April 27, 2002

Am I Annoying or Not?

Am I Annoying or Not? I realize that the whole 'Am I X or Not' is so 1999, but this is actually pretty entertaining. The amount of research is astounding if you consider the massive index that they maintain. As a side note, Jack Osbourne is sitting at 100% annoying.
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Amazon List: Bands whose keyboards players slept with my ex girlfriend

Amazon List: Bands whose keyboards players slept with my ex girlfriend I found out about Henry Raddick through Slate's "Other web sites". He's written over 300 reviews, far from the record holder who has over 3,000, but the titles he chooses. His main list includes "Guide to Bovine Clinics", "Patrick Swayze" and the always popular "Carrion and Dung : The Decomposition of Animal Wastes (The Institute of Biology's Studies in Biology, No. 156)"
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How well do you know your consumer products? It's a simple concept - you're given the generic name, you type in the brand name. The chance to be listed as a "winner" has long since passed, but it's still embarrassing to see how easy it is to get them all. blatantly stolen from a link on iconomy's blog.
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30,000 tons of turkey poop

30,000 tons of turkey poop to turn an old mine site in Indiana into wetlands. Memo to self, avoid driving anywhere near Lynnville Indiana anytime soon. This is so neat. I mean what else are you going to do with 30,000 tons of turkey poop?
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Nevada license tags depict atomic blast

Nevada license tags depict atomic blast
Ugh. Am I the only one sickened by this? Sometimes I'm glad that I don't live in the USA.
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A Glossary of HardBoiled Slang

A Glossary of HardBoiled Slang will allow you to understand such wonderful, alliterative phrases as:

"You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stuff that mud-pipe down your mush - and tell your moll to hand over the mazuma."

Welcome to the world of HardBoiled Fiction. Take some time to brush up on the classics.
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Bush weak and ineffectual

Bush weak and ineffectual "President George W. Bush is facing the possibility that his presidency may be undone not by an enemy ---- foreign or domestic ---- but by an ally" Is this the "real" Bush, the one the democrats described during the campaign?
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Was MIT or her parents to blame for a suicide?

Was MIT or her parents to blame for a suicide?
Challenging NYTimes article on the suicide of Elizabeth Shin, an over-acheiving college student. With the increasing focus on student achievement from earlier and earlier ages, it's clear that children can be deeply affected. How do we, as a society, raise children to standards that we expect without pressure-cooking them to damage or worse?
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U.S. Blueprint to Topple Hussein Envisions Big Invasion Next Year

U.S. Blueprint to Topple Hussein Envisions Big Invasion Next Year "The planning now anticipates the possible extensive use of bases for American forces in Turkey and Kuwait, with Qatar as the replacement for the sophisticated air operations center in Saudi Arabia, and with Oman and Bahrain playing important roles. As to any war plan itself, the military expects to be asked for a more traditional approach than the unconventional campaign in Afghanistan. Such an approach would resemble the Persian Gulf war in style if not in size and would be fought with even more modern weapons and more dynamic tactics." There is no doubt Saddam is a bad guy but as his poll numbers return to earthly levels how exactly can Bush justify sending off 70-250,000 American soldiers to fight (and die) in Iraq - while we will most likely still be engaged in Afghanistan (looking for Osama) and ripping up Al Qaeda?
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During Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's visit to Crawford, Texas, this week, his representatives asked the FAA for his flights to be worked only by male air traffic controllers, according to today's Dallas Morning News.
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Palestinians Attack Jewish Settlement

Palestinians Attack Jewish Settlement Four Israelis, including a 5-year-old girl, were shot dead in their houses by Palestinian gunmen who dressed as soldiers and snuck into a West Bank Israeli settlement Saturday. [CNN]
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The Bob Haircut Worship Page

The Bob Haircut Worship Page is dedicated to showing respect through picture, word, and deed to this greatest of all hairstyles, the "Bob"...

The whole point is to gaze in awe of the beautiful wearers of this fantastic hairstyle. It might even inspire you to change your own hairstyle. You won't be the first, but you'll be joining a very long line of beautiful and intruiging people from all walks of life...people with one wonderful thing in common, the Bob Haircut!
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Taking navel-gazing to a whole new level: Remember when a company called Celera decoded the human genome a few years back? Well, now we know whose DNA they used.
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'Cambridge Students Beaten by Israeli Army'

'Cambridge Students Beaten by Israeli Army' Three of my fellow students spent their Easter vacation on the West Bank as unofficial international observers. In the course of accompanying Palestinian medics to a refugee camp, with medical supplies and food, they were allegedly stopped and beaten by Israeli troops.
While their actions are undoubtedly noble and brave ("we are doing the job the UN should be doing"), the Israeli embassy suggests that "whilst the intentions were geniune, (their) actions have been misguided."
I can't decide what to think. (more inside)
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Hrm. Aphex Twin -- visual artist (via memepool)
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