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"Will it hurt?" You might get a little motion sickness. [Note, dystopian short film, see comments for details/spoilers]
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That is not the only sickness.
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I don't love how easily this could be misinterpreted by pro-forced-birth people. "Hey, looks like this would really work! AND it would torture women. Win-win! Let's get right on it." What looks like a terrifying dystopia to us looks like heaven to some folks.
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This need a major, major content warning for severe torture, what the fuck.
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Context please? I'm not clicking it in any case, but WHAT IS THIS, PLEASE?
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It's a woman who came in for an abortion being forced to watch a hypothetical montage of a perfect family and life with "her" child.

It's horrible. It made me furious.
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I'm putting this in rot13 (copy and paste into rot13.com to decode it)-- yes, it's emotionally stressful to watch.

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I don't intend to watch the video, so thanks for the description. But what is the motion sickness reference in the post description? Is the video shot POV or something?
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I'm going to be charitable assume this was intended to be a critique of things like those "Fetal Heartbeat" bills currently wending their way (or enacted) through a number of red state legislatures. And that we are supposed to watch and think OMG, how dystopian!

But, I guaran-fucking-tee you that this video will soon be making the rounds in many an anti-abortion website to demonstrate the exact opposite of the film's intention, with the protagonist's ambivalence at the end depicted as a triumph of the very tactics the intended audience is supposed to abhor.

Which is very fucking problematic to me, insofar as it demonstrates a pretty basic lack of judgement on the filmmaker's part. When you set out to create some kind of Black-Mirrorish ambiguity and end up making right-wing anti-abortion propaganda, it might be time to re-examine what it is, exactly, you are trying to do.
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acidnova, I take the motion sickness as the doctor lying-- like saying "this might sting a little".

A more skillful writer might have a lie with more symbolic significance.

I'm pretty sure the video was intended to be an attack on requirements for women who want abotions to listen to the heartbeat or view images of the fetus.

I have no idea what effect the video will have.
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I thought this was effective and very creepy, and that she incorporated a lot of subtle touches to make the dream-world creepy and wrong feeling. The doctor being so routine about it is part of that, like he thinks people are nauseous because they're motion sick but it's clearly because this is a repulsively disturbing psychological experience.
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[I added a note to the post, hopefully that will give people a heads up without putting spoilers above the fold]
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And for people who are wondering, it's not graphic or gory, instead it's disturbing in a Twilight Zone way.
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Yeah to me this just comes off weird and more than a little confusing and entirely unhelpful in any way to the pro-choice movement. And I say that as someone who MeFi (quite thankfully) moved me from the other side of the aisle on this issue, many years ago. Meaning, I'm very pro-choice, like aggressively so because I feel I have to make up for the whole time I spent under the mind-fuck that was my ultra right-wing conservative upbringing. Less mind-fucks for everyone please.
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Eh, one man's mind-fuck is another's thought-provoking. More art for everyone please.
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Apparently, knowing how to ride a two-wheeler begins at conception.
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I'm sitting here seething, for a constellation of reasons.
In my work, when I encounter people making this argument, "children will make your life better / happier / more fulfilling / etc." they are almost exclusively preaching from a position of privilege. In fact, because of this, the "virtual" life depicted in the film must, by needs, begin with an outright lie: "You have a coparent to assist you."
And on this lie the entire narrative is stacked. As it is in the minds of people who advocate forced birth because "oh, trust me sweetie, you'll be happy you made the right choice."
It's arrogant, privileged bullshit.
Add me to the chorus saying that this will be appropriated by the dominionists and others.
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also for the love of jesus delete your facebook
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The video really resonated with me. I wasn't going to click on the link, but I'm glad I watched it. Somehow, it was also very cathartic for me. I'm glad it was produced, think it's a great commentary what abortion IS vs what it is perceived to be.

The best thing about art, perhaps, is that what I just watched is a better medium to disentangle the intricacies and nuance behind what I meant in the above sentence!
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I think that the mention of “motion sickness” was because the woman in the video was in some kind of VR rig - and sometimes people get motion sickness from those.

I’m not labeling this as a “spoiler” because, c’mon - did anyone really need to watch more than 30 seconds of this to figure out what it was about? The most interesting thing about this was that it can possibly be interpreted as supporting either side of the debate.

My own takeaway is that most episodes of Black Mirror are way too long.
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I seriously believe this video is worth watching. It's no longer on the front page, and I don't feel like I can speak competently on the subject, but from the comments, I almost skipped it, and I'm very glad I didn't.
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