October 9, 1999

Those who have read Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon may know about Counterpane They're the company that Neal consulted about the crypto in the book, including the now famous solitaire code.
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Mini-Golf Review tells us where to find the best windminds and clowns' heads on the East Coast. Also kinda neat is the British Minigolf Association.
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Eric Schulman from the Annals of Improbable Research asks, Can Fame Be Measured Quantitatively?.
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Here are a few neat links. V.I.S. Services is the press releases site for the Vatican. ZapZone is really cool. The gimmick is that a Webmaster sets up ZapZone to look like his site, and ZapZone offers free e-mail to the Webmaster's users. Lastly, I really enjoyed Final Fantasy VII, especially the music. Zaphiroth's Final Fantasy VII Site has a great MIDI colleciton.
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This new inforrmational site

This new inforrmational site actually looks like an interesting place to read about all sorts of topics, BUT they told me about through multiple copies of spam. When are companies going to get it? Spam is worse than a telemarketer waking you up at 6am on a Saturday! Oh yeah, they're also destined to fail because they are charging for their information (*cough* Slate.com *cough*). Good luck infostry!
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