You thought it had gone away..
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You thought it had gone away.. but Ginger appears to be back in the news again. This time it's an upcoming Inside magazine article that purports to conclusively reveal that "IT" is a two-wheeled scooter running on a hydrogen-powered engine. After all the hype nearly two months ago, is this the answer? Does anyone even care anymore?
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In t3magzine this month I read an article about "it".. there was a picture of a one wheeled scooter, thought they didn't really talk about it. It didn't look like the one in the picture, it was more like a typical scooter w/ one big wheel .

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Sounds like this is a more subdued look at it - less "wow" factor, more focus on the hydrogen engine & possible stirling engine. If this becomes a successful proof-of-concept in the marketplace, it could smooth the way to hydrogen as a fuel source or bring the stirling engine out of the world of R & D.

I'm still not sold on it, but am happy that someone is looking toward the post-petroleum future, and not grasping at vanshing straws (*cough* Alaska National Wildlife Refuge *cough*).
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According to the upcoming Inside article, Kamen has created a new company called ACROS, "whose goal is to create a product line that features 'motorized, self-propelled, wheeled personal mobility aids, namely wheel chairs, scooters, carts and chariots.'"

Chariots? Man, oh man, I need a chariot!

All of these designs seem to insist that the user stand up during operation. Can the average American stand for that long?
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They've overlooked one crucial factor. Adults know they look stupid on a stand-up scooter. Very few adults use regular stand-up scooters, or for that matter, skateboards.
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Adults also look stupid in shoes with tassels, but, hey.
Something this cool would catch on.
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i pretty much look stupid no matter what i do. so count me in the very interested column.

and this also gives me an opportunity to add my high school debate rantings about hydrogen energy to norm's collection of issn validated evidence
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<BrainySmurfSingSongWhine>I was right. I was riiiight!<BrainySmurfSingSongWhine>

Unfortunately, my copy of Inside never seems to show up before Saturday, so I don't know if these questions are answered therein. Anyhoo ... Even if it does have gyros so that it "can't possibly tip over," that's not going to stop people from splattering into gnarly little chunks when they run into something at any speed above 3 mph or so. How is this thing not going to be a trial lawyer's wet dream come true?

Also ... hydrogen? I know it's a lot safer these days than it used to be, ...
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aaron at 3:20 PM on March 6, 2001

Um, But still, I mean. (freakin' tags!)
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#$@%#^@#$% it! But still!!!
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CNN's Moneyline will be running a segment on IT during the next hour.

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Sure, these folks are self-interested, but it's an interesting counter-point to the whole Hydrogen Is Dangerous meme.
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Hope that does the trick.
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