Scholarship Entries to view

The voting deadline has passed, but you can still see the entries.

SpecialK's essay
zempf's essay
gramcracker's essay
kitschbitch's essay
palegirl's essay
amanda's essay
dagnyscott's essay
bradth27's essay
Nikolai's essay
sugarfish's essay
pikachulolita's essay


The Amazon paybox that was setup for the scholarship collected $700 exactly ($595 after 15% fees are taken out), via paypal $528 was collected ($513.67 after fees were taken out), and along the original $500, the total is $1608.67 to be given away.

I've decided to make it $800 for the top vote getter, $500 for the second place, leaving $308.67 for third in the votes. As mentioned before, only members of MetaFilter that joined before April 15, 2001 are eligible to vote.

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