October 17, 2017

He did the mash, he did the Markov mash

Wikipedia Markov Masher takes your two topics and Markov-ily mixes their Wikipedia articles to generate simulated silliness. [more inside]
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Getting Buffett's number

Warren Buffett, Oracle or Orangutan? A statistical analysis of the Sage of Omaha's investing aptitude.
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New Atheism's Idiot Heirs or 2nd Wave Internet Skepticism

In the heydey of the internet messageboard, let’s say in the 1990s, a certain species of idiot materialized. He was male, aggressively pedantic, self-professedly logical, committed to the hard sciences, prone to starting sentences with “actually,” and almost always devoted to the notion that his disbelief in God imbued him with intellectual superiority. This archetype’s golden years were the 2000s, a decade that saw George W. Bush’s politicized creationism and the use of web forums peak in unison. [more inside]
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“Unimpressed women who don’t give a shit about you”

When you queef and he says it’s not that funny but you definitely aren’t going to be mature about it. (all links NSFW!)

When you can’t reconcile your need for independance with your fear of being alone.

When you’re leaving the motherfucking office.

When he can’t find the condoms.

When your friend promises there will be food at this party so you skip dinner and when you arrive there isn’t one fucking charcuterie plate in sight. [more inside]
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Lord , Carry Him Now 🙏🏾

Celtics’ Gordon Hayward Suffers Gruesome Ankle Fracture in Opener [WARNING: Graphic Video of Injury of Fractured Ankle] [YouTube] “Less than six minutes into his first game as a member of the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, Gordon Hayward badly fractured his left ankle on a failed alley-oop attempt. The injury is a crushing blow to the Celtics in their quest for Eastern Conference superiority. Hayward, a forward who signed a four-year, $128 million contract with the Celtics in July, was to pair with Al Horford and Kyrie Irving in a new Big Three for a team that has been on the rise for the last several seasons. On the play, Hayward was leaping toward the basket to receive a pass from Irving when he became entangled with LeBron James and Jae Crowder of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hayward landed on his left foot, which twisted in gruesome fashion under him as he crumbled to the floor.” [via: The New York Times]
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"performance claims without benchmarks probably aren't true"

A scientific test of keyboard latency. "Gaming" keyboards are middle-of-the-road, while the lowest-latency keyboard tested is about the last thing you'd think of for computer gaming.
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...watching a wounded antelope trying to bring down a wounded antelope

Frankie Boyle in The Guardian: "Perhaps the next leader will be Boris Johnson, a man who sees genocide as the first stage of a planning application. Boris, a malevolent baked Alaska, is living out in public the great dramatic sweep of a life that asks what if a hero, instead of a single tragic flaw, had all of them. Or perhaps it will be David Davis, a man who seems to suffer from the same lack of imagination as his parents. Or Jacob Rees-Mogg (a man who has taken the phrase “stalking horse” rather too anthropomorphically), who, when he’s not on the run from Westworld: Victorian Britain, seems to be one of those people who flicks through the Old Testament looking for the sexy bits." (Contains very dark humor)
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She remains in command of the beat.

Roxane Gay interviewed Nicki Minaj for the NY Times Magazine. "Minaj does not temper her swagger or sexuality. Sometimes, when I am daydreaming, I marvel at the phrases “dick bicycle” and “If you wanna ménage I got a tricycle” from “Side to Side,” which are so damn clever and funny and vulgar but also accurate as hell for a song Grande once described as being “about riding leading to soreness.”
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You don't have to be millionaires to dance to good dance music in the US

"I'm an American. The Immigration and Naturalization Service of the United States, in cooperation the National Broadcasting Company, has invited a number of naturalized citizens to talk about the American citizenship which they have recently acquired, a possession which we ourselves take for granted, but which is still new and thrilling to them. Today, we are delighted to have with us as [a] guest with us on this program, the distinguished scientist, Doctor Albert Einstein, who has this very morning, just a few hours ago, taken his citizenship examination." In 1940, on the eve of the United States' entrance into World War II, then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Immigration and Naturalization Service wanted to promote tolerance toward immigrants. [more inside]
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Mate he's obsessed with toilets

I worry it seems patronising to praise a famous 59-year-old man for doing as little as managing not to be a politically incorrect arsehole (again, a sadly surprising rarity), but I feel there’s something more than that with Big Nev, something genuinely quite affecting and inspiring.
Tristan Cross explains why former Wales & Everton keeper Neville Southall is such a mensch on and off Twitter.
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That's no bull!

There is an escaped cow in Prospect Park in Brooklyn! (FB video). [more inside]
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Transcribing decades-old science fiction fanzines

The James L. "Rusty" Hevelin Collection contains over ten thousand science fiction fanzines. The library of the University of Iowa is scanning them and has done more than 800 so far. It has set up a page on its DIY History site where people can transcribe old zines to make the computer searchable. For more about Rusty Hevelin, read his obituary, and for more about the collection read these two articles by Jacob Brogan from 2015 and 2017.
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Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius

Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius
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Playing with FIRE

The internet subculture of FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) is a community of people working to retire (or achieve financial independence) at aggressively young ages using some unconventional methods. [more inside]
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Loyal citizens who stand for Americanism

A Night at the Garden - a short archival documentary of a pro-America rally held at NYC's Madison Square Garden, in 1939. [more inside]
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The Secret History of Fruit Leather

Also known as Amardeen, it all started in Syria.
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Fair-Weather Friendly

Affiliate marketing is the seedy underbelly of online product reviews and commerce. That won't surprise anyone, but the extent of these momentary, modern gold rushes might. David Zax receives a free mattress from a reviewer who can't give them away fast enough and decides to peel back a few of the industry's less plush layers.
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The Potato Metaphor for Emotional Labor

In some relationships, the person needing support shows up in the kitchen with potatoes at the ready. They are saying, “Here. These are my potatoes. Cleaned and ready for your pan.” In other relationships and situations, the person seeking support makes it harder to find their potatoes... The potato metaphor is useful because it highlights how the person being supported has an active role in how laborious the emotional labor involved really is... Lopsided potato-handling can be damaging to ease, equity, and harmony in relationships.
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Think Daft Punk meets Deep Forest with the fearlessness of Nina Simone.

Tjitji tjurta (translation ‘all you kids’) inma-ku a pakala (translation ‘get up and dance’) tjitji tjurta Tjitji tjurta inma-ku a pakala tjitji tjurta [more inside]
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