March 20

“The child is in me still and sometimes not so still”

On what would have been his 90th birthday, Focus Features has dropped the first official trailer for a new documentary about Fred Rogers’ life and legacy: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? [more inside]
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There were no Paleolithic burgers, or pepperoni.

Food journalist Mark Bittman and Dr. David L. Katz, founder of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, sit down with Grub Street for a lengthy, exhaustive, no-"wellness"-nonsense interview about diet and nutrition.
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David Avocado Wolfe Is The Biggest Asshole In The Multiverse

With more than 11 million followers on Facebook, David “Avocado” Wolfe, the Sideshow Bob-haired, blender-hawking alternative-health guru, calls himself the “Rock Star and Indiana Jones of the superfood universe.” And he's humble. You’ve undoubtedly seen one of his bullshit-filled posts or inspirational memes shared into your feed, but who — or more accurately, what — is David Avocado Wolfe? [more inside]
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A positive story about a subreddit?

“It’s a surprisingly functional and actually really nice community,” says Walker of of more than a dozen mods on the Male Fashion Advice (MFA) subreddit Basically, there's a bunch of men on reddit looking for fashion advice, and they've created a remarkably open, inviting, and downright thoughtful community around it.
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What Is Democratic Socialism Anyway?

“This is also why authoritarian “socialist” regimes don’t deserve the name. The whole purpose here is to increase people’s control over their circumstances. If you’re simply vesting that control in a government, and people have no say in that government, then there’s nothing socialistic about what is going on, unless the term is meaningless. Collective ownership means collective decision-making power. Without democratic decision-making, then there’s no collective ownership. There’s just government ownership, and governments themselves only conform to the principles of socialism to the extent they are democratic. In fact, “democratic socialism” should be a redundancy, because socialism should consist of the application of democracy to all aspects of life.” Socialism As A Set Of Principles (Current Affairs)
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Gleaming The Cube

A Rubik's cube being solved in 0.38 seconds. [more inside]
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What your favorite website says about you?
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Dragnets Will Pull You In, Tell You That You're Deep In Sin

In keeping with their namesake, the early work of Cabaret Voltaire consisted primarily of Dada-influenced performance art and experimentation with tape machines, helping to pioneer industrial music in the mid-1970s. Finding an audience during the post-punk era, they integrated their experimentalist sensibilities with dance, new wave, and pop styles. Micro-Phonies, their 1984 album continued their journey from Dadaists to Dance Floor. [more inside]
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List of "some" words: awesome, handsome, cumbersome, threesome

The surreal wordplay comedy of Ken Cheng will have you doing mental gymnastics with ordinary words: Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian - 'Shame' [SLYT][NSWF] [more inside]
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It's going to be lemon elderflower

Continuing to break protocol and tradition, the big news of the week (official press release, tweet) is that the Royal wedding (Rachel Meghan Markle, Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor) cake will not be fruitcake. It will be lemon elderflower, to symbolise Spring (appropriate), made with organic flour and designed by California-raised pastry chef Claire Ptak (Easter, Christmas), who runs Violet Cakes, and baked by her team. Claire specialises in "American style cakes". Quashing rumours it was to be banana cake, the cake will be covered in buttercream and adorned with flowers. Meghan, from Yorkshire via California, previously interviewed Claire for The Tig. Royal Fondling. Recipes from Cygnet Kitchen, Belvoir Fruit Farms, Hannah Bakes.
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Not Without Precedent

A fifth package-bomb, destined for Austin, has exploded at a FedEx facility. Two people were injured in package-bomb explosions just yesterday. Austin police suspect that these incidents may be racially motivated and are now asking for the killer to reach out and talk to them. [more inside]
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Everything I've done I've for you; I move the stars for no one

I would argue that the Trevor Jones parts of the 1984 Labyrinth Soundtrack Album are equally as strong as the David Bowie parts. Side A: Opening Titles Including Underground, Into The Labyrinth, Magic Dance, Sarah, Chilly Down, Hallucination [more inside]
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Food abundance and violent conflict

By correlating crop yields and conflict in Africa over the years 1998-2008 using 55km x 55km grid, Ore Koren found that, contrary to previous expectations, conflict is driven by higher yields, on average, and not by scarcity. African Farming talks to Koren, who quotes one of history's deadliest warlords: "Armies march on their stomachs." "I think the key thing to take from this paper is that the root cause of violence over food is not necessarily low or high agricultural production, but rather limited access to food and the lack of social safety nets for those who are at the risk of being food insecure. Limited political and economic development means that many armed groups can or must rely on their own strength to enjoy agricultural resources."
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This is What Extinction Looks Like

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, has died. Two females of the subspecies remain.
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Hello! This is Rough Trade ...

Melvyn Bragg's South Bank Show profiles Rough Trade Records in 1979. Includes live footage of and interviews with Stiff Little Fingers, Lora Logic and Essential Logic, The Raincoats, Robert Rental and The Normal, and Geoff Travis and various Rough Traders.
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March 19

What to Do with an Old Stadium

Two uses for unused stadiums. The first is in Osaka. The second is in England: Highbury Square
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A Flork of Cows

Poorly drawn comics of sock puppets. (Facebook warning.) For those of you who are currently Facebook averse, there is a subReddit and YouTube channel. If you like poorly drawn sock-puppet comics, that is.
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Mei would have loved Hop-A-Bus

Dallas Texas in the 1980's had a transit program called Hop A Bus that was literally busses painted as bunnies. [more inside]
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“Video games don't create violence in society, they reflect it.”

