Bryan Singer + Battlestar Galactica = relaunch.
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Bryan Singer + Battlestar Galactica = relaunch. Yeah, buddy! This could be fun.

What were the fatal flaws of the original 'Galactica'? And how should it be made better this time?
posted by Sean Meade (25 comments total)

But they already reached Earth. Hmm. Wonder where he's gonna go with this.

In any case--oooh! Cool!
posted by frykitty at 8:29 AM on February 22, 2001

Well, they're off to a good start if they don't use Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict. Maybe Ed Begley Jr. can reprise his role as Greenbean.

I've heard of nostalgia, but this is ridiculous. Why doesn't he just come up with a better Star Wars rip-off?
posted by timothompson at 8:37 AM on February 22, 2001

I don't recall *any* flaws with the original.

It was always my dream to own a Viper. Some day I will.
posted by bondcliff at 8:38 AM on February 22, 2001

Too Much Maren Jensen.

Not Enough Laurette Spang.

"Socialator." I remember I cracked *UP* when I figured out what they meant. I was *just* old enough to get that.
posted by baylink at 8:41 AM on February 22, 2001

> But they already reached Earth.

Prequels. Or just do a remake.

I'd love to see what 2001 tv-technology can do to that big ole' crocodile. It certainly deserved better than cardboard computers and monochrome screens.

Just hope they keep that typical Cylon-sound, even if they animate them.
posted by thijsk at 8:52 AM on February 22, 2001

Oh boy! I guess it's time to break open the piggy bank and spend a couple cubits for my newStarbuck Outfit. If I could give Mssr. Singer a suggestion, perhaps he should look to the original animated series for casting, especially since John Colicos and Lorne Greene have retired to joined the Lords of Kobol. (Now their clothes are all flocked, and they're hanging out with those harem chicks with the manly voices.)
All I ask is that they keep the Daggit. When all else was bleak, I liked the flipped out monkey sufficating inside that costume, and to me it just encapsulated that Battlestar Galactica feeling.

Oooh! Oooh!!! How about they start the pilot by meeting up with Voyager, and they kinda ride along.. sort of a Sci-Fi Muppet Movie..

posted by Perigee at 9:12 AM on February 22, 2001

An interesting aside... Battlestar Gallactica was one of my favorite shows growing up. Not just because it was so cool, but because of all the insider jokes. See, Glen Larson is/was Mormon, and a lot of the story line was based on lesser-known tenets of Mormon theology.


I don't know if I can expect that much insider stuff this time around, but I'll still watch it... As for prop lust, who needs a viper, when all I really wanted was a dagget.

Oh... and another thought: how many out there would like to see a quality re-make of Logan's Run? *Oh man!*

- vis10n
posted by silusGROK at 9:13 AM on February 22, 2001

I have a Battlestar Gallactica pillow case on my favoritist pillow.

I am happy.
posted by cCranium at 9:16 AM on February 22, 2001

Fatal flaw: That damned monkey in the robot dog suit.
posted by honkzilla at 9:29 AM on February 22, 2001

Today they'd just use an Aibo. :P

All the things I thought were flawed when I was originally watching this show--the silly names, words like "centon", goofy Egyptian-inspired costuming--I realize now that these are part of what made it wonderful and unique.

As for Richard Hatch--he was hot. I almost watched Survivor until I realized it was the wrong guy.
posted by frykitty at 9:38 AM on February 22, 2001

what used to piss me off about the show was the recycling of all the viper vs. raider dogfight scenes (taken from the pilot/movie) in almost every episode.

otherwise, right on!
posted by cheesebot at 9:47 AM on February 22, 2001

timothompson has a point: they could certainly come up with a better scifi series, but still, hey, it's BG, and nostalgia counts for something.

a prequel could include Rick Springfield before his character, Apollo's younger brother, died. now that has potential!

i did like the fact that they had a much larger bridge than, say, Star Trek. seemed a little more realistic.

should the Vipers still have a 'Turbo' button, or not?

my favorite Cylon quotes:

'I really think you should look at that other Battlestar.'
'Apparently they were not as surprised as we thought.'

posted by Sean Meade at 9:52 AM on February 22, 2001

Oh... and another thought: how many out there would like to see a quality re-make of Logan's Run? *Oh man!*

No way, man. No woman could ever replace the 1970's Farrah Fawcett.

