June 28

Where the love go?

Hybrid Bharatham EPISODE 5 | Usha Jey Choreography #HybridBharatham is my way of switching between Hip-Hop and Bharathanatyam, 2 dances that I love, learn and respect. My aim is to keep the essence of each dance and create something that do justice to who I am. [more inside]
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his nest of adopted goose, duck, and chicken eggs

"This emu has taken over the duck coop and is now diligently siting on goose eggs. I just watched a chicken run in, burrow under him, lay an egg, and leave." [Twitter thread with photos]
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That's My Reading List for the Next Two Years Sorted

Over in the /r/DCComics subreddit, they've collectively voted on a list of the 71 best runs, "run" in this context roughly meaning a specific creators' tenure on a specific title. Roughly. (SLReddit)
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Needles, Noodles, Doodles, and the Length of a Potato

In 1777, the Comte de Buffon studied the odds of landing a round coin on a single square of a tile floor. (Those early probabilists, always thinking about gambling!) Buffon then proposed a famed variation with needles. Though there are no overt circles in this version of the problem, π still shows up in the answer. For a beautiful explanation, trade needles for noodles (YT, 9m 59s; text alternative). You can simulate tossing noodles to empirically calculate π, or count grid crossings to estimate the length of a mountain trail. But that's not the end of the story… [more inside]
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Close up they are sensual, huge, fragrant, warm, gentle.

Cowspines is a recent project by photographer Kate Kirkwood that documents the landscapes of cows. (Not landscapes containing cows.)
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The right can and will be/against you.

Last week, the Supreme Court gutted Miranda rights. In Vega v. Tekoh, SCOTUS found that Miranda is merely an evidentiary trial rule (evidence obtained improperly can still be suppressed at trial), rather than a substantive constitutional right. Police can no longer be sued for failing to Mirandize a suspect. [more inside]
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not (yet) sponsored by Apple

If you have a minute for a lighthearted break from the general grimness, you might enjoy this video of texts tones as dance moves (on Twitter - here the original video on TikTok), a compilation of 40 text tones with associated dance moves performed by dance/choreography duo Cost n’ Mayor (also on Instagram). Enjoy!
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'The idea for Truth Social started with the duo from the “Apprentice”'

Trump's Truth Reuters dives into Truth Social, the Trump-backed social network that, as of this writing, has 2.8 million downloads.
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Well, this lake is indeed superior

(CW: Just a bit risqué; Twitter links as noted.) Chilly Lake Superior stands with women's right to choose (Twitter), but did you know the lake itself is capable of delivering a massive burn (Twitter)? Gordon Lightfoot might need to put out a new album (Twitter). [more inside]
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Is this a bike bell? THAT's a bike bell

Cody Hovland didn't feel safe biking anymore because nobody heard him coming, so he built a very large and loud bell for his bike out of a barbecue grill, using an inkjet printer, a microwave oven, and organically grown wooden gears.
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Everything happens so much

Ten years ago today, the Twitter account @horse_ebooks tweeted "Everything happens so much". 2016: Present Tense Journal - "The Moral Act of Attributing Agency to Nonhumans: What Can Horse ebooks tell us about Rhetorical Agency?" 2014: Pitchfork - "the strange fatigue of digital life..." 2013: Medium - "Happy third birthday, @Horse_ebooks!." Previously on MetaFilter: Sep '11, Jan '12, Feb '12, Apr '12, Feb '13, Aug '13. Also previously: (23 July 2013) Something is going to happen in 77 days and (24 September 2013) Something is going to happen ... tomorrow (thread contains reveal point, much MeFite arguing, and reactions -ve and +ve).
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June 27

MetaFilter Blue™

Most marketers are aware of the effect color has on consumer behavior. Surveys and studies have shown that: 62%-90% of a consumer’s initial judgment of a product is based on color. 52% of consumers say the color of packaging is an indicator of quality. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. So, if you’re thinking about making your entire brand one solid color, go ahead and try your luck. Just don’t pick magenta. from Can a corporation "own" a color?
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Online Transgender Archives

In 1960, Virginia Prince founded Transvestia magazine, which continued for 111 issues. The FTM Newsletter was first published in 1987 by Lou Sullivan and extended for 67 issues. Starting in about 1971, Adèle Anderson kept a series of thirteen scrapbooks documenting her interest and experience in gender identity. These online resources are a small part of the collated online resources at the University of Victoria's Transgender Archives which can be followed on twitter, itself part of the Digital Transgender Archives network (twitter).
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No Potatoes Were Harmed In The Making Of These Excellent Videos

This is the silly, talented video content I needed today. Next, the one about cleaning. I have a crush on Joseph now. [more inside]
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These beautiful antique photos were made with potatoes

In 1903 the Lumière brothers developed the autochrome process, the first viable single-exposure color photography technique, with potatoes. [more inside]
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The Hungry Ghost: the problem of heroic individualism

The Constant Restlessness You Feel Has a Name. Even before the pandemic, people were feeling that their work was unsustainable. Many were on the edge of burnout, overwhelmed by the unrelenting frantic and frenetic energy of today’s world. A common experience was, and still is, a mix of fatigue and restlessness, nervousness and dread. It is helpful to have language for what this is, how it works, and what you can do about it.
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I gotta root for the Steelers?