Let's Talk About Guns and Video Games [Waypoint] “America is finally having an ongoing conversation about gun violence. In the wake of last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and driven by the energetic political action of countless students across the country, it feels like there could be real regulatory action taken for the first time since the Federal Assault Weapons Ban went out of effect in 2004. Unsurprisingly, those that would prefer to dodge such regulation have, in searching for an alibi for gun violence, pointed again towards video games. In the weeks that have followed, old debates have sparked new and classic scapegoats have been pushed again to cover for the nation's inability to address a root cause.” [more inside]
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The Lewis and Clark Bridge Is Just Shy of 88. Will it make it?

The historic cantilever bridge, originally called the Longview Bridge, is currently closed due to a bomb scare. The Coast Guard has closed the area to marine traffic as well. I'm kind of hoping that this year's squirrel bridge might be a tribute.
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If it's not blue, she's not listening

A cartoon of a dad and a grandma wrestling with Amazon Alexa and then the reaction video from the family members involved.
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Why am I putting pancake batter on my face? Mind your business.

I Was a Male Makeup Virgin Until Rihanna Came Into My Life
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I can't stop to mess around

The Damned: how we made New Rose [more inside]
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Mueslix is trash and no one would look in there.

And Now, A Treasury Of Your Best Weird Grandpa Stories
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The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck

Let’s say the situation at work is not good. The project (or product, or re-org, or whatever) has launched, and the best you can say is that things aren’t going as planned. At all. It’s a disaster, though the best word for it is the one you drop over drinks with your team and when venting at home: it’s a clusterfuck. […] To appreciate what a clusterfuck is—and to understand how to avoid one—it is first helpful to clarify some of the things a clusterfuck is not.
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I'm A Millionaire In Paris, In Raggedy Man's Disguise

First named Spencer Tracy, the Dundee-based trio needed to rename after the estate of the actor threatened to sue. They chose Danny Wilson, after the eponymous Frank Sinatra character in "Meet Danny Wilson".
Signed to Virgin Records in 1986, their first album came out a year later, and spawned a world wide hit about a girl named Mary, but a careful listen to the entire album reveals a great deal more than just a girl praying. [more inside]
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I live my life with strangers

Just five years years after his debut effort, Barry Manilow was able to release a double album of Greatest Hits, and if you're of a certain age, you know all these songs already. Side A: Mandy, New York City Rhythm, Ready To Take A Chance Again, Looks Like We Made It, Daybreak [more inside]
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The enduring appeal of Mr. Brightside

There's some hot fuss about the song Mr. Brightside by The Killers which, after an initially poor chart run, has now totalled 200 weeks in the UK Top 100. Here, it's averaged 878,000 streaming service plays a week this year, and is the most streamed track released prior to 2010; it also remains popular in the USA. Matrimonially banned from singing it, the song is firmly embedded in popular culture and can be spoken as sports commentary, as many covers abound and memes proliferate. As ubiquitous as Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars from 2006, next year there will be teenagers born *after* both these songs were released. The Google autocomplete lyrics and the actual lyrics; the original demo and back story. (Previously)
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A Hobbesument

Tony Lewis finds a new way of writing poetry, through artistry, and his assemblage of cut-up dialog balloons from Bill Watterson’s much-loved comic strip: This Artist Deconstructed His Love and Fascination for Calvin and Hobbes [more inside]
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March 18

A look back at sad rap: hip-hop has never been too cool for despair

In January 2018, The New Yorker ran the article Lil Xan and the Year in Sad Rap, in which Carrie Battan provides a snapshot of a recent trend where "a cohort of young musicians embraced a depressive sound and became stars." Except the article misses the (slightly) longer history of this sub-genre, focusing on the recent past where Lil Uzi Vert's XO Tour Llif3 is a pinnacle of modern melancholy machismo, but missing 16 year old Yung Lean and his tongue-in-cheek cable broadcast "sadboy" aesthetic earlier in the current sad rap trend, back in 2013. And that's not the beginning, just another starting point. [more inside]
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Strangely graceful creatures and spirits

The Original Little Mermaid: Amber Sparks writes on Kay Nielsen, Disney and the sanitization of the modern fairy tale. previously.
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Home Design Horror: A New Genre

How we get from coveting midcentury things to the Internet of Things
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Big butter

"And while it is true, as Yudkin (previously) divulges, that his sugar theory aroused opposition from those who believed saturated fat was the culprit in heart disease, the image of him as a shunned prophet, preaching in the wilderness and hounded by agents of industry, leaves out the extent to which his research was disbelieved mainly because the evidence supporting it did not hold up to scrutiny. High-profile attempts to replicate Yudkin’s signature finding that heart attack sufferers tended to be heavy sugar users flat-out failed. Present-day Yudkin disciples have also looked past the extent to which his research was richly supported by the food industry." [more inside]
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It was awkward like F minor the first time I saw you naked

