May 15, 2023

The Exhausting World of Making a Caddicarus Video

YouTube videos can be really well produced, with a lot of shots and custom video footage and various tricks and things to make the entire product more thrilling to view. But what exactly does making one of these things actually entail? Well, YouTuber Caddicarus created The Exhausting World of Making a Caddicarus Video [1h2m] in which he uses all these great techniques to make a video about creating all these great techniques. I've spent enough time watching videos and wondering "could I do that?" that this was a really great all-in-one roll-up of what this one creator does for his videos.
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Finland builds fence for defense amid Russian threats

Will Russia carry through on its threats against Finland for joining NATO? Teri Schultz reports how Helsinki is bolstering the border in case Moscow's war plans veer west. In Imatra, the city nearest to where the fence project is kicking off, Mayor Matias Hilden says no one is enthusiastic about the project, but they're resigned to it. "It's a little bit sad that we need it," he told DW in an interview in Imatra City Hall.
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Flavor of the day!

Stay hydrated a little differently, courtesy of watertok.
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“I want the Constitution on the back fender.”

It’s hard to know why he didn’t flee earlier. He had told a colleague that he was scared of flying over oceans. But another fear may have been stronger: Running would destroy the fantasy that had turned him from local screwup into local hotshot. Just three days before the raids, he was wearing black sequins and partying with Pitbull at the DC Solar holiday party, as if being Jeff “Mother Fuckin’ ” Carpoff for one more night trumped the grubby unknowns of a lifetime on the run. from The Billion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme That Hooked Warren Buffett and the U.S. Treasury [The Atlantic; ungated]
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Greenlandic MP refuses to speak Danish in parliament debate

A Greenlandic MP has refused to speak Danish during a debate in the Danish parliament in Copenhagen and instead spoke in her native Inuit language, frustrating uncomprehending lawmakers and highlighting strained relations between Denmark and Greenland.
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$0, same as in town

Happy freethread Monday! It's gonna be sunny here in Seattle, which means more time on the bike saddle for me. I hope you all have a great week!
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The Nakba Never Ended

A speech by and an interview with Representative Rashida Tlaib, remembering the Nakba/The Palestinian Catastrophe. (mp3; Angela Davis's message begins at 14:25, Tlaib's speech starts at 22:22 and interview at 33:33)
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