The death of MTV2-was it inevitable?
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Why did they have to destroy MTV2? Why did they have to destroy MTV2? Why? MTV was sadly destroyed, slowly but surely when Remote Control took to the air in 1987. It was the beginning of the end. Yet, MTV were still showing videos for a good chunk of the day through the late 90's. far less with each passing year of course. Thus the creation of M2, which took to the airwaves on Aug. 1, 1996-the 15th anniversary of MTV's debut on Aug. 1, 1981. M2 was so-called "freeform" programming in which nothing but videos would be shown for 8 hours, repeating 2 more times in that day with a few different videos snuck in. it was fantastic. One minute you'd see Madness, then Judas Priest, then Supergrass, then Tool. They'd play themed blocks, and all different genres. Just like the old days-plus, you got all these weird, pretentious M2 promos that were awesome to watch in between videos. Strange stuff. The first hour of M2 started with Beck "Where It's At" and finished with Fiona Apple's "Shadowboxer". In between we had acts like Iggy Pop, Maxwell, Rolling Stones and Hole to name a few. It was great. Of course, few saw M2 at the beginning. It was initially available only on satellite. I only got to see it a few times when for a week, my local cable provider would show it on the channel that was free preview channel, showing networks not provided by the cable provider. Of course it said, just call and we'll consider adding the network, but that wouldn't happen for years until M2 became MTV2 and was added to digital cable. On Jan. 1, 2000, MTV2 did a massive A-Z countdown, alleging that they'd be showing every video ever played by MTV and M2 in alphabetical order. They lied of course, skipping thousands of videos and butchering the chyrons on others. Hilariously, you'd see a Megadeth video suddenly become Sheryl Crow. The countdown was great for seeing many rare videos, but it was so poorly executed it was sad. A screw-up has the Joe Strummer album Rock Art And The X-Ray Style listed in the chyron for hudnereds of videos. I ordered a satellite dish just for the countdown and got rid of when it ended 4 months later. 3 years later I got it on digital cable. Already many things had changed for the worse, including many shows now being shown that were already on MTV. Two good things happened with 120 Minutes, the legendary, long-running Alternative Music program was now being shifted to MTV2, but sadly soon was changed to Subterranean and shortened to 60 minutes. Also that year Headbanger's Ball returned, but was mostly bad Nu Metal, Screamo, Cookie Monster and Death bands. But some classic acts still got played and it was nice to see it back. Over the years, less music-more awful shows. Most of the staff was fired in 2007 and now in 2010 there is virtually no music at all. The last vestiges of hope were Subterranean and Headbanger's Ball, but they have been shifted around all over at hours only a ghoul could enjoy like 3am. Lately they haven't even been shown at all the past few weeks. But we get such quality entertainment as Jersey Shore, Fantasy Factory, Silent Library, Bully Beatdown and Pranked. It's sickening. Did it have to happen? They slaughtered MTV, did they have to do the same to MTV2? I suppose it was indeed inevitable. Am I too naive to think an actuall all-video channel could still work? Most kids HATE what MTV is, they really do want a real MTV back. The closest thing was the all-Michael Jackson video day MTv did when MJ died. Then it was right back to Run's House. It's still so truly sad and pathetic. And God I miss MTV. I collect vintage MTV broadcasts and it's not easy to find them, but I have quite a few and I'm always looking for more. An example of MTV's greatness (whether you like it all doesn't matter)-an hour from 12-24-82: Boomtown Rats-Up All Night Men At Work-Be Good Johnny REO Speedwagon-Time For Me To Fly Rolling Stones-Hang Fire Visage-Visage X-Hungry Wolf Billy Joel-Allentown Talking Heads-Once In A Lifetime Joe King Carrasco & Crowns-Person Person Headpins-Don't It Make Ya Feel J. Geils Band-I Do XTC-Senses Working Overtime If anyone wants to trade vintage MTV, send me a message to my mailbox. And please let me know if you despise what MTV2 has become...MTV.
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