"The last effort of a uniquely extreme group sheltered by a uniquely obtuse and backward government"
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"The last effort of a uniquely extreme group sheltered by a uniquely obtuse and backward government" Not a new era of international terrorism but the last, spectacular gasp of an old one, says The Guardian.
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Good post, Summer. With a disaster of this magnitude, it feels impossible to say, "okay, folks, let's try and keep this in perspective," and even harder to get anyone to listen to that. Thousands of people die in the largest attack on American soil and you want to keep this IN PERSPECTIVE!!??

Well, yes. I do. We need to find out who the perpetrators and supporters of this horrible crime are, and blow them into next Sunday. But if we make them seem as prominent as the disaster they caused, we'll find ourselves going to war against the entire Islamic world, which would be sad and stupid. Whoever it turns out to be, we ought to go in, squash them like so many zits, and go back home and get on with our lives.
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This article also points out that starting a war is probably what the terrorists set out to. George Bush says that this is a war of good vs. evil. It would be a mistake to think that a nation is evil and must be destroyed. The individuals involved should be punished (severely). Innocent bystanders should not.
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Most forms of fundamentalism have in fact passed their zenith

great article. really helpful analysis. good link.

however, i think the quote i've pulled here and your headline here are too optimistic. i think fundamentalism is more cyclical than that. it may be waning now, but it may certainly wax again. we shouldn't be naive about the possibilities.
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An excellent article. I have read so much rational commentary on this situation the past few days that I am heartened.
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Seems to me the devastating results of what happened far outweigh the amount of effort put in. Yes it took great organisation and will (or blind fantascism), but it didn't require huge amounts of money or political intelligence. My only fear is that it will inspire other would be terrorists who now know you don't need weapons or bombs, just know-how and self-confidence.
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The thing that makes this a new form of terrorism is not its scale, but the fact that no one has taken credit. Why? No demands... what makes this a new form of terrorism is simply that it is an attack against the American system itself rather than any particular facet.
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