MeFi Mall

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available. If you're a MetaFilter member with stuff for sale, you can submit your shop. There's more info in MetaTalk.

Photography, Prints and Calendars

  • mikepop: Posters, stickers, notebooks, socks (soon!) and other such things. I've taken a lot of my drawings and uploaded them (to Redbubble) so you can buy them on stuff. I'll be updating the shop soon with more and seasonal items. (If you want a drawing that's not in the shop, let me know and I'll add it)
  • moonmilk: Farm to Scanner: I have no idea how I got these veggies wedged into my scanner, or why. Beautiful images of fresh produce from the New York City Greenmarkets, made on a desktop scanner! Featured on metafilter 11 years ago and everyone hated it then, but I finally got around to making a shop and honestly it's really good: Mostly art prints, but you can also get a few things like pillows and phone cases. If there are any images or society6 products you want but don't see in the store, let me know.
  • ancillary: It's often the case that the .h264-encoded video vignettes of one's life, those moving memories recorded and tucked away on mobile phones everywhere, wonder wistfully what fate awaits them. Thankfully, FlipClips exist specifically to alleviate the melancholy felt by these forgotten digital video files, thrust aside by their jpeg brethren who are gleefully t-shirted, postage-stamped, and photo-mugged/booked/pooped. In a beautifully hand-crafted, perfect-bound paper flipbook, these personal video files can live forever, batteries not required. 15% off with coupon code mefi15.
  • millipede: Prints and originals of my artwork
  • gac: Unique fine-art prints, crafts, and zines from Philadelphia artists (including metafilter's own gac) at
  • bixfrankonis: Lemur. Cool. Now you can have your own art print of this exceedingly chill, so very relaxed, and, yes, quite real ring-tailed lemur from the Portland of Oregon. This is the one photograph I’ve shot in a decade and a half of an on-and-off, intermittent photography hobby that seemed practically to be begging for making prints available.
  • seanmpuckett: Robot drawings! That is, drawings made by a robot -- also known as a plotter -- that I designed and built. The instructions for the robot are created by software I also designed and built. Many of the drawings are based on photographs, many of which I took myself. These are not reproductions, you get actual robot drawings!
  • seemoorglass: I make joyful, colorful watercolor + ink originals, prints, stationery and more!

Recorded Music

  • ignignokt: I have a really long ambient concept album called The Sound of the Far Future. It starts with a lot of narration about events in our relatievly near future (10,000 to 1,000,000 years from now). Over time, the events become sparser and sparser, and the music gets gradually wilder and more entropic. Put it on while you shop or wrap presents or drink warm drinks with your loved ones in the warm, but temporary pocket of the present. Anyone who can't afford it for whatever reason and wants to download it can message me for a free copy, no questions asked.
  • chococat: Several albums worth of recent and not-so-recent recordings. It's delicious, homemade, independent basement pop just waiting for you at Send as a gift or enjoy for yourself! Don't forget to enter the discount code "mefi" on the Bandcamp site to get 10% off anything! (Also on iTunes, Amazon and most other places you can think of.)
  • Corduroy: Vinyls available for my (not posthumously titled) album "The Songs of Seth Thomas." You can get a **SPECIAL EDITION** record with art drawn on the cover for a bit more, the profits of which will be donated to Rainier Valley Midwives in Seattle, WA.
  • Foosnark: Lots of spooky drone/dark ambient synth music at All of it is pay-what-you-want, including a new album, "White Bear", due to release the week of December 13.


  • brainwane: Hi, I'm Sumana Harihareswara and I run Changeset Consulting, providing short-term project management and related services for free/open source software projects. Give a gift to a friend who runs a hobby software project -- buy a few hours of my time and I'll rewrite documentation, clean out the bug tracker, respond to pull requests, or otherwise lighten their load. Say you're a MeFite and I'll knock the price down. (Free initial consultations available to anyone.)
  • ananci: I'm an experienced freelance business consultant who can help you with new business set up, marketing and sales, growth strategies, financial analysis, contract review, and / or research. I have some openings for new clients! I've worked with Mefites before, and really enjoy serving this community.
  • Violet Blue: I am a professional writer, editor, speechwriter and researcher who provides cross-sector communications consulting services. I help authors, small businesses, company founders and CEOs, advocates and other individuals tell persuasive stories that resonate. If you, or someone you know, needs help with a manuscript, proposal, speech, article, bio, or any of several other formats and genres, give me a holler. I offer a 10% discount to friends from the green.
  • iamkimiam: If you could overthink a plate of beans, then you know how much you'd benefit from giving yourself the gift of time and headspace. I'm a Transformational Coach who helps creative, purpose-driven professionals turn overthinking into expert thinking. I offer coaching and consulting packages to support you with any aspect of getting thoughts out of your head and getting your ideas heard. Mention you're a MeFite (or that you know one!) and you'll get the beanplate special discount. Learn more about what coaching is, then book here for a free 60-minute discovery call with me.