Mmmmmm..... Hollie.

posted by bondcliff at 10:01 AM on February 22, 2001

Bondcliff: I dunno... Fawcett wasn't all that. Of course, when Logan's Run came out, I was pre-pubescent. Anyway, who needs Farrah... there are others, I'm not sure who I'd pick though. Hm... what about the lady DA from Law & order, or the Republican lawyer from West Wing?

Just a thought.
posted by silusGROK at 10:12 AM on February 22, 2001

Actually, I think I've heard somewhere that there is in fact a Logan's Run remake in the works. Don't know what stage of "development" it's in, though.
posted by dnash at 10:45 AM on February 22, 2001

Encountering daddy Cartwright (Lorne Greene) in the middle of BG always gave me the same kind of shock as seeing Perry Mason turn up in the middle of Godzilla. I'm not sure this is a defect, though.
posted by jfuller at 11:47 AM on February 22, 2001

Yup, there's the possibility of a new Logan's Run movie. Looks like it'll be a while before we see anything, though.
posted by Aaaugh! at 11:53 AM on February 22, 2001

BG star Richard Hatch's site includes shots from a pilot trailer he has produced in attempts to get a new version off the ground.

Somewhere there's a statement to the effect that they would completely disregard the "reaching earth" part of the 70's series in the plotting of a new version.
posted by Tubes at 12:20 PM on February 22, 2001

There's been a longstanding rights dispute regarding a remake. Hatch has been pushing his project for several years now, and last year they actually made that trailer for presentation at SF cons. Only then (it appears to me) did Glen Larson resurrect his interest. Now, if Hatch's page can be taken at face value, this represents yet a third development project (and they want fans to protest the changes -- like no Cylons). Though CA says Larson is involved but not Hatch. Bryan Singer is, of course, excellent news, and I wish him well. There's a lot of fan support for Hatch since it was his tireless efforts that sparked interest.
posted by dhartung at 12:36 PM on February 22, 2001

If you want to aurally stimulate your nostalgia, Delta Fox has the Galactica Theme for Real Player, along with what looks like some dance mixes and wave files from the series.
posted by Sean Meade at 1:41 PM on February 22, 2001

And Adam Stacey did a pretty nice Galactica timeline.
posted by Sean Meade at 1:48 PM on February 22, 2001

The basic flaw of BG was that they didn't have a set plot like B5. Something like this (the search for earth, the one armed man who killed your wife or attempts to escape the village), something with a definate goal, should always have a resolution. Yes I know that they did reach earth but I think that was a bit of a let down.
A specific, preprepared plot would have made the series a grower. Does anyone know whether Larson had the juice to do this at the time?
On the reuse of effects: very common because of the cost of effects. CGI stuff makes it cheaper though. Particularly if you only have a few different models to make.
posted by davidgentle at 8:21 PM on February 22, 2001

They did not reach Earth in the original series. That was cancelled by ABC, apparently because they just didn't like the show -- reports vary but most people say it was actually a profitable show.

There was a short-lived (and probably best forgotten) show called Galactica 1980 which told the story of what happened after the Galactica reached Earth. It was so bad it didn't last very long.
posted by Potsy at 10:42 AM on February 23, 2001

David, no, as far as I know Larson just came up with a premise off which to hang a continuing series. C'mon, though, nobody tried the finite arc concept until JMS did -- and in general even the most advanced dramas of the time (e.g. Family) are dreary formula by today's standards. Not fair.

But I agree with you about the effects. Reuse is normal, and when you know what happens behind the scenes, e.g. negotiating week after week to finally do that "shuttlecraft landing" effect and always being overruled -- you're not as hard on the FX guys.

Does anybody else still use "frack"? I've punctuated blog posts with that a couple of times.
posted by dhartung at 3:00 PM on February 23, 2001

Minor quibble: no one in the US had tried the arc concept before JMS, but the British had been there before with Blake's 7.

Oh, and if we're going to veer off into fun expletives, no show can top Farscape.
posted by Aaaugh! at 10:00 PM on February 23, 2001

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