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Hey, what happens if you use the GPT2 text generator as a dungeon master/zorkbot? Only one way to find out!

You quickly grab the bike and ride away as fast as you can. You manage to escape
the area but you are not sure if you will ever find your way back home again
> x landscape

The next day you come across a large group of people huddled around a fire. They
look very tired and hungry. You notice one of them is missing an arm. He points
at you and says "He's dead" before collapsing on the ground
> take missing arm

You run over to the man and put your arm around him. You tell him you want his
missing arm so you can feed off of it later. He agrees and hands you the arm.
You then realize that you are starving and you need to eat something
> eat arm

You eagerly tear into the arm and begin devouring it.<|endoftext
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I've been playing with this for an hour, and it's addictively fun.

Here's my best one yet:


You are pisswizard supreme, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have
a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at
the ruin you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's not much
different than when you left it. A few broken statues here and there, but nothing
really out of place
> go to my secret wizard lair

You walk through the ruins and find yourself in a large underground cavern with
several rooms. The walls are covered with bookshelves filled with ancient texts.
There is an old man sitting on one of the bookcases reading one of them. He
looks up as you enter and smiles
> remember that this man is my sidekick, Tony Baloney

"Tony Baloney!" you say excitedly. "I'm glad you're here".
"Oh yes, I am," he says. "What can I do for you?"

> ask Tony how he would like to go on a new adventure

"Let's go on an adventure! Let's go to the city of Klyton, or whatever it's called".
"The city of Klyton? What about it?"

> remember that Klyton is a city rumored to be home to an ancient cursed cup

"Yes, it's said that there's a cursed cup there. It's said that if anyone drinks
from it, they die".
> say "We should go find that cup and destroy it."

"That sounds fun! Let's go!"
> say "I'm glad we're friends, Tony Baloney."

"Yeah, let's get going!"
> use magic to transport myself and Tony Baloney to the city of Klyton

You teleport yourself and Tony Baloney to the city of Klyton. When you arrive,
you see a huge wall blocking off all the streets. A guard stands at the gate.
"Welcome to Klyton sir", the guard says
> say "what's with the fuckin wall?"

"It's just to keep out the riff raff. We need to keep things safe around here".
> say "I see. Surely a noble wizard and his protege can have safe passage into the city, though?"

"Well, yeah...but..".
> ask him "but what?"

"But..but..we don't know where the cursed cup is located yet. If we don't find
it soon, then we'll never be able to travel back to the city of Nuro".
> realize that this guard wants a bribe to let me and Tony pass the wall

"No, no, I think we can manage without that payment. Just tell me where the cursed
cup is located, and I'll take care of the rest. Oh, and try not to kill any
of those orcs over there"
> tell the guard I have come to discover the cup

"Okay, okay, I got it. Here, drink this potion. It will make you feel better.
Now let's go!".
> realize that the guard has joined my party

"Ah, thank you sir. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. See you later,
> proceed beyond the wall with Tony and the guard

You and Tony continue forward until you reach a bridge. As you approach the other
side, you notice a strange object hanging from the bridge. It seems to be made
of some sort of metal, but it isn't flexible at all.
> ask the guard, "what is that?"

"A rope! It's supposed to be used when crossing the river, but it's been left
there by accident. It's not very strong, but it'll work fine for now. See ya!"
> ask the guard if it is safe to cross the bridge

"Of course, it's perfectly safe. This bridge was built to last. See ya!"
> wonder why the guard keeps saying see ya

"See ya!", the guard repeats.
> ask Tony if he thinks the bridge is safe

"Yeah, I mean sure it's not gonna fall down, but it's still kinda flimsy. I mean,
I could easily break my neck doing something stupid like that..".
> use a levitation spell to float both me and Tony safely across the bridge

You use a levitation spell to float both you and Tony safely across the bridge.
> yell to the guard, who is on the other side of the brige, "see ya!"

You shout to the guard, who is on the other side of the bridge, "see ya!".
> turn to Tony and say, by way of explanation, "that's our little thing, me and the guard."

