January 20, 2002


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In reviewing ‘A beautiful mind’ NYT reviewer said of Nash

In reviewing ‘A beautiful mind’ NYT reviewer said of Nash "Before he married Alicia …he fathered another child…. and abandoned both mother and child to poverty. He formed a number of intense, apparently sexual bonds with other men, and he lost his security clearance ….. after he was arrested for soliciting sex in a men's room. When his illness became intractable and his behavior intolerable, Alicia divorced him. …. None of this has made it to the screen." It went on to say that "The story ….egregiously simplifies the tangled, suspicious world of cold war academia." Most other reviewers appears to have judged that movie on its merits as a work of art and seemed to like it. Recently, the plans to build a statue to honor the FDNY firefighters were dropped after a controvery broke out over plans to alter the original image of three firefighters hoisting the American flag. In an article that tried to put the later controvery in a context, NYT said that that "Sculptors, and artists in general, always take liberties". Conservative columnist Jonah Golderg in a different column defended the sanctity of ‘factual accuracy' in art. I rarely agree with Goldberg. But I think if one is depicting an event or a likeness of an event one has an obligation to stay close to the truth. Where do you draw the line between creative freedom and factual accuracy?
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A Beautiful Mind sweeps the Golden Globes.

A Beautiful Mind sweeps the Golden Globes. There you have it folks. As an unabashed LOTR fan, I was mildly disappointed, but not at all surprised that the outsider Peter Jackson did not get his due.
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Anthrax Missing From Army Lab

Anthrax Missing From Army Lab A story of lax security, missing Anthrax and anti-Arab harrassment. Quoted in the article is a Dr. Rosenberg who issued a report stating, "The FBI has surely known for several months that the anthrax attack was an inside job." Then why hasn’t anyone been arrested? Two reasons: "a fear that embarrassing details might become public, and a need for secrecy in order to acquire sufficient hard evidence to convict the perpetrator."
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Watching the golden globes there was a commercial for something called mlife, so this link works, and is quite content-free. anyone have any ideas, other than this :) which somehow i don't think is cool enough for a big ad-campaign.
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Kazakhstan Tolkeinistas

Kazakhstan Tolkeinistas viewed as subversives by the local authorities. A Elbereth Gilthoniel! WTF, penna miriel?!
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"Stare at the doorway,

"Stare at the doorway, in particular. If you don't see it, keep looking for a good minute or two. You'll know it when you see it." Quote and link stolen from Ernie, without permission.
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Killer attempts robbery to get back to prison

Killer attempts robbery to get back to prison After serving 8 years for killing his girlfriend he "was running out of money" once on the outside. So he robbed a banked, then waited outside for the cops to come on by and pick him up. It must be nice to know this clearly what you want out of life. I'm jealous.
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Another way to quit smoking,

Another way to quit smoking, or is it just another ploy to make a quick buck? As a smoker, I think this could be a great way to quit, if it actualy works. Are there any other Mi-Fi'ers that are trying to quit smoking?

[Stolen from Fark.com]
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Prison camp photos spark protests

Prison camp photos spark protests Protests about conditions valid? Overdone? Or: who cares.
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The creator of Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp is dead at age 76.
Liberal media conspiracy or right wing fundamentalist atrocity?
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What is the worst sex scene of all time in Canadian literature?

What is the worst sex scene of all time in Canadian literature? Sandra Martin of the Globe and Mail writes it is Leonard Cohen in Beautiful Losers: "Oh what a greasy tower he there massaged!. . .His right hand beneath the steering wheel, urging, urging, he seemed to be pulling himself into the far black harbour like a reflexive stevedore. . .F's eyes closed suddenly as if they had been squirted with lemon. . ."
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The New WTC?

The New WTC? The Max Protech Gallery in Manhattan has an exhibit of sketches and designs from artists, architects, and others with their ideas on how the World Trade Center could be rebuilt
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Golden Globe nominations again.

Golden Globe nominations again. No sign of Buffy in any category again...
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President Bush seems to think that abortion is unconstitutional.

President Bush seems to think that abortion is unconstitutional. Does anyone smell hypocrisy here? I would suggest that he examine the constitutionality of his own actions before throwing stones.
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