On December 19, 1976 a Piper Cherokee light aircraft crashed into the upper deck of Memorial Stadium, 6 minutes after the end of the NFL AFC division playoff game between the Baltimore Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers. The stands, unlikely as it might seem for a playoff game with decent weather, had already emptied out and no one was killed. Circumstances had arranged themselves in such a way that the fate of dozens hinged on the course of the game played out below them. Section 1: A short film from Dorktown (Jon Bois, Alex Rubenstein and Dorktown previously)
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Potatoes, Crispy.

How to Make the Crispiest Homemade Fries Without Deep Frying. This is what the end result looks like. From America's Test Kitchen.
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The Great History Quiz - The Tudors

What happens when you get 6 historians together to throw factoids around about the Tudor monarchy? You get a delightful amount of informational fiddly bits presented in a fun format! The Great History Quiz: The Tudors [56m] is hosted by Kirsty Young and has Lucy Worsley and Dan Snow as team captains.
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Now, where some people see dead people... I see opportunity

Screenwriter Ben Crew calls upon the Twitterverse for movie prompts to turn into Don Draper Mad Men ad pitches. [more inside]
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This Space Available

For an unlimited time only, low-cost, no-cost commenting opportunities inside ... [more inside]
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June 26

This was my first time having a book I’d written banned

Dave Eggers' Anatomy of a book banning is a detailed look at how his novel was removed from school reading lists in Rapid City, South Dakota, US. [SL Washington Post] [more inside]
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Who does Sarah Polley think she is?

Director/writer/actor Sarah Polley, who you likely know if you're Canadian, and maybe know if you're not, has published a book, "Run towards the danger." "If there's a through line in Polley’s career, it’s the notion that truth can be a multivalent, contradictory thing, that sometimes you need to fumble toward something even if it will always remain just beyond your grasp."
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The Church Play Cinematic Universe

It's actually required by law that every evangelical church have at least one person who takes Irish stepdancing classes (CW: Racism) Jenny Nicholson reviews one Canadian church's Easter plays.
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"Never heard of a potato, looks pretty good."

If you haven't seen this famed reddit post before, today is your day.
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Home is in your body

"Melbourne alt-soul collective Hiatus Kaiyote tricked out its avant-garde recording studio, The Villa, and lathered it with props: a miniature desk, alien costumes, and loads of furry friends. Frontwoman Nai Palm shared with me the impetus behind the design. "I'm a treasure hunter at heart," she said, "and the beautiful thing about dressing a set with sentimental artifacts from my house is that I feel super comfy to perform." Every intricate detail of this Tiny Desk (home) concert evokes feelings of coziness, psychedelia and joyful performance art." [Abby O'Neill] [more inside]
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June 25

Don't mine Bitcoin [SLbirbsite]

Farm potatoes
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Magical Caturday Night

From Threadwood, the many adventures of a typical, non-magical cat! Adventures within. [more inside]
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I! Love! My! Mom! [gutteral screaming]

Youtube music types Adam Neely and Rob Scallon give each other crash courses in writing and playing songs in their respective genres in: Metal Musician Sucks At Jazz and its companion piece Jazz Musician Sucks At Metal.
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Mickey: "All They Could Do is Blow and Go NORRR-kee ... "

Tim Conway's Elephant Story. [more inside]
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How Can People Be Expected to Live on These Salaries?

In most literary novels, there is little indication of how the protagonist earns a living and is able to afford their lifestyle, or if there are attempts at these indicators, it’s clear that the numbers don’t add up. from If They Want to Be Published, Literary Writers Can’t Be Honest About Money by Naomi Kanakia
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"A Disorderly Hotbed of Jealousies, Intrigues, and Tensions"

The She-Wolf of France had had enough (Anne Thériault's 'Queens of Infamy' series for Longreads)
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anonymous Aussie twitter poster PRGuy unmasks himself to Friendlyjordies

anonymous Aussie twitter poster PRGuy17 unmasks himself to youtuber Friendlyjordies The man behind the formerly anonymous Twitter account PRGuy17 has unmasked himself, after far-right figure and convicted wife beater Avi Yemini attempted to use the courts to reveal whether the account had ties to the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews. Interestingly, PRGuy17 had the facts of the case that Avi Yemeni plead guilty to over the top of his video interview as a watermark, these being "avi yemini threw a chopping board at his ex wife" [more inside]
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June 24

Hit me in the chest—just punch me. Punch me in the chest. COME ON!

