Happy Birthday, Gumby!
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Gumby turns 50! As a kid, I loved the show, but I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the claymation, which I still love. But I was a loyal Gumby fan. I even liked Eddie Murphy's version (but I didn't know that SNL "reversed" Gumby's head to avoid copyright infringment) - I'm Gumby, dammit! No, not a Gumby Dammit.
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Though usually considered horrible, especially considered it was released at the same time as "Toy Story", I must stand up for the 1995 movie which, watched under the - ahem - proper conditions, is a laugh riot. Happy birthday Gumby.
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I just remember watching Gumby on TV at my grandparents' house in rural Georgia when I was a kid, in the late 80's ... and wondering just what in the hell these people were smoking.

Still, an instituition, and I didn't realize he was half a century old. Happy birthday, you green slab o' clay. Dammit.
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Dang! I can't believe I missed the movie. What a blockhead!
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My freshman English teacher (high school) loooved Gumby. She had Gumby stuff all over the classroom and a giant inflatable Gumby in the corner. We always joked about who would have to save Gumby if the school caught on fire.
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My wife told me this this morning. I will have to let her know that she's leading MetaFilter now.

Go Gumby! What was the girl Gumby called? Goo, I think. Hehehe.
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the lump on gumby's head is supposed to be a reference to buddhism -- it signifies enlightenment. or, er, something.
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I missed it too (those blockheads were actually scary back then). It's so fun that Gumby, and Davy and Goliath are back. : >
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Gumby's cameo in This is Spinal Tap was great. Brief, but great.
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One of these days, I shall have to encode my Gumby CD (it's Gumby green and has a half-dozen Gumby-themed songs by big-name artists) and share it with y'all.
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