Good grief, It seems I may be a feeling a bit tipsy.
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My first thought on seeing the url was "Who cares if Ru Paul is drunk?" Ah.
posted by lia at 5:00 AM on July 19, 2001

lia: perhaps you find that:

This page is probably out of focus.
posted by davehat at 5:03 AM on July 19, 2001

I don't need that thing to tell me when i'm drunk. When I've consume a lot of alcohol, I'll know that I'm intoxicated. Well, I'll also know when it takes me half an hour to get the mouse to click on a button.

Light beer at 2.7%, and heavy at less than 5%. That's some pretty weak stuff.
posted by dave at 5:31 AM on July 19, 2001

I have a feeling that this site is aimed at our US brethren...

(not that I'm laying down the international drinking gauntlet...)
posted by davehat at 5:40 AM on July 19, 2001

I dunno, it asks your weight and height in metric. And to the cousins, that's tantamount to a communist plot.
posted by Mocata at 5:48 AM on July 19, 2001

Also, I'm not sure they know what "pissed" means.
posted by Mocata at 5:48 AM on July 19, 2001

I like being called "the cousins."
posted by rodii at 6:23 AM on July 19, 2001

am i pissed? pissed off? pissed on? what?
posted by dogmatic at 6:27 AM on July 19, 2001

rodii: big up!
posted by Mocata at 6:48 AM on July 19, 2001

I know what pissed means. It means that if I am pissed, I am too drunk to calculate my weight in kilograms :)
posted by terrapin at 7:13 AM on July 19, 2001

What are these "kg" things?
posted by fidelity at 7:33 AM on July 19, 2001

so pissed means you're drunk but i still don't quite understand what taking the piss out of someone is. i think it means that you're joking or messing w/that person and "taking the piss out of them."

if you're drunk don't you know you're drunk? do you really need a web site to tell you that? i can't even convert feet and pounds to the metric system when i'm sober. why not ask everyone in the US to convert their weight to stone. what in the HELL is that all about?

i think the whole thing is pants! =]
posted by suprfli at 8:14 AM on July 19, 2001

The best way I've found to calculate pissed-ness is to try playing video poker at a decent clip (500+ hands per hour). After just a half a glass of beer my error rate goes up significantly.
posted by drunkkeith at 8:31 AM on July 19, 2001

Well according to this, I've been dead since last Friday.

posted by dopamine at 8:48 AM on July 19, 2001

I usually like to fire up q3 when i'm in a bit too deep. but it usually goes a bit pear-shaped cuz my eye/hand coord is off.
posted by jbelshaw at 8:52 AM on July 19, 2001

(number of posts to sites such as MeFi and threewayaction + number of slobbering emails to sorry ex-boyfriends) / 1.5 = number of drinks i've had. and i don't even need to use the silly metric system!
posted by sugarfish at 2:56 PM on July 19, 2001

If I'm drunk, I'm usually nowhere near a computer... now if it was the PalmPilot...
posted by tj at 8:03 PM on July 19, 2001

I have to say that in posting this link, I had been trying to work out how the hell you'd ever get round to using it. As everyone has noted, if you're really drunk, you tend to notice before/during being logged on to your computer.

On the other hand, if you were at a bar and wanted to maybe check (approximately, mind) if you were over the legal limit before you get in your car, then it is a little unlikely that you'd be able to get to this site.

tj: that idea is pretty darn good. If my mobile/pda had a little function on it that did this, I'd use it.

sugarfish: That is so true! I really want someone to invent a breathylizer logon that stops me accessing the internet if I'm over a certain limit. It sure would save me a lot of the crap I've ended up putting myself and others through recently.
posted by davehat at 8:46 PM on July 19, 2001

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