Batman is 80 miles from the Iraqi border!
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Batman is 80 miles from the Iraqi border! A new secret weapon in the US arsenal? Has the Hall of Justice relocated to Pennsylvania Ave? Or just another journalistic non-sequitur from the press pool? They should have made this the headline.
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Sorry, wrong site...
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It's good to see that Batman is taking an active role in keeping peace in the Mideast. Of course, had he entered the fray a few years ago, he might have found a powerful ally in the prime minister of Israel. No one would dare take on Batman and Rabin.
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Good stuff !! Man I needed a smile at work today.
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The pilot had ejected before the crash, near the city of Batman,

That line made much more sense after reading this before it. besides the desert wouldn't give anykind of cover to that bat-shaped jet he uses.
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Had the U.S. Air Force aircraft come down in northern Iraq, the United States would have implemented a well-prepared rescue operation for the pilot.

just the way this was phrased made me think they were missing an "of course," at the beginning.
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Batman and Rabin... lol, you guys are the best...
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I guess I don't get the humor.

Take a look at this map of the region
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Irontom: it's a play on words. There is a comic book superhero in America named Batman, and there is a town in Turkey named Batman. The two words are spelled and prounounced the same, allowing a humorous juxtaposition.

My work here is done. To the Batcave, Robin!
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By the way, if the map Irontom pointed to didn't work (it didn't for me) here's another one.
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Do you suppose the Turkish Batman is played by Saddam West?

Oh, nevermind....
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