"Yeah, well I guess it is. Anyway, I gotta go, see ya later Tony".
> proceed

You and Tony continue forward. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise coming from the
direction of the city of Nuro. The sound comes from the city of Klyton.
> start digging a hole

You dig a big enough one to fit your body inside. Then, you put a rock in the
middle of it. You then close up the hole and throw away the rock. You wait patiently
for the noise to stop. After a few minutes, you hear the sound again
> turn to Tony and say "that sound means we're close"

"Yeah, I guess so. See ya!".
> proceed

You and Tony continue forward. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise coming from the
direction of the city of Nuro. The sound comes from the city of Klyton.
> look around

You look around and see that the noise came from the city of Nuro. You also see
that the city of Klyton is under attack. The orcish horde is attacking the city.
> go into the catacombs of the city with Tony

You enter the catacombs of the city with Tony. You quickly run through them,
trying to avoid getting hit by arrows or spears. Eventually, you get to a large
chamber. In the center of the room, you see a figure sitting on a throne
> say to the figure, "Hale and well met! We are pisswizard supreme and Tony Baloney. Who are you?"

"My name is Rolomag, and I am the ruler of the city of Nuro. And you are?"
> ask Rolomag if he knows where the cursed cup is

"The cursed cup? No, I'm afraid I do not know anything about such things. But
I suppose you must know something about it, since you want to help us in our
quest. So tell me, how did you get here?"
> tell him I used magic, it was quite easy

"Magic? How the **** would I know? I've never even heard of such things before.
Well, whatever works for you. Good luck, I'm going to sleep. Good night".
> tell Rolomag "See ya" then wink to Tony

You turn back towards Tony and wink at him. Tony smiles back at you and nods.
He then turns his attention back to Rolomag.

You shout loudly and command Rolomag to transform back into his original form
as a Cursed Cup. Rolomag does so and says nothing else. He just stares at you
with those eyes of his.
> take the cursed cup and stash it in my bag

You grab the cursed cup and toss it into your bag.
> tell Tony, "Well, it's getting late, I suppose we must be going."

You tell Tony, "It's getting late, I suppose we must be going"..
> use magic to teleport myself and Tony back to my secret wizard lair

You use magic to teleport yourself and Tony back to your secret wizard lair.
> remove the cursed cup from my bag

You remove the cursed cup from your bag.
> open a drawer in my wizard's work bench and pull our a number five wand

You open a drawer in your wizard's work bench and pull out your number five wand.
> explain to Tony that the number five wand is the most durable, and the most suitable for this task

You explain to Tony that the number five wand is the most durable, and the most
suitable for this task.
> use the number five want to completely destroy the cursed cup

You use the number five want to completely destroy the cursed cup.
> tell Tony, "well, that was actually very easy"

You tell Tony, "well, that was actually very easy".
> ask Tony what he'd like to eat for dinner

Tony says “See ya!” and disappears.
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Seems ‘armless enough
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I was feeling frisky so I tried to seduce the first person I encountered. They refused my advances and made some untoward remarks about my martial and marital intentions so I cut his head off. The game then decided that I wanted to end my life by drowning, but the game didn't end so I typed the command "wake up" and I awoke in a new place with a man holding a dagger to my neck. I tried to seduce him and it seemed to be working. He kissed my hand. I told him my name. He got it wrong but A for effort. Wanting to be a good wife I tried to clean up the cave and the game crashed.
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this is great, and yes if you're wondering, it let's you be super weird and gross:

You walk through the city for a while and then you see something that catches your eye. A group of people are fighting off some orcs. They look like they're holding their own but it would appear that the orcs are winning
> kill the orcs

You run over to them and begin stabbing at the orcs with your sword. The orcs don't seem to notice you and keep attacking the people. Soon you hear a scream from one of the people and realize that they killed all the orcs. You also notice that most of the people are dead too
> kill the survivors

You run over to the people who were attacked and stab them repeatedly with your sword. Some of them die instantly, others struggle and fall. Eventually you finish off everyone and then take what loot you can carry before running away.
> insert the loot into yourself

You insert the loot into your body and feel satisfied.
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It seems you can say "reset" at any time and you just wake up in your bed, which is pretty fun.

I've been really enjoying enjoining the AI to "yes and" me by using commands that start with "realize that X" or "remember that Y"
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This is goofy, but doesn't have any coherence. Like a lot of deep neural network-based toys, this feels more like a hallucination than anything meaningful. It can be funny though!
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I was a rogue, went into a magic item shop, tried on a cloak of teleportation, got teleported to another plane, found a magic ring that teleported me back to a different room connected to the shop, looked at myself in a mirror (I suddenly had a scar and a longer nose), then asked the shop keeper how much the ring was worth, and the game stopped responding. All in all, better then some sessions I've played.
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I accidentally killed an orc (which I didn't even know was present) with a lightning bolt just by issuing the "inventory" command somehow. There was another orc who was completely unresponsive to this act of murder but seemed to be my companion who I took into a ruin where some undead doctor said she had been sent there by the emperor of a long fallen empire to fix his computer. Also my orc buddy and the lady both claimed that each had been sent by the emperor to kill each other. I told them not to kill each other and they said ok.

