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Paul Krugman, Princeton prof and NYTimes columnist is the subject of a Google Question. Some one wants to know "What kind of house does he live in? What kind of car does he drive? Is anything known about his personal life (hobbies, sports, sexual orientation, etc)? ". Krugman himself answers with panache and asks for the money!
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Good for Krugman. This is typical Rovian modus operandi: hunt for dirt. Exaggerate dirt in hyped smear campaign. If dirt is unnavailable, invent bald faced lies: the media will pick them up anyway and vanishingly few people will bother to investigate their veracity. Furthermore, the media won't bother to carry rebuttal stories - so the lies will mostly stick.
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I say, until he can finally get to his well-deserved Supreme Court seat, let Judge Starr investigate the crap out of this individual.
Also, a shtetl? Is Krugman some kind of foreigner, of fellow-traveler, of terrorist?
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I'm not sure I get it. Is Krugman "drstrangelove", "ragingacademic", or was he sent a link to the google question and responded on his site?
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PrinceValium: He was sent the link and responded on his site.
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I had Paul Krugman in a (very intro) economics class at Princeton, and he was great, and incredibly, incredibly funny and a great teacher too.
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Matteo> Disparaging distant relatives of ex-government employees is a crime under the PATRIOT Act. Watch out, or I'll call TIPS on you! ;P
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I have a hopelessly girlish intellectual crush on Paul Krugman. I read his Times columns religiously and bring them up in conversation whenever possible. You can imagine how well that goes over with a bunch of urban hipsters. :(
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Things like this are why I love the internet.
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We also have two cats; I withhold their names to protect their privacy.

I second rudyfink's sentiment.
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Matteo: shtetl is a yiddish word that I believe means "farm" or equivilant. It was used to describe Jewish agricultural communities in Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth century, early 20th. Remarking on the shtetl is the same as saying "the old country" when refering to the land of your anscestors.
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Vote Krugman for anything he might run for in 2004...

(McCain/Krugman would be quite the ticket in a game of rotisserie government)
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Shtetl comes from the German for town or state. The "l" ending is a common Yiddish suffix used to a suggest a smaller form. Similar to how in English a kitchenette is a small kitchen.
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Thanks for the true def Stuart. Was I completely wrong in that it implies a rural/agricultural existence? I'm curious....
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pjgulliver: No, you weren't. Eastern European Jews lived largely in small towns and villages based on farming, and it is to these that "shtetl" refers. (The Jews who famously flooded the Lower East Side of NYC in the late 19th century offended the German Jews already here, known as "yekls," by their ignorance of urban ways.)
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Cue "Fiddler on the Roof" theme...
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I sincerely hope he gets the $100, he deserves it!

Nice to see someone have a sense of humor about such a disturbing e-inquisition.
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In general the previously given definitions of shtetl were accurate but missing one crucial qualifier. Jews were generally required by law to live in these or similar urban places (the first ghetto was the Jewish district in Venice).
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