Etsy, Crafts and Jewelry

  • jenjenc: I make hand-cut ornaments out of beautiful hardwood on my scroll saw. I have lots of options for both people and pets! You pick the shape, the wood, the name/year, and on many of them, the color of rhinestone crystal embellishment. New this year, you can order directly from my website, Click on the red banner to shop, and enter the code "Metafilter" at checkout to save $5 on your order over $15.
  • Crystalinne: Print With Love is closing at the end of 2019. So grab some awesome gifts and goodies before they’re gone! Limited edition shirts are 60% off in unisex XS - 3X. All prints are 25% off Hand painted coffin boxes, coffin trays, and ring boxes are 50% off. FREE US domestic shipping on all orders. Plus you can add gift wrap and upgraded shipping options at checkout! Shipping to UK, CA, and AUS available. Other world wide shipping upon request.
  • Sweetie Darling: Rock Springs Paper Craft: Intricate and swirly hand-marbled paper transformed into one-of-a-kind gift items, including note cards, coasters, and hand-stitched books. Great for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, holiday swaps, and hard-to-buy-for folks. 10% discount for MeFites; enter SWEETIE at checkout. Sales tax collected on orders shipping within North Carolina.
  • nonasuch: Handmade assemblage jewelry, incorporating vintage & antique components, found objects, and gemstone beads. You can use the code INTERNETFRIENDS for a 10% discount. Thanks!
  • cherryflute: I make knitted ornaments for flutes in many sizes (piccolo down to contrabass flute) Get #flutehats, #catonflute, #penguinonflute and/or #flutehearts- a handmade gift by me! Great gifts for flute ensembles of all sizes! [note: #flutehats and #flutehearts come in all flute sizes piccolo down to contrabass] #flutehats #catonflute #flutehearts #penguinonflute Also, if you order multiple styles, I will combine your shipping, refund you the extra shipping cost, and send the whole order together! Order 10 and get one free!
  • obloquy: The Supernatural History Series brings the spooky past to life in vintage style! Each of these handmade paper good collections includes a new edition of a classic book, facsimile historical artifacts, and other assorted items. Choose from the Pharaoh's Curse Pack, the Zombie Horror Pack, the Ghosts of Christmas Pack and more. New illuminated manuscript greeting card sets available, too! Visit The Other Fox Shop (Etsy) and enter code MEFI13 for 13% off.
  • d13t_p3ps1: Brain Basket Designs I make wire wrap jewelry with a wide variety of crystals and minerals, with a focus on pendants and necklaces. Use the coupon code METAFILTER to get 10% off your purchase!
  • robocop is bleeding: The Corey Press - Hand carved madness from Salem, MA. Medieval UFO abductions, occult conspiracies, and Lovecraftian nightmares all inked and pressed to wood. Etsy | Threadless | Website
  • magnetsphere: Everyone wants a nerdy, anatomical, cross stitch kit. Everyone!
  • craven_morhead: I make custom light fixtures, desk items, and other handmade household items at Fox Meadow Woodworking. My work focuses on live-edge and reclaimed lumber, and I've recently finished a larger run of gift-sized products. I also do custom work, just ask!
  • stilgar: I make jewelry, and all sorts of bicycle themed stuff. From earrings to flasks, to head badges for bicycles and wide array of stickers and vinyl decals. Future Crash I also have a shop for themed.. items. Raven's Head Toys
  • boilermonster: If you feel a need to look like an extra from a Post Apocalyptic movie, this is the place. All the armor is made from old traffic signs or scrap metal.
  • sucre: I’m a printmaker under the name Rare Press. I make printed goods and art prints by hand in my apartment! I carve rubber and linoleum, and sometimes draw or paint, too. Here’s my Instagram as well!
  • norabelle: I sell posters and an increasingly infamous tea-towel featuring an infographic that contains every single Eurovision result in the history of the contest that Metafilter is so curious about. New for Christmas 2019 - there's also an infographic tea-towel summarising the league positions of the teams in the highest division of English men's association football since 1992. We call it the Top Flight Tea Towel. 15% off anything in the shop with FUEGO. Totally Flagulous
  • watch out for turtles: Bright and colorful yarn made love in the form of women’s scarves, baby blankets, cup cozies, girls’ hairbows, and wall hangings. At my Etsy shop:
  • MexicanYenta: My shop, Carizozo, is where I sell the bath and body products I started making because I live in New Mexico and I could never find anything that moisturized as well as I wanted. Body butter, solid lotion bars, organic liquid soap, and Bunny Balm. Most items are vegan, but a few use beeswax (I'm working on finding a substitute that works as well).
  • yoga: Mile Wide Studio Modern Flair: Soft enamel pins inspired by mid century modern design. Pins are a variety of colors, metal, roughly 1"x1" and have 1 or 2 black rubber clasps. Designed by yours truly. Free shipping!
  • augustimagination: GalaxyPeachPlaygear, quirky, nerdy, soft wristcuffs and other bondage gear (all pictures/shop content SFW), all designed and sewn by me. Happy to talk customs. Free pronoun pin if you mention your pronouns along with an order!
  • brilliantine: I make bits and bobs out of polymer clay - primarily earrings but I'm also happy to discuss small commissions. I'm not doing shipping outside the US as a standard thing through the shop but I'm happy to work with mefites if you see something you love! and @gildedseason on IG and TikTok if you want to see things that may not have been posted in the shop yet.
  • coevals: Little Wolf Press is an Etsy shop, with digital prints, greeting cards, and original paintings. Thank you for checking it out.
  • hilatron: Long-time lurker, infrequent poster popping up. My shop is Crafty Robot. I make irreverent, pop-culture-inspired altars in honor of beloved characters from TV and film. I'm currently stocking altars in honor of Endora from Bewitched, Morticia Addams, and Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard. I also have cards and hand-embroidered pendant necklaces in stock. The whole shop is 20% off through December 7, with free shipping on orders over $35. Thanks for looking!
  • specialagentwebb: Magpie Charm. I cast handmade polyhedral dice for TTRPGs. Singles, sets, and some other shiny widgets too!
  • rikschell: Purl's Yarn Emporium is the shop my wife and I have run since 2010. We have lots of commercial retail yarn, and yarn and kits we hand-dye and design, as well as project bags we make. There are tools and other cool stuff. If you're ambitious, you can even knit your own Earth. Enter coupon code MeFite10 at checkout for 10% off everything.
  • haplesschild: Neverpress: The Cemetery Oracle Deck and postcards and minibooks.
  • cortex: I've got a bunch of hand-pulled linocut prints up on my Etsy! Crows, geometry, screams into the void, we've got everything. Use the MEFIMALL code for 10% off.
  • Vervain: At the moment, my shop (Iconologia Designs) has shirts, mugs, and other accessories with pro-vax designs. Various art prints coming soon!
  • SunPower: Sunpower:handmade papercut 3D greeting cards.All the designs are drawn in the iPad , some are printed and hand cut with Xacto knife and other in the cricut machine. Everyone of them are individually made and assembled using foam strips to give a 3D effect and comes with the same color envelopes.If you like the design or looking for personalized designs or like different color, I can make it for you. Just let me know.

