Death in threes?
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Death in threes? Jonno pointed it out about six weeks ago, and I thought to myself that he was right. But man, the deaths are coming thick and fast now. The score, for those of us playing along at home, is: Musicians' deaths, 3 (John Lee Hooker, Chet Atkins and Joe Henderson), actors' deaths: 2 (Carroll O'Connor, Jack Lemmon) and Net folks' deaths, 2 (Jim Ellis and Michael Hauben. (Boozoo Chavis' passing, noted by fooljay, could be totted up in the musicians' column as well. Anthony Quinn and Joan Sims could go in the actors' column, if (like harrycaul and wackybrit, you were so inclined.)
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Far be it from me to be the skeptic in most situations... but you know, sometimes, people die. In fact, people are dying constantly. And more people are famous than ever before. So by math, more famous people are dying. There's no great apocalypse, just a lot of little tragedies.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled superstition. To this day, nobody can convince me that I did not kill Frank Sinatra -- six hours before he died, I loudly wondered "When is Frank Sinatra just going to give it up and die anyway?" Then, ba-da-bing, he did.
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And yet, he lives. Coincidence? I think not.

Him too.
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The ill-fated deadpool that I tried to start a few months ago had to institute a special "Bob Hope" rule. Since he'd been frustrating deadpoolers for years, the rule was that you lost points if he died. Go Bob!
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Damn you, logovisual...the greatest entertainer of modern times, and you had to go and off 'em. Curb your thoughts, fer crying out loud!

RIP, Frankie. We all still miss you.
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The per capita death rate remains one.
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