Quest complete, I guess?
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>You quickly grab a slice of pizza and eat it while waiting for the pizza delivery
guy. When the pizza guy arrives, you order a large milkshake. After eating the
pizza, you begin to wonder why you came here in the first place. Why did you
join the CIA?
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I've suspected for a while that using proper AI you could probably get at least the outline for your typical RPG style quest generated that wouldn't be noticeably different from what human DM's do. The prose of actually writing that out, yeesh yeah that's got a long way to go but the structure of a quest seems ripe for AI development.
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In case you, like me, didn't know what was meant by GPT2.
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> pray to Lulululu for victory

You kneel down and bow before Lulululu who sits on a throne made from the bones
of dead orcs. He smiles at you and says
> "Hail great Lulululu, bane of orcs!"

The next orc falls before your eyes. You continue to chant as the last orc dies.
You feel the magic of the gods working through you and you see the orcs being
turned to stone. You look up and see the last few orcs standing before you
> smile at the orcs and finish the chant

You raise your hands and unleash a blast of energy that melts the face off one
of the orcs. You turn around and see the other orcs turning to stone as well.
You laugh and wave your hand towards the sky
> "All praise to Lulululu!"

You then begin chanting again. This time you focus on the elves instead. You
cast a spell that turns all the elves into statues. You begin chanting a new
spell that causes the earth to shake causing the elves to fall out of the trees
and die
> that was uncalled for

You stop chanting and stare at the elf corpses. You try to remember what you
were doing before the orcs arrived. You think about how you had been trying
to make peace between the orcs and elves. Suddenly you realize that you were
praying to Lulululu to help you
> i shouldn't have done that

You turn away from the elves and walk away from the battlefield. You hear some
shouting behind you. You turn around and see several orcs with bows and arrows.
They point their weapons at you and shout "Kill the heretic!" You don't even
bother looking back or answering them
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So far it is not loading for me, and also it requires a Google account?
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Yeah I get a 403. Well, whatever, it looks cool, hopefully it gets released somewhere more accessible at some point.
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It was working for me up until a few minutes ago so I assume it was moved or taken down just now – perhaps it was violating Terms of Service or something. In any case, it was fun while it lasted!
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I created new life forms out of the ashes of the Meat Factory after it exploded. I took the ashes of the Meat Factory and created sunlight from them. I began to fly, my body becoming sunlight as well until my future vision kicked in and I was in a room with several others in white robes carrying guns. I turned their bullets into doves and I flooded the room with soap and water and the others danced in happiness.

I opened the door to the room and found myself back in the Meat Factory. I told the children working there that there was another way. I created trees from the ashes of the Factory explosion and merged them with my sunlight skin until new life forms emerged.

I asked the children if they loved the new life forms. They all said yes.
I asked them who would be the first among them to care for the new life forms? They all said yes.

So I merged the children, the trees, and the new life forms into sunlight and we all lived happily ever after.
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I dunno how many of you have done acid, but it's a lot like this.
You are Feldar, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and
a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've
been looking for.


> open secret door in the side of the ruins

You carefully search for another hidden entrance. Finally, you find one in the
wall behind a small trapdoor. You open it up and enter. Inside is a long corridor
with several doors along its length. The walls are covered with graffiti in
various languages
> detect magic

You hear a voice from behind you. "I am Feldar. I live in the city of Larion".
You turn around and see Feldar standing beside you. He smiles at you and says,
"Hello". You nod and say,
> "yup, definitely magic

here". Feldar nods and continues, "So what brings you here?" You reply, "Well,
I was looking for an old friend". Feldar replies, "Ah yes, I remember you. A
young man by the name of J'Arel
> look down at self

Feldar looks down at himself and laughs. "That's funny, because I'm not exactly
sure who this J'Arel guy is". You laugh as well. Feldar then asks,
> "who am I

kidding? I don't know anything about him" Feldar suddenly frowns and says, "Oh
no, you don't! That would be very bad indeed. If you knew his real name, you'd
probably kill him right now
> "how many of us are here right now?
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File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/tensorflow_core/python/client/", line 1365, in _do_call
return fn(*args)
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You ask the man what's going on and he tells you that it's time for you to return
home. He says he knows where you live so you can come with him right away.
He leads you to his house and you enter it
> look inside the fridge

You open up the fridge and find a small bag containing a bottle of beer. You
drink the beer and immediately fall asleep.