Books, Magazines and Zines

  • xingcat: Suburban Holidays, a collection of holiday plays. Holidays at home. Sometimes that's the country, sometimes the big city, but more often than not, it's the suburbs. These seven short plays, written by Patrick Cleary, cover the spectrum from heartfelt to exciting to just plain funny. Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and Halloween are featured in this collection of shorts. Link to book on Amazon.
  • veggieboy: How to Sous Vide, the new cookbook by the author of “How to Instant Pot” and “Will It Waffle?” Discover how the professional technique fits in the home kitchen and yields easy, delicious results.
  • mishafletch: I wrote a cookbook called Cooking is Terrible, which you can purchase at many ebook stores, as a bundle with epub, mobi, and PDF, or in paperback. It's aimed at anyone for whom cooking is not constant, unrelenting joy, and especially at people with limited time and energy.
  • ManInSuit: ManInSuit: Sheila Heti (author, of, among others, How Should A Person Be and Motherhood) had the idea to collaborate with me on a book of everything I know. That book is The Chairs Are Where The People Go. It is about improvisation, municipal politics, how to teach a charades class, running conferences, feeling like a fraud, love, quitting smoking, and other things. [Amazon USA // Canada // UK] The New Yorker said: "A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy... The world is better for these humane and hilarious essays."
  • churl: Metafilter was incredibly kind when we originally launched Incredible Doom, then as a series of handmade mini-comics. Now it’s a beautiful graphic novel collection published by Harper Collins — with Volume 1 (collecting and remastering the minis) published in 2021, and the all-new Volume 2 published late 2022. Eleanor Davis calls it "A rush of love for brave beginnings of both the early internet and the teens who used it to find themselves and each other." If you're a mefite and you pick up either volume, drop me a message at for an extra gift!
  • Scram: My new historical map is Cults!, featuring 30 offbeat faiths with rap sheets. The guidebook How To Find Old Los Angeles celebrates places where the past is present. Named one of 100 Must-Read Noirs by Book Riot, The Kept Girl is a fact-based mystery novel set in 1929 Los Angeles and starring the young Raymond Chandler, who is also celebrated in a stocking-sized Art Deco map. Plus: a seasonal sale on gift certificates for Esotouric's offbeat L.A. sightseeing tours (Black Dahlia, Bukowski, Birth of Noir), and back issues of Scram, a journal of unpopular culture.
  • ikahime: ikahime maintains The Vespiary Book Bindery where she makes handsewn blank books from scratch. Hardback, paperback and leather. New and recycled materials. Box sets! Let me know that you're a MeFite, and I'll give you 10% off!
  • Narrative Priorities: released two books this year, which combine into one very long very gay time travel adventure, set in Japan in the 1860s. Chronin is a historical SF duology which tells the story of Mirai Yoshida, an undergraduate in Time Travel Studies who finds herself marooned in the past. Think Mulan + Back to the Future + Rurouni Kenshin -- great for adults and older teens! Available from any bookseller, but if you'd like me to make you a custom sketch bookplate for gifting purposes, please go ahead and memail me and we can make arrangements!
  • exceptinsects: The Little Women Cookbook: Novel Takes on Classic Recipes from Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, and Friends Join the March family for joyous Christmas breakfasts, lovely lunches, scrumptious desserts, and more! A perfect gift for Little Women fans everywhere, the book is packed with timeless illustrations, favorite passages, historical trivia, and additional commentary by the authors..
  • heurtebise: I’ve finally opened a web store to sell my stickers and comics. It’s mostly stickers right now, but I’ll be adding more comics soon.
  • Mike Mongo: The Astronaut Instruction Manual. A fully-functioning instruction manual for the awesome kind of 8-to-12 year old preteens who await being given permission to live, work, and play in space as the next generation of astronaut space explorers. As seen on Metafilter. Audible audiobook. Book promo video. Endorsed by 5-year old podcaster Nate Butkus.
