An Octo-Octet
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An octet of octo-videos, beginning with an octopus saying to a shrimp: gotcha!

Did you know that octopuses run around backwards?

On a less zany note, they brood in large clumps.

They're also escape artists!

Some humans have special bonds with them.

Some humans have less fun, uh, bonds, with them.

Some humans are trying to make robo-octopuses, which I'm sure will turn out great for us in the long run.

Truly, they are absolutely bizarre.
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Let's not, for even a minute, forget about Ze Frank's True Facts about the Octopus
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New life goal: become an octopus whisperer when I retire.
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I keep misreading that as "New life goal: become an octopus when I retire" which also sounds pretty good
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That shrimp got eight right up.
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I love octopus posts so much
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Any shrimp that doesn't see that coming a mile away deserves what it gets.
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If you need more octopus in your life, check out the Octo-cams at the Hatfield Marine Science Center on the Oregon coast. Especially watch during feedings - they put on a whole demonstration that's amazing. Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 1pm PST.
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beginning with an octopus saying to a shrimp: gotcha!
I like how it seemed like the octo was trying to both stay in the conch and also get the shrimp. It looks like me when I'm on the couch and trying to reach for something a little far away.

They're also escape artists!
I like how it took the lid of and then just chilled in back in the jar. Like it wants to be there but likes having the option to leave.

Oh man I love octopodes!
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I was a bit disturbed by the porn music in the first video, but I give it a pass, because, cephalopods.
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