Trolley to Make Believe Land no longer taking reservations.
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A shame, but I guess it had to end. The best Mister Rogers story I have is when I was a student at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, where Fred Rogers lives, somebody stole his car. After the local news reported it on TV that night, the car was returned during the night to the place where it was taken from. Now that's respect.
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Ok, now can someone find a registration free link to the story?
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Here's the registration-free version. A good tip: just replace the "" in the URL to "" to skip registration. (If you were redirected to the registration screen, be sure to remove the "" prefix too.)
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baylink, you friggin' whiner. Here:

NYT login:
NYT password: forbaylink

I put my own zip code in there, so don't worry about their data collection on you, it's untraceable.
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I saw a documentary on that series. They've been carefully making him up all these years so that he looks the same as he did for the first show. Since they've done such a good job, you really can't tell by watching any given show how old it is unless it's one of the shows where he has a visitor.

They also showed some outtakes, and those were great. Once they substituted a set of slippers which were too small and filmed his reaction as he tried to put them on and couldn't.

A lot of people don't know that Fred Rogers is an ordained minister. This program is his assignment from the church.
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When I went to Carnegie Mellon, I heard a rumor that Mr. Rogers lived in one of the buildings on campus. I don't know if it was true, but my roommate saw him at his church one day and came back absolutely delighted.
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Here's some registration-unencumbered links from Mister Rogers' local paper: I loved that show as a kid -- especially the trolley. Today, in the few times my sons watched it, I have to say that it's a little unnerving when Rogers does a feminine voice for some of the puppets.
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I was scared by the feminie puppets myself. Scary voices, scary faces. I actually hated his land of make believe, and much prefered when he fed the fish or talked to the mailman.
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Mr. McFeely.

“We’re glad to be your website neighbors.”
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Why, *thanks*, Matt.

Are you having an *especially* bad day today or something?
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I knew he was a minister; I'd never heard anything that suggested that the show was connected to that, though. Source?

Thanks for the link, Pancake; I'd thought that partners had died the death, too.
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Matt's not the only one who didn't like the puppet segments. I preferred the ones when Mr. Rogers got out of the house and visited people at work.

At least the show lives on in reruns; it's one of the few truly peaceful children's TV shows currently on the air.
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The beauty of such a show, which for more than one generation, was an institution is the ability to satire it.

My particular favorites are Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood (Eddie Murphy), and SCTV's battle of the PBS stars featuring a boxing match between Julia Child (John Candy) and Mr. Rogers (Martin Short).
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