Lauren Ruth Ward: the raspy, queer soul singer we deserve or what happens when you mix Florence Welch And Janis Joplin. [more inside]
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“LOL...aaaand goku & naruto are real ones 🙌🏾”

It’s Time To Stop Acting Like Nobody Watches Anime [Kotaku] “Despite the genre’s overwhelming popularity, people act as if anime is still a niche interest. When celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Michael B. Jordan say that they’re fans, or Britney Spears posts pictures of her son’s Dragon Ball Z fanart on Instagram, fellow anime-enjoyers are shocked. Anime has actually been mainstream for a couple of decades now.” [more inside]
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Black cancer matters

Five-year relative survival is lower for blacks than whites for most cancers at each stage of diagnosis. A 2017 documentary looks at cancer rates in a Georgia Pacific (Koch Brothers) company town, and posits that the economic consequences of racial discrimination increase cancer risk. [more inside]
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These same visions

Self-referred as a hybrid form of Krautrock, neo-psychedelia and art punk, Suuns' 2013 release Images Du Futur, featured 20/20 and Edies's Dream. Their latest Felt, according to Pitchfork, "sees the four-piece loosen up and let slip the forces begging for release since their debut". The first three songs for a taste: Watch You, Watch Me, Look No Further and X-ALT.
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Cabbage Juice is the New Snake Oil

Jillian Epperly’s recipe for a fermented cabbage slurry that makes “waterfalls” of diarrhea made her the head of what she called a “poop cult.” Thousands embraced her dangerous pseudoscience before a grassroots movement began working to shut her down when Facebook wouldn’t. A fascinating and horrifying account of how dangerous misinformation can entrench itself in the minds of some, who then adamantly resist all debunking or warnings from better-informed, concerned outsiders.
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Mt. Elysium

The Guardian reports on the purchase of Powder Mountain, Utah and its transformation into "a utopian club for the millennial elite." According to its founders, "all entrepreneurs in their 30s," Powder Mountain "is becoming a mecca for altruistically minded members of the global elite." The goal of the project is to "be a beacon of inspiration and a light in the world." [more inside]
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IDEA Instructions Common algorithms in the form of IKEA instructions.
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“...and of course, a choker.”

When my student asked, “Which one is Gen X?” I wanted to respond, “The one your classmates are dressed as. Floral dresses with baggy sweaters, beanies, and work boots? That was us.” I didn’t say that. Because we wore those clothes precisely to avoid becoming an easily legible demographic. Reflections on the 90’s fashion revival, from Racked.
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Six Degrees Of Surveillance

In the latest Facebook data breach, Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm founded by Alexander Nix, which specializes in public influence campaigns, was commissioned by Stephen Bannon (who was in turn bankrolled by Robert Mercer) to collect and analyze data on Facebook users. CA adapted an online survey tool developed by academic Aleksandr Kogan. If a Facebook user opted in to the survey, for a small reward, the tool scraped not that user's profile, but the profiles of everybody that user was connected with. As former CA employee and whistleblower Christopher Wylie puts it, the process "scaled well." For relatively small outlay, CA were able to collect the profiles of 50-60+ million Facebook users for Bannon, to then be used for targeted political advertising. [more inside]
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There is a pain - so utter -/It swallows substance up -

This Longest Shortest Time episode explores the history of twilight sleep in labor and delivery. Host Andrea Silenzi discusses why women advocated for twilight sleep and what happened to change their minds with author Randi Hutter Epstein. [Heads up: traumatic birth stuff.] [more inside]
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New media representations of women in electronic music

Pioneer Spirits: New media representations of women in electronic music history
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How many more must die for this war to end?

Marielle Franco was a queer black human rights activist from Maré favela and a groundbreaking politician — she received more than 46.00 votes, the fifth-most, to become a councilwoman in Rio de Janeiro, the only black female representative and one of seven women on the 51-seat council. Last Wednesday night, after leaving an event called “Young Black Women Who Are Changing Power Structures” she and her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes were shot and killed. [more inside]
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Take your time to treat your friends and neighbors honestly

Simon & Garfunkel's fourth album, Bookends [YT playlist ~30m], was a descendant of their involvement with the film The Graduate and was also their their response to The Beatles' Sgt. Peppers Album. Side A: Bookends Theme, Save The Life Of My Child, America, Overs, Voices Of Old People, Old Friends/Bookends Theme [more inside]
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“Akha” starts with the letter “A”

The English Wikipedia entry for human gets at least 5,000 views a day. Wired examines how its current main illustration, a photo of a couple from the Akha community in Thailand, came to replace the Pioneer plaque as a representation of all human beings. On-wiki discussions about the perfect illustration are extensive and ongoing.
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March 17

“First Season Competing, first time at Crufts as well…”

On day one of the 2018 Crufts dog show, Tinklebury “Tinks” Bingo the papillon took to the agility course with a distinctive set of moves.
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Hidden designs in famous logos

The practice of hiding elements is common to all visual communications, not solely logos. It's as old as the practice of the design of logos itself.
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