January 7, 2003

An International Coalition of Digital Artists

The Bryce Forum Gallery has been a mainstay of my visits to the WWW since 1997. Featuring some amazing computer-generated imagery, the Gallery is the first 'virtual' art museum I happened across, and it's still my favorite. I hope you enjoy it as well.
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Waiting In Line To Die

Waiting In Line To Die is the title of this brilliant expose of the relentless homicide factory that is Disneyland, Anaheim's death camp, and siren lure of the unfortunate and unwary. To those who would visit the "happiest place on Earth" unawares, I encourage you to read this article first, and then head elsewhere. The life you save could be your own.
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Affirmative Action applied to the Death Penalty?

A report commissioned by outgoing Maryland governor Parris Glendening has found interesting racial disparities in the death penalty: although it appears the race of the defendant is irrelevant individually in the application of capital punishment, such is is not the case when one weighs in the race of the victim of a crime, in which the killing of a white person by a black person nearly doubles the likelihood of the defendant receiving the death penalty, "primarily because they are substantially more likely to be charged by the state's attorney with a capital offense."
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Clothing for the maturity-challenged?

Clothing for the maturity challenged? Foreverakid.com is a Canadian site which offers "adult baby" clothing, for those "grown-ups" who still crave of feeling like toddlers or babies again (probably those former rebellious youngsters who finally realized adulthood sucks and want their childhood back). Everything from diapers to pajamas to sailor suits is all here. (Note: The site has a "18+" warning but there are only pics of adults in baby clothing - which still is weird enough to warrant a warning of some kind)
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Everyone someone has every known.

I couldn't find Kevin Bacon anywhere on this list. I guess this guy prescribes to the "idle hands are the devil's workshop" world view. This bloke has apparently gone to great pains to list everyone he has ever known on his website. What a massive undertaking, as well as a complete waste of time.
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Your DNA please!

The movie Gattaca had a reoccurring theme of "the government and police have a right to your DNA." I thought it was silly sci-fi, decades ahead of reality. It appears I was wrong, as the Lafayette police go door to door taking DNA samples from 50-to-100 citizens in the hunt for a killer.
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war chances Iraq

Evidence from Britain that the anti-war movement is having an effect. Perhaps the upcoming anti-war marches in Washington and San Francisco on January 18th will turn the tide in the USA.
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If Gravity were to race Light...

In an interesting test of the theory of relativity they found that gravity travels at the same speed as light. Put simply if the sun were to disappear from existence it would take some 8 minutes before the Earth's orbit would be affected by the loss. Sadly this also means that FTL travel is becoming less and less likely to be possible.
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Thought Police?

German in court over 'ironic' message board comment. I think we should talk about this. Very... carefully...
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CyberCafes = violence?

Hopefully, the officials won't find a connection between the internet cafe and youthful violence. This smells of a problematic future.
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Everywhere, Karyn's cyberbegging spawn...

Latest cyberbegging: Help 2 nice Boston lesbians make a baby "What we're saving up for is SPERM! That's right ... those little swimmers cost a bundle...the sperm itself, which heterosexual women get for free all the time, intentionally or otherwise, costs a bundle! Upwards of $250 for a single shot." It seems to me that there might be...cheaper methods, but I would sooner give the 2 nice girls $ than this guy: "I don't have love, don't have career, the only thing is to pay more debts. now, I got very bad fever, and I could feel this world is gray. "
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Macworld SF 2003 Keynote Reactions

I don't know if you've been watching the keynote, but Steve Jobs has announced an array of new Apple products. Including updated iApps, a new browser (Safari) (which, by the way, is Open Source), Keynote (a presentation app), a 17-inch Powerbook and a 12-inch Powerbook.
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F.C.C. working to elimate restrictions on how many news media outlets one company could own, both nationally and in a single city.

Independent Media: Null & Void? According to this NYT Editorial (Free Registration Required) the F.C.C. is quietly working to elimate restrictions on how many news media outlets one company could own, both nationally and in a single city. What's next?
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Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation Settlement

I made my claim. Have you? This Web site was established to provide information about a proposed Settlement of lawsuits brought by Attorneys General of 43 states, Commonwealths and Territories, and by counsel for the Plaintiff Settlement Class entitled In re: Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation. You may be a member of the Settlement Group and your rights against Defendants may be affected if you are a person or entity that purchased these prerecorded Music Products from a retail store during the period of January 1, 1995 through December 22, 2000.
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Metrocard Vending Machine UI critique

Metrocard Vending Machine UI critique. If you've been to New York City in the last few years, then you might be familiar with the MTA's big silver vending machines in the subways. For those living here it's almost second nature by now. The Windows NT based touch screen UI is really not too bad. Most tourists may opt for a One-day Fun Pass ($4), while the locals already know what to pick. MTA also places posters all over indicating changes to the vending machines, and initially even had posters explaining the various options.
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Fuck Hip Hop.

Fuck Hip Hop. Title of a block-rockin' essay by dj, filmmaker and cultural activist Pierre Bennu.

I think the time has come to bid a farewell to the last black arts movement. It’s had a good run but it no longer serves the community that spawned it. Innovation has been replaced with mediocrity and originality replaced with recycled nostalgia for the ghost of hip hop past, leaving nothing to look forward to. Honestly when was the last time you heard something (mainstream) that made you want to run around in circles and write down every word. When was the last time you didn’t feel guilty nodding your head to a song that had a ‘hot beat’ after realizing the lyrical content made you cringe.

Tough questions, Pierre. And the whole piece is even tougher. Here's a few responses from Nettime.
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