November 17, 2002

Starbucks Spat Theatre

I've never had a cup of coffee in my life. Can't stand the smell. However, if I were able to watch Reverend Billy's Starbucks Spat Theatre I'd be living there 24/7. Has anyone witnessed one of these performances? [via an email i got from bud]
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Mooch, Jackie, Mooch!

Our Next Contestant In "The Great Internet Mooch-O-Rama". Little Jackie is sad. Why is she sad? Because people have been mean to her. Why have they been mean to her? Because they don't understand the financial plight which has driven her to spam Usenet groups in a desperate plea to...well, to be slightly more comfortable than she already is. [more]
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Journalist Bill Wyman threatened with legal action for having same name as Rolling Stones member

Journalist Bill Wyman threatened with legal action for having same name as Rolling Stones member. Via Google News.
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Is there a limit to protecting children.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
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A Rare look inside Bush's Cabinet.

The Commander in Chief commanding. But while Mr. Bush was waiting for the military, at his direction, the CIA led by George Tenet, was already on the ground buying Afghan warlords. Bob Woodward, reveals this an other behind the scenes activity in the Bush's Cabinet just after 9/11.
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Muffins and Big Bunny Animations

Pssst... Wanna see some hardcore little muffin movies [main link] by Amy Winfrey? Still interested? Log in here to watch her equally excellent Big Bunny films too. [Username and password: mefimefi; Flash required; Bunny films supposedly not suitable for anyone under the age of 13 ]
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The Apothecary's Drawer

The Apothecary's Drawer is the "play page" of writer and science journalist Ray Girvan. Here you'll find the Web equivalent of stuffed alligators, brass astrolabes and jars of leeches: an eclectic choice of links to scientific and artistic sites worldwide. Give it a try.
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Dean Kamen Mania

Present day Thomas Edison strikes again. More fine stuff from the guy who brought you the Segway HT. Dean Kamen, and his fine folks at DekaResearch, appear to have invented a device which promises to save countless lives across the globe, power villages, and runs on water. What's next? The perpetual motion machine?
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Gods and alternate religions

God of the Month Club - unsure of your belief system yet yearn for some spirituality? Why limit yourself to one - sample a different God or Goddess every month. Learn about the belief and worship systems surrounding White Buffalo Woman, the Horned God, Green Men, Morpheus, Hecate, Vulcan, Freya or the ever-popular Venus, just to name a few.
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Beer in US and UK

Is Bottled Beer Taking Over The World? This Oxford-based search machine has got to be the most international and complete on the web. But only a few years ago, in most styles of beer, it was considered a poor alternative to draught and cask-conditioned ales. Now it looks like globalization and the boho culture are bringing the bottle (and the can) back. Or perhaps there's not that much of a difference? It's only beer, after all. [Sunday flash supplement: Al Yankovic's beer song and something called "Titties and Beer".]
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The Swastika, Swastika links, and a complete index.
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Aspects of the Victorian Book

Aspects of the Victorian Book is a Sunday morning kind of site, a relaxed but vivid tour of 19th century British publishing that explores production techniques such as lithography, binding and illustration, and looks at the printed works of the period (including forms such as the inexpensive "Yellowbacks" and their cousins, the usually lurid "Penny Dreadfuls").
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Dr. Spock means Johnny Rotton? As any parent knows, kids are heavily into anarchy. It seems that some parents are, too. Personally, I like to keep my anarchy where it belongs: fairytales (which are also the only places it works.)
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