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The Growing Difference in College Attainment between Women and Men: "While expanding opportunities and economic benefits for women can explain women’s increased college attainment rates, the stagnation of male college attainment rates (at rates well below women) is harder to explain on purely economic grounds. Analysts have begun to stress differences in young males and females (such as maturation rates, behavioral problems, and noncognitive skill acquisition) that may make college, and schooling in general, more costly for males to invest in than females"

data points:
• 74 percent of the women went on to attend two- and four-year colleges, whereas only 66 percent of the men did
• 25 percent more females took AP tests in high school in 2010 than males
• 43 percent of the men [age 24-25 in 2009] had gone no further than high school. This compares to 32 percent of women.
• 60 percent of women in the 2003 freshman class at four-year colleges graduated within six years. The rate for men was 55 percent
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