December 2, 1999

I've always liked webmonkey,

I've always liked webmonkey, it's been one of the finest resources available, but with their recent redesign I can't seem to find things as quickly as I used to. Plus I can't find a link anywhere on the site to their Webmonkey Radio feature. Once a month or so, I remember it exists, and I have to physically type "/radio" after to see it. I missed a couple episodes, so now I've got some webmonkey-radio-catching-up to do.
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Down on Mickey D's? Spending way too many sweaty, sleepless nights trying to get the image of a mad clown out of your head? Try McSpotlight - a behemoth mass of anti-burgerflogging data, legal issues, rumors, and other juicy McInformation. Be sure to test your McDIQ with the The McSpotlight Quiz.
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I'm adding new functionality to MetaFilter. I'm testing out a floating, draggable menu for links. The links are static for now, but will be customizable by users. It should work in IE4+ and NS4+, post a comment with your OS/browser if you find any problems. I'm also playing with the stylesheet for this page, since I just noticed the spacing between posts looks awful in IE4.5 on the Mac.
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When I opened up my new copy of the Industry Standard today, I was happy to see a new last page column by CarlTM. It's been a couple months since CarlTM wrote a column, and it just wasn't the same without him. Micheal Parsons is a competent writer and all, but he's no CarlTM.
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