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The biggest bank in the country did something extraordinary: It said it had been conned. JPMorgan Chase is suing Frank Financial Aid (YouTube), a higher education financial aid company it bought for $175 million in 2021. The finance company now alleges that Frank massively misrepresented its work and assets, and paid a data science professor to create millions of fake accounts.
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NYT reporter Joe Bernstein and his wife were headed home early. It was cold out, and the club around the corner had music, so they stepped inside to wait for their cab. The band was playing primitive garage rock: fast, loud, hard. The place was packed. There were women in skintight red dresses, long-haired men sucking down bottles of beer and couples flirting in the alcove outside the bathrooms. In fact, just one thing distinguished the crowd from nearly any other rock n' roll show: almost everyone was over 65. Twitter thread. NYT article. Archive.
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Spending too much money on food and drink is an act known as abligurition, according to one 18th-century dictionary – the result of which might be a feeling of barleyhood (a Tudor-period word for a hangover), or crapulence (defined by Samuel Johnson as “sickness by intemperance”). And after all that overindulgence you may well need to swadge (to relax after a large meal), and be in dire need of a yulehole – a term defined by the superb Scottish National Dictionary as “The hole in the waist-belt to which the buckle is adjusted to allow for repletion after the feasting at Christmas.” (Should you need it, the excellent Scots word pang, according to the same source, can be used to mean “to force an unwanted article on someone”. Ergo, it is the perfect word for Boxing Day, or for all the Bounty bars left in the bottom of your tub of Celebrations.) Author Paul Anthony Jones reveals the roots of his love of obscure words in The Guardian.
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For more than a decade, a prankster spun a web of deception about the inventor of the electric toaster. His lies fooled newspapers, teachers and officials. Then a teenager flagged up something that everyone else had missed.
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Kherson celebrates liberation after 8 months of Russian occupation (Kyiv Independent photos). Buildings mostly stand, but infrastructure is largely severed. Zelenskyy says Russia has committed war crimes there, as in other occupied regions. 179 settlements on the west bank of the Dnipro River have been liberated. Russians continue defensive operations on the east bank.
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Fern Brady comedy special (SLYT, 56:01m, subtitles/captioning).
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Making the radical case for Sinéad O'Connor: She was right all along [ungated] - "Using extensive archival video — including footage from a wedding at which a teenage O'Connor sang 'Evergreen' — brief, stylized re-creations and interviews with O'Connor's friends, collaborators and contemporaries, 'Nothing Compares' traces O'Connor's meteoric rise from troubled teenager to Rolling Stone cover girl, and her even more precipitous fall from grace... Ferguson said that many of the screenings get rowdy and emotional. Young people come up to her 'with their eyes flashing, just incensed and inspired' by O'Connor's ordeal." Interview with Kathryn Ferguson on Nothing Compares (trailer; Rememberings previously).
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Whisper, from OpenAI, is an open source tool you can run on your own computer that "approaches human level robustness and accuracy on English speech recognition"; "Moreover, it enables transcription in multiple languages, as well as translation from those languages into English." Instructions on how to download, install, and run it. (I have successfully used Whisper and the results were very good. However, it is not fast enough to run during recording of an interview and give you live captions/transcripts; it runs after the fact, on already-recorded audio.)
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We removed search engines from our results to discount “middle-man visits” and removed Facebook and YouTube as they would otherwise dominate the results. So we have identified and mapped the most visited website in every country around the world, and also the top news, banking, fashion, and food website in each region. [via]
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After saying he would, then he wouldn't, Elon Musk has announced that he will go through with his purchase of Twitter at $54.20/share.
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It started with a tweet highlighting an episode from On the Air, a series of short animations from BBC Northern Ireland of talk radio from The Gerry Anderson Show dating back to the 2000s. The hypno-hen soon went viral, and now the late broadcaster's family have set up a website in his honour.
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Russia has been on the receiving end of the Ukrainian counter offensive for about four weeks now, and things have not been going well for them. During the retreat from the Kharkiv area, the 1st Guards Tank Army, the most prestigious major unit of the Russian Army, was for all intents and purposes routed. Russia's major reinforcement unit, the 3rd Army Corps, was moved into theater and practically melted away. In reaction to these events, the Duma has pushed through a new conscription law, and the Kremlin has announced a partial mobilization. How many people will be called in is unclear, as one clause of the order is secret. Russian industry has also been urged to ramp up production.
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Doctors have expressed concern for the health of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and recommended she remain under medical supervision, Buckingham Palace has said. The queen is comfortable at Balmoral and family members are travelling to be with her. BBC1 has suspended normal programming to focus on coverage of the Queen's health.
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Six months into the Russian war on Ukraine, after weeks of seeming stalemate, Ukrainian forces launched their long expected counter offensive in the Kherson region north of the Dnipro river. Over the last month Ukraine has degraded the major river crossings, blown up Russian weapons depots and used American provided HARM missiles to destroy Russian air defenses. Meanwhile Russia has rushed 25,000 troops into the region to be ready to defend the region.
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On 27 August 1961, a BBC reporter interviewed four Australians boarding a ship in Melbourne for Tilbury, Essex, about what they expected to find in England. The answers included Tudorian houses, dirty petticoats, the world's last remaining class society with drawing-room manners and a population of neuter men and their suety womenfolk sitting in the fog eating crumpets. (SLTwitter)
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Want to hear (a version of) the world's oldest known complete song? Germanic-Nordic experimental folk collective Heilung have recorded a version of the Hymn to Nikkal, a paean to the Moon Goddess Nikkal which is the only complete piece among the 3,400-year-old Hurrian Songs. The songs were inscribed with both words and musical notation in cuneiform on clay tablets, and were excavated from the ancient Amorite-Canaanite city of Ugarit in northern Syria. Vocalist Maria Franz says "The rhythm in that text is just so weird; it’s so alien. I’ve never heard anything like it.”
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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade. The opinion: "The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives. " Information about abortion funds in different states.
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The war continues. As the Russian invasion continues into the fourth month and apparently is bogging down, once again Europe has to face the reality of industrial warfare.
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In January 2018 music writer Tom Breihan began writing a column, The Number Ones, for Stereogum. (When this column was started, the #1 song in America was Ed Sheeran's “Perfect”.) The premise is simple: he is going through and writing about every single song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart in order, starting with the very first #1, Ricky Nelson's “Poor Little Fool” from August 1958, and continuing, presumably, at least until he catches up with the chart. At his current rate of three columns a week or so (and the rate of new #1 singles in the streaming era), it'll be into spring 2024 before that happens, but he's made it through the first 40 years of the chart into 1998, so there's a ton of great writing (827+ columns!) that deserves attention.
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Irish and German people offering each other things. Never have Ask and Guess culture been so clearly shown as in this delightful 37-second Twitter video.
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It's election time once more in the Antipodes, so let's consider the cream of this season's political comedy. Have you missed the last three years? Catch up with this helpful Honest Government Ad from the 'Australien Government'.
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The war continues. The illegal and criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine nears the third month of fighting. It's not going super well for them, with minimal gains in the east and significant withdrawals around Karkhiv, towards the Russian border. Ukraine counterattacks are expected to continue. The USA and many other countries continues to give billions in support and weapons. But Ukraine has suffered intensely as well, losing irreplaceable people and devestating economic blows.
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