites checked for foulness behind their ears for the very first time": Melismata asks why the backs of her ears sometimes smell like rhinoceros ass.

September 6
A post on the blue for general discussion of Hurricane Irma, and a Metatalk for affected Mefites to check in.

September 5
Evacuations: A Florida member asks for advice about a possible evacuation to Orlando ahead of Irma, pet friendly and disabled accessible.

Arachnid-friendly Mefite gets suggestions for temporarily rehoming the spiders that live in the old wooden window frame in their kitchen. Reason: landlord coming to inspect the leaky window!

September 3
Jane the Brown has a fascinating comment on 19th century home bread making in ShooBoo's fresh, piping hot post "The Rise of Baking Powder"

September 1
Jessamyn and cortex are back with another monthly podcast episode!

August 27
Mefites discuss Hurricane Harvey and check in on Metatalk.

A member needs advice on preparing house for evacuation, or how to shelter in place if they cannot get out

August 26
cubby has posted Hua Mulan, a rather amazing, quirky "live action version of Mulan, with a cast of quite talented child actors," and LEGO Damashii spotted the side-by-side with the Disney version. Great stuff!

August 20
Are plants sentient? Fantastic first post from Stonkle!

August 14
I've further subdivided the In The Bathroom category of MefiWiki::YouWHAT. I hope you people are happy. A comment from zamboni in the Proper Way to Prepare a Toothbrush Ask Me thread reminds us about the excellent, amusing, and instructive Mefi Wiki section on "all the threads that have exposed the shocking practices of our fellow Metafilterians."