"A humorist is a comedian who has been dead for over a hundred years." (Steve Carrell, 2022 Mark Twain Prize ceremony for Jon Stewart) [more inside]
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The Girl with the Dogs

Take a break and watch some dog grooming. Rottweiler. Pomeranian. Mastiff. Newfoundland shepherd. Springer spaniel. Husky. Australian shepherd. German Shepherd. Cane corso. A duck. Black golden retriever. Chow chow. Bernese. Border collie. English bulldog. Corgi. Goldendoodle. Yorkshire terrier. Shetland sheepdog. Pomeranian. More.
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Corrections turns 50

Seth Meyers’ ‘Corrections’ segment keeps that audience connection going We did fall in love with doing the show without an audience. “Corrections” was the way to hold on to a piece and say, “Hey, we also love that thing that some of you at home loved, and so we’re still going to do this because it’s special 20 minutes a week to remember the closeness we had.” Because part of “Corrections” is, if no one is actually in the room with me here, we’re all in the same room. [more inside]
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Daily puzzles in art, geography, and more

Enjoy several daily free-to-play web puzzles or trivia games, playing with math, subway routes, film stills, and more. This list attempts to be comprehensive with (as of this post) 770 games that are in some way like Wordle. Artle: guess the painter/photographer/sculptor. Tradle: guess the country based on its chief exports. Sociolinguist Jessi Grieser is "nominating -le as a combining form meaning ‘internet game that has one solution per day and can share nonspecific results on social media’" for the 2022 Word Of The Year.
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No Teenager Had Ever Run That Fast

People often ask [Erriyon Knighton] whether he wants to be the next Usain Bolt. The comparison is an honor, Knighton said, but, no, he doesn’t want to be the next Bolt. He wants to be the best version of himself. “I didn’t grow up with his name; I grew up with my name,” Knighton said. from This Teen Already Broke Some of Usain Bolt’s Records. He’s Getting Faster [NYT] [more inside]
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our bodies our choice

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade. The opinion: "The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives. " Information about abortion funds in different states.
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Myrtle Young, the Potato Chip Lady

Myrtle Young was an inspector at a potato chip factory who amassed a collection of some 250-300 chips that looked like people, animals, or objects. She became something of a minor celebrity, appearing on numerous television shows, with appearance on The Tonight Show often cited as Johnny Carson's funniest moment ever. [more inside]
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I turn little black worms into centipedes

This machine makes potato knishes. Previously.
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Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane

As the UK kicks out a Conservative MP in the constituency of Tiverton and Honiton, Russ Jones published a Twitter thread talking about a very, very colourful former holder of the post: Scot, MP, admiral, swashbuckler, significant inventor, stock market fraudster and crucial figure in the foundation of modern Chile (who spoke no Spanish).
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June 23

A Wink Martindale Pilot.

Hot Potato: The Game Show.
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Eyes on gaming

Did it begin here? Well, however it began it’s not stopping.
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Happiness is 1600 pounds of potatoes

The 20 Potato a Day Diet versus the Nearly All Potato Winter by Carol Deppe [more inside]
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Dan P. Quayle v. Murphy Brown

“Why did we make fun of Dan Quayle for misspelling the word ‘potato’ when we should have made fun of him for arguments like this?” Mike and Sarah of the You're Wrong About podcast talk about how a real vice president blamed a fictional single mom for causing one of the most divisive events of the 1990s. The "P" stands for "potatoe."
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Potato Shaped Planets

No time to travel 1800 light years to visit the potato shaped exoplanet WASP-103b? No problem, the ringed, potato shaped dwarf planet Haumea is only 50 AU away at its farthest. Assuming a perfectly spherical potato of diameter 48mm, that's only 1.5583333e+14 potato-widths distant from home.
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The Potato Recipe Post

On 5.6.22 I watched this video, and I went down the Potato Rabbit Hole.... Welcome to your Potato Recipe Post! Here you find all Potato Recipe, forever, for all good of humanity, forever, because, potatoes. So, this is a good video to watch, because I came across so many other ways of making potatoes, and was reminded of fabulous potato dishes.
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The "Almost Potato Set"

Due to a potato shortage, Burger King Japan is offering crunchy ramen instead of fries with burgers
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Popato [more inside]
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