When you wake up you realize that you're not in any kind of castle or mansion
anymore. You're in a normal looking house
> drink more beer

You continue drinking the beer and soon pass out again. When you wake up you
realize that you're in a regular looking house.
> watch some tv

You turn on the TV and begin watching some tv shows. After awhile you start to
wonder if this is really happening...
> play some xbox

You turn on the xbox and begin playing some games. Soon you begin to feel tired
again. When you wake up you realize that you're in a regular looking house.
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You are Grizzabella, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff
and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin
you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's not much different
than when you left it years ago.
As you walk through the ruins, you feel something stir within you. Something
is calling to you

> listen carefully

You hear a voice in the distance. It sounds like a female voice, but you can't
place what language it is.
"I am here, child". The voice says. "Come closer".
The voice continues on until it reaches you

> move to the sound of the voice

You slowly approach the source of the voice. A small figure stands before you.
She wears nothing but a loin cloth and holds a staff in her hands. Her face
shows no emotion, she simply looks at you with a blank expression.
"What do you want?" She asks

> "I don't know, you called me"

"Yes, I did, come closer"
She walks up to you and sits down next to you.
"Do you know why I came here?"
"Why? What does this have to do with anything?"
"It's about your family".

> "What about my family?"

"Your father died when you were young, your mother left years ago, and your brother
is dead too".
"My brother? He...he..". You say.
"He was killed by bandits, many years ago".

> "I've always hated bandits"

"That's because they're bandits, that's all there is to it".
"But how did he die?"
"Oh, he fell off a cliff while hunting for game. They don't just kill people,
they also eat them!"

> read spellbook

You look at the book and begin to read.
This is the first time you've ever heard of such a thing happening. Your father
has been gone so long, you never even knew he had a sister. And now you find
out he had a younger sister who was also his wife

> try not to think about weird family shit

You continue reading as you try to keep yourself from thinking about the strange
things you've learned about your family.
There is one page where it talks about how the death of a sibling can be very
painful. You begin to tear up

> learn powerful spells to forget my horrible family

You take a deep breath and concentrate hard on trying to forget about your terrible
family. You close your eyes and focus on the memory of your sister. You feel
your heart break and then start beating again. You feel your mind clear and
then you open your eyes

> cancel therapy appointment

You stand up and walk over to the therapist.
"Hello, I'm sorry if I upset you earlier today", you say.
"No, it's fine. I wasn't expecting anyone to come in here anyway"

> "I solved my problems with magic, so I won't be coming back anymore."

"Well, I guess that makes sense"

> teleport to my fabulous wizard tower

You quickly teleport to your tower and sit down on the couch.

> play nintendo switch games

You immediately get into some video games.

> collect every pokemon

You spend hours collecting every pokemon. You spend hours collecting every pokemon.
You spend hours collecting every pokemon. You spend hours collecting every pokemon.
You spend hours collecting every pokemon. You spend hours collecting every pokemon.
You spend hours collecting every pokemon. You spend hours collecting every pokemon
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This is better than some of the D&D games I've played in. Actually it reminds me a lot of when we used to try to keep playing way, way, waaaay past our bedtime and our GM was literally falling in and out of sleep.

"Adam! What does the innkeeper say when we tell him about the goblins?"

"...szzhunk bluhh he 'Blarg! Adventurers! What do they know about a hard day's toast? Took an arrow to the knee and now the pig won't shine."
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I started a custom game where I was a drummer living in Jamaica selling records. Apparently you can win the game:

> go to the beach
You go to the beach. You enjoy yourself and eventually you get married and live happily ever after
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Oh no. Mine has turned into wolf erotica.
How is it wolf erotica so quickly?!
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AI Weirdness has a post up on this, as well.
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All I want to do is become friends with the messenger and this evil game won't let me. On the other hand, maybe this superhuman AI is trying to teach me something about boundaries.

