February 17, 2002
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20th February will see a numerical coincidence of year, month and day for the first time since the year 1111. Only a handful of these symmetries are possible and this is the first one in which the whole of mankind can participate using our current technology.
An idea has been conceived to make a global snapshot of our civilization on this extraordinary day. Authors of the document will be the thousands of people who make a photograph, video or sound recording any time on February 20th. Any subject will do, even a family portrait.
Participants in this biggest documentary happening in the history of mankind are obliged to include a proof of date in their work, everything else will be purely up to them - the result of their own creativity.
The prize for participating in the project is truly unique - the document will last for millennia, giving the authors a shot at immortality. The PYRAMID PROJECT provides for archiving all the gathered material on the most durable data carriers and then storing it in a time capsule in the shape of a pyramid to symbolise time, Universe, knowledge, mystery and immortality.
Exhibitions, publications, internet and media coverage will ensure that the work is of value to us today while the pyramid will be sunk in the ocean, with its radio beacons programmed to broadcast a signal once every thousand years. This will make it possible for future civilization to locate this Ark of Information about us and our world. Come on board. Visit http://www.3x2002.org and plan what you will document next Wednesday evening.
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