  • scaryblackdeath: I write a rockin' military & post-military sci-fi series about student debt, corporate dominance, and space pirates called Poor Man's Fight. My urban fantasy series Good Intentions is a smutty, polyamorous comedy-adventure; the warning label will either turn you away or sell you on the whole series. Also, if you've ever seen a fantasy adventure and thought, "These monsters aren't being paid enough to throw their lives away fighting these shiny heroes," check out my fantasy series Wandering Monsters! All titles are available in ebook and paperback. The Poor Man's Fight and Good Intentions series are also available through Audible.
  • Mchelly: The Norma Gene - In the near future, human cloning has become commonplace, and celebrity cloning is the latest fad. A fast, funny take on authenticity, superficiality, and what would happen if Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe finally had the chance to get it on. Finalist in 2016 Best Book Awards for Science Fiction Amazon Link. Barnes and Noble. SPD.
  • slappy_pinchbottom: Typewriter Rodeo -- in the BeforeTimes, we took our vintage typewriters around and typed custom poems for people on the spot; now we take orders online. We also have a lovely book of poems we've written over the years, each with a story from the recipient about why they made the request they did, and what it meant to them. These are short, moving, heartfelt little stories. The book would make a nice gift I think, as would a custom poem. (Feel free to memail me directly for a rather steep MeFite discount on a poem of your own.)
  • Zumbador: I write Science Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy set in alternate world South Africa. "Hope Punk" for want of a better description: the dogs don't die. My website and a direct link to all my books on Amazon.
  • gusandrews: Keep Calm and Log On, my guide to surviving the digital revolution, was published this year by MIT Press. It's ideal for folks in your life who struggle with technology, whether they're technophobes whose password hygiene terrifies you, technophiles who are overwhelmed by drinking from the internet firehose, or relatives on any side of the political spectrum who you see falling for disinformation. Check out Keep Calm's companion website for sample tips!
  • snofoam: I have written a bunch of books about the island of St. Martin, mostly about nature, but some culture and history, too. This page has descriptions and links to buy them on Amazon, or to download them as PDFs for free.
  • wintersweet: Along with a bunch of my writer friends, I have a story in Skies of Wonder, Skies of Danger: An Anthology of Airships, Pirates, and Wizards. There are links to several ebook retailers at the link (and it's also available in paperback at Amazon). The stories are in several different science fiction and fantasy subgenres, but all of them have airships, pirates, and/or magic. My story, "What a Tea Witch Promises," has all of the above!
  • Paul Slade: PlanetSlade books. Now available as self-published paperbacks. Choose between Black Swan Blues: The Hard Rise & Brutal Fall of America's First Black-owned Record Label and Unprepared to Die: America's Greatest Murder Ballads & the True Crime Stories That Inspired Them. There's some music press reviews of the latter book here.
  • Peach: The Ways of Magic. If you are a fantasy/science fiction reader, and enjoy reading fast-paced light-hearted adventure with interesting female protagonists, the Ways of Magic series is right up your alley. The first two books, Nameless Magery and Of Swords and Spells, were published in the late 90s; the third book in the trilogy, The Stick Princess, was released in 2021. All three are available on Kindle.
  • Gin and Broadband: Space Fruit Press are purveyors of high-quality, organic, hand-reared, artisanal queer romances. Available for download in all the major eBook formats for when you need a sweet (or spicy) story for a long commute, cold night, or over a cup of tea.
  • hchas5775: I have copies of Daily Blotter, an underground publication by Jeff Bender from the 1970s, 60 some issues, I have a dozen or so for sale. $50 per issue. Contact me at 'my metafilter username at'