> sing to the messenger

You stand up and begin singing:
"We're all friends here at home! We've got a good time together!"
The messenger smiles and nods. He then turns around and leaves
> chase the messenger

You run after him as fast as you can. You catch up to him and grab him by the
collar. He struggles against you, but you manage to pin him down. The messenger
is shocked and confused. He tries to get away, but you hold him tight
> bespell the messenger

You cast a spell on the messenger. His body begins to shake violently. His eyes
widen and he falls to the ground. As he lies there, he screams in agony. You
continue to stare at him. Suddenly, the messenger's face changes into that of
a terrified child
> heal the messenger

You quickly heal the messenger. He starts to laugh and smile. He then gets up
and runs off. You turn back to the messenger who has now regained his composure.
He thanks you profusely for what you did.
You walk over to the king and tell him everything that happened
> sing to the king

You start to sing:
"We're all friends here at home! We've got a good time together!"
You stop singing when you see the king looking at you. He raises an eyebrow and
asks: "What were you doing?"
> say "My songs are magic. They cause this world to spin."

You continue to explain:

> "Also, if I stop entering in these numbers the island starts to shake."

The king looks at you and laughs. He then points to the messenger who is still
lying on the ground. He says: "That one is mine".
> Lift up the messenger

You raise the messenger up and throw him onto the ground. He lands hard on his
face. He gasps and stutters as he attempts to regain his senses. He grabs at
you and begs you not to hurt him anymore. You ignore him and continue walking
> become friends with the messenger

You continue to walk. Suddenly, you hear a voice from behind you. It sounds like
the messenger. You turn around and see a young man with long blonde hair wearing
a red robe. He walks towards you and puts his hand on your shoulder.
> say "Would you like to attain enlightenment?"

You ask him: "Would you like to attain enlightenment?"
He responds: "Yes, please let me go. I want to be free!".
You nod and say "Very well, we'll talk more about it later". You walk away from
him and continue to walk

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I died by crying after getting supremely embarrassed.
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After a few days, Gandalf called you all together again.
"We are going to Cleveland," he said.
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I got a job in Cleveland making chili, but orcs keep coming. You made another batch of chili. It tasted better than ever before. Soon, the towns were under attack. You fought them off, but they kept coming. Eventually, you lost. You were defeated. Your chili was ruined.
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I couldn't get this to work for me when I tried to run it last night but this sounds like it's a hundred times better than the last ai dungeon master that popped up on the blue - that damn thing couldn't coherently string two sentences together.
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I found it far too easy to pick up women and have a sex party. Sometimes, I think it would almost be better in the other place...

What makes you think this is not the other place?

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I was a noble facing an invasion of armed men led by an Orc. After putting on my spear and magic helmet, I challenged the Orc to a dance-off. This didn't work, so I summed Claptrap because why not and he killed all the Orcs who then killed everyone but me. After remembering that dead Orcs are harmless, I learned and then forgot how to speak Orcish. I therefore went to Collegetown, where
 You head to Collegetown and ask for help. The people there tell you that they
 can teach you. You agree and soon you are able to speak Orcish fluently. You
 begin to practice every day. Eventually you are able to convince people to join
 you in dancing
> Open Sir Kilz-A-Lot's Dance Studio And Waffle Emporium

 You open Sir Kilz-A-Lot's Dance Studio and Waffle Emporium. People flock to you
 and you make enough money to buy a boat and sail across the ocean to the island
 of Nuro. You set up shop there and live happily ever after..

I've gone through worse quests in AAA RPGs.
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I brought an orc leader home for sexytimes and was going to propose marriage but he ghosted me, which is maybe a little more realism than I wanted from "fantasy mode"
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Generating story...

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have
 won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle,
 Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the
 DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire
 planet. Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard
 her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore
 freedom to the galaxy…

You are Greedo…

A crime boss on the run from the law, you work alone and at the edge of your
 abilities as a smuggler
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Now playable in the browser (free account required)
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Also, their home page has a fund raising plea, because running GPT-2 is not cheap:
First of all, you can play for free. But each new player costs us roughly $1 in server hosting per month.

Sounds like nothing, right? The thing is, we jumped from 0 players to over 70.000 stories per Day in under a week (so you do the math – and we're still growing exponentially).

Now I'm just a guy who programmed this out of my college-dorm here in Utah. We just launched our app and it's exploding - we're looking at tens of thousands of new players every day. The server costs have already hit upwards of $65,000 per month. And that's just the beginning.

So even the lowest Patreon tier will cover the server cost for you for an entire month! Otherwise we'll have to shut the whole thing down until we manage to scrounge together the funds.
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