It's Fantastic Fungi Day!
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Fantastic Fungi: The Magic Beneath Us, a new film about the beauty and possibilities of mushrooms, will be released online today instead of in theaters. Visually gorgeous time-lapse cinematography, plus interviews with Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan, and Eugenia Bone regarding mushrooms' medicinal, recreational, and many other uses. Here's the trailer! 3 live Q&A sessions are offered today as well, featuring the filmmakers and mycology experts.
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I saw the film. It was over the top in places, but it was a wonderful movie for the most part. The time lapse movies of fungi alone make seeing it worthwhile. Gorgeous!
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Ooh, thanks for posting, I'm excited!
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Narrated by Brie Larson? I'm sure she does a fine job, but having a Marvel superhero star do this seems like an odd choice. I very well may watch this! From the trailer, "paradigm change" and "heal the planet" comes off as a bit Woo to me. I guess they gotta have some of that in there to put butts in seats, though. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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I saw it in the theater, I think in January. Really good.
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There's also a good 2008 documentary on the same subject by Ron Mann: Know Your Mushrooms
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Next week is plants in (suddenly online!) intro biology, and the week after is fungi. This will be a great option to share with students who find our Bb Collaborate video sessions a bit dry. Thanks!
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Narrated by Brie Larson? I'm sure she does a fine job, but having a Marvel superhero star do this seems like an odd choice.

Why? One Oscar winning celebrity seems as good as another. Is there something in particular about Larson you object to? Would you say the same thing about, say, Samuel L. Jackson?
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Brie Larson has done one or two other things besides Marvel movies -- including winning an oscar for best actress -- so it's kinda odd to be dismissive of her like that.
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(also this movie looks dope and i can't wait to watch it! thanks so much for posting!)
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A documentary about fungus narrated by Samuel L. Jackson?

Yeah, that would be odd for me also. It's the "Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Star" as narrator part that's weird for me, nothing about Larson or Jackson in particular.
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Oscars notwithstanding, Brie Larson is the fun girl from Community. I didn't even know she was in a Marvel movie.

I agree, that was a weird line to draw.
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Yes, let's reserve our purity tests for true moral issues please!

Superhero movies are a sub-par, barely art form of cinema, but just because an actor "sells out" to maximise their income, does not mean they are any less talented.
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Running it another window right now, about halfway through. So far a bit woo and a short interlude about psychedelic use. Much more focused on global mycelium networks and other applications, including, presciently, Stamet's research on fungal solutions to viral pandemic.
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I also saw Fantastic Fungi in January. And, I just watched Star Trek discovery (2 full seasons!). It only took 1 season to realize one of the characters in STD (hmm) is Dr. Paul Stamets. The link between the two is highly entertaining. The writers for Star Trek clearly know their mushrooms.
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I saw this in a theatre with a bunch of folks! Most of my (relatively straightedge) friends thought it was wacky and somewhat cringeworthy, especially its reference to the stoned ape theory, expansive claims about medicinal mushrooms, inclusion of Andrew Weil, whose relationship with science is fraught, and mid-film pivot to psychedelics.

My recommendation: Paul Stamets seems really cool, watch the parts that he's in.
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Just the other day I saw a very fantastic fungus indeed.
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Brie Larson is the fun girl from Community
Shouldn't they have used a fun gi?

It was interesting to watch Michael Pollan in this after reading his book.
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I dragged friends to see Microcosmos years ago, and it far surpassed nature shows on the TV. Everyone’s favorite scene was when the snails, 5 feet tall on the big screen, had sex to opera. So, in January, I naturally bought tickets to see the fungi film *tonight* at the Showcase Cinema de Lux in Revere, Massachusetts. It would have been playing at this very moment. But where am I right now? Inside my house. It is day 15 of sheltering in place. Send truffles.
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Yes! I was super-bummed they cancelled the Environmental Film Fest, and this was one I was planning to see.
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