T-Shirts, Mugs, Cafe Press-type Items

  • Wordshore: Libraries are cool, and learning stuff is cool, so Use Libraries and Learn Stuff. Items and ephemera includes greetings cards, a poster (the most popular product, bought by libraries and librarians in several countries and used in several protests and demonstrations), postcards, mugs, aprons and more. Zazzle get most of the money; the buck or two I make off each item go (for family reasons) towards organizations who research Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.
  • Devils Rancher: Wearable Serigraphy is a series of high-end halftone screen prints, based on my black and white photography.
  • BrashTech: No Stranger is my series of drawings of otherworldly scenes of humans on Earth. All proceeds go to fund a service dog for a young friend with autism. Other random drawings may also appear.
  • MetaFilter: Did you know? MetaFilter has official merch available for sale at TopatoCo, Neatoshop, and TeePublic. Shirts, stickers, mugs, etc!


  • banished: Comfort Stick - Soft lips, face, and body. Perfect for dry, winter skin.
  • tocts: Truths Too Terrible is an indie card game designed and published by tocts and French Fry. It's a simple game of deduction (think: "Clue, but a bit meaner") with a lovecraftian noir theme brought to life with beautiful hand-painted artwork.
  • scottMontgomery: I’ve created a unique silicone baking pan I call the Chicago Coñata baking pan. It makes hollow cakes, omelettes, brownies, etc . The baked or frozen hollow shape is a Piggypotomae, ready to be filled, decorated and eaten.
  • fraying: I grow hemp and make CBD tinctures and topicals on our small farm in Oregon.
  • dripdripdrop: I sell vintage Star Wars toys and collectibles from my site, 4th Moon Toys. Everything is 100% authentic vintage with no reproductions or funny business. If you have someone on your list that loves vintage Star Wars, I'm happy to help you find a great gift. Free shipping over $50 US.
  • ecorrocio: Art Into The World I'm giving paintings away in exchange for donations to people's favorite charities. I created the Art Into the World to: A) Get my paintings into the world for people to enjoy, and B) Motivate them to donate to a cause of their choice! Each week, a painting goes on auction. You make a “donation bid” – the amount you offer to DONATE TO THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE... If your donation wins the auction, make the donation, send me the receipt, and I send the painting (FREE)! That’s it!
  • lhall: The Traveler’s Guide to Little Sodaburg is an online puzzle adventure for 2-6 players. It’s all played through your computers, and as one player called it, it’s “a joyful whirlwind of hilarious collaborative puzzles.”⠀It’s fun, collaborative, creative, and perfect for the holidays, especially as a way to spend playful time with people you can’t see in person. Book a session or buy a gift certificate as a gift.