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July 31, 2011
"For the last four years, I've worked with new teachers, coaching and supporting them through their first few years, and here is what I've learned."

July 20, 2011
"Before I started wearing Victorian clothes I too thought that our ancestors must have been crazy and that "if they'd just had the technology then they'd dress this way too." Now I have more respect."

July 18, 2011
MeFiMag deadline extended. Check out the latest issue and submit to the upcoming one.

July 14, 2011
Please make sure you don't miss the MeFi 12th Anniversary post. Happy MeFiVersary folks.

July 11, 2011
"My best friend and his wife were on an episode of House Hunters last season."

July 7, 2011
"Your house is already a snowglobe of dust in which you already survive everyday."

July 6, 2011
"When directors command me to "act blacker", I am both amused and confused. I am black."

"A very, very long time ago I created the Internet's very first videogame email newsletter"

July 5, 2011
"I did my Ph.D. dissertation on this topic -- not bacteria on belly buttons, but where bacteria live."

July 4, 2011
Harness racing "a slow paced horse race you can bet on" and more.

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