March 26, 2010

Allow the centrifugal force of the rotation to pull the baby out of the birth canal.

10 Brilliant Medical Inventions That Should Have Caught On
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Surgery to whiten the eyes, an overkill?

Cosmetic eye whitening surgery by regional conjunctivectomy, a procedure that's been around for decades is now being used to whiten the eyes for cosmetic purposes only. [more inside]
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A cup of Java will cure that Pac-Man fever

Ms. Pac-Man 2010
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Turning the Tables

University of Illinois Student Counters Westboro Baptist Church Protest (YT video) [more inside]
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Toronto's Smallest House for Sale - Again

We saw a post about the Little House back in 2007. It sold for $139000 then. About a year ago it sold for approximately $173000. Now, it's up for sale again at reportedly $180000. It's been renovated and now has it's own site complete with a gallery, history, and celebrity endorsement.
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Not Just For Crackpots Anymore!

The 185 billion dollar a year cell phone/wireless communication industry is coming under increased scrutiny due to health concerns by some decidedly non tinfoil hat wearing parties. Earlier industry funded studies are also being more closely examined as many early adopters of cell phones are getting tumors at an alarming rate. And where does everybody's favorite, the ipod, sit? This is funny.....Apple actually advises you on page 7 of their product information guide to....well....not hold the thing up to your head. Or your body. But that's okay, cause the Evo, which doubles as a wi-fi hotspot, is about to hit. Good times!
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Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

Daniel Leonard Everett is a linguistics professor best known for his study of the Amazon Basin's Pirahã people and their language. "Influenced by the Pirahã's concept of truth, he slowly lost his Christian faith and became an atheist." Radio NZ hast a 90 minute interview with him. This is a shorter introduction if you prefer [more inside]
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Bode Talks and Draws

Vaughn Bode, one of the founding fathers of underground comics, talks and draws at the 1974 Toronto Comic Con. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Subjects include: censorship, Stan Lee, Jeff Jones, and the little tiny schizophrenic world inside his head. [maybe NSFW] [more inside]
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Your Nanny's fur is a bit excessive

Lullaby If you have the right pup, it will do the singing for you. (SLYT)
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Music Matters

The British music industry is taking the carrot, rather than stick, approach when talking about downloading music. They have created a series of animations about various artists (Blind Willie Johnson, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, The Jam etc - I particularly like the Sigur Ros one) that proclaim 'music matters' and their 'trustmark' will appear on legitimate music downloading sites.
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The Sans-Serif Car

Designer Alex George has created a font based on the iconic Volvo 240 station wagon. (via) [more inside]
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User Experience Is Everything

UX Magazine — design, strategy, technology, and common sense. [more inside]
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The horns, THE HORNS!

Saul Bass + Tron = Retro Tron
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What happens if David Cameron loses?

Most people assumed the Tories would walk the coming election. But with their poll lead evaporating, what would a Conservative defeat mean for Britain – and David Cameron? What happens if David Cameron loses? [more inside]
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To Produce The Impossible Product

On sale now: new film for Polaroid cameras. PX 100 Silver Shade / First Flush (for SX-70). Courtesy of The Impossible Project. (prev 1 2 3) [more inside]
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Sprinkling stardust

Neil Gaiman on what it's like to be invisible at the Oscars
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Aaaaaand we'll just remove a nice, happy tree from riiiiight......abouuuuuut....there. That's nice.

We've already seen seam carving for content-aware image resizing. Now, here's content-aware fill.
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The gravestone is rough shale; nothing is written, as if she isn't here, lying at the foot of a mountain thick with snow.

An unwilling Afghan bride's defiance leads to death. 'Frashta didn't want to marry her cousin, and she fled. In a land where tradition and family honor are everything, that sealed her doom. "So beautiful that no words could describe her face," said her uncle. A child of the provinces can never run far. She should have known this. Frashta, though, was headstrong. Two shots from a hunting rifle in the night, then they rolled her in cloth and tried to hide her, but some things cannot be hidden. She was found in the yard. "A bad woman," said the cop. [more inside]
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Natural Born Killer - Genocide of the Fallout 3 World

I'm on a mission - not to praise Jesus or ensure that every child in Namibia has a netbook, but to kill every single living vaguely human-like character in Fallout 3. ... everyone ... no matter how friendly, helpful, or beneficial to my completion of the game, must be put into the ground. "Natural Born Killer", an experiment in virtual genocide, parts One, Two and Three.
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No More Island

An island in the Bay of Bengal, South Talpatti/New Moore Island, disappears under rising seas. The inundation settles a long dispute between India and Bangladesh over the island.
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Ewe, this is gross.

And scientific researchers appear to be slowly conceding that zoophilia may be a genuine human sexual orientation. Scientific American's Jesse Bering research into zoophiles, prompted by a "an unusually erudite reader ... a self-professed zoophile" leads to more questions than answers: Are zoophiles attracted only to sexually mature animals—and if not, does this make them “zoopedophiles”? Do zoophiles find particular members of their preferred species more “attractive” than other individuals from those species, and, if so, are they seduced by standard beauty cues, such as facial symmetry in horses? What is the percentage of homosexual zoophiles (those who prefer animal partners of the same sex) over heterosexual zoophiles?
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Musing Around the Web

Museums build some pretty cool websites. To help people find them, use them, and give them props, the Museums and the Web conference has held an annual Best of the Web contest since 1997. This year's nominees are here. Just a sample: the MOMA on Bauhaus, the Center for New Media's Bracero History Archive, the Textile Museum of Canada's In Touch:Connecting Cloth, Culture, and Art, Perception Deception from The National Science and Technology Center of Australia, The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh from the Van Gogh Museum, the Smithsonian's Prehistoric Climate Change and Why it Matters Today, and more . If that doesn't wash out the remainder of your Friday, you can always dig into the past nominees.
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Reverse Engineering Na'vi

Learn Na'vi The large Na'vi reverse engineering project. (via). See also.
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And you thought Pat Boone's version was good...

Andy Rehfeldt dubs videos with different musical styles: What a Wonderful World (death metal version), Enter Sandman (smooth jazz version), Hammer Smashed Face (radio Disney version), I Gotta Feeling (Psycho version), and more.
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Look! Up in the Sky!

A History of the Sky a timelapse video project by Ken Murphy (via)
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Eating off the People's Princess

Eating off the People's Princess
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South Korean navy ship sinking near border with North Korea

Reports coming through that a South Korean Navy Ship with 104 crew is currently sinking off Baengnyeong island in the Yellow Sea near the North Korean Border. No reports of casualties and causation yet to be determined. No word from the North Korean Korean Central News Agency.
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Foodzie has been described as an Etsy for food. It's an online marketplace that puts you in touch with local artisinal chefs and growers with an emphasis on handmade, healthy and decadent food.
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Creatively Heinous

Toronto band Fucked Up was everywhere at the South By Southwest music festival this year--playing at official and unofficial showcases, even once on the street, but often at unofficial massive advertising areas by, say, Pepsi or Levis. Some might think: How can a hardcore band justify their position in these marketing schemes? The answer, posted on the band blog by Mike the Guitarist, is simply titled: SXSW WHY? [more inside]
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Best of the Web minus Snark

Give us 15 minutes of your time, and we will give you everything that matters in the world: "In our Best of the Moment section, we recommend journalism online which we judge likely to be of lasting value to the intelligent general reader." Also featuring interviews with experts recommending the best five books on everything. [more inside]
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The flying Belgian

Leander Vyvey, a Belgian kiteboarder, jumps off a rooftop with a kite. [more inside]
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