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California bans using computers or watching TV while driving I made this post on Dec. 26 about the Laptop Steering Wheel Mount and just wanted to post a follow up. I wish more states would enact the same type of law.
posted on Jan-4-04 at 7:14 AM

Laptop Steering Wheel Mount - Mount your laptop on your car's steering wheel? - Accident waiting to happen... Sure you are supposed to use it while parked but we all see idiots in traffic doing everything from applying make-up to reading the newspaper. Doesn't anybody just drive their car anymore?
posted on Dec-26-03 at 8:37 AM

A Letter From The Frontlines In Afghanistan - This letter was read on the Sully and Scooter Show on KOGO News Radio in San Diego. Supposedly written by a U.S. Marine. Don't know if it is real or not.
posted on Dec-6-01 at 6:19 AM

Keanu Reeve's Girlfriend Killed In Car Crash - Jennifer Maria Syme, 29, died on Monday after her Cherokee hit several parked cars and turned over. A police report said two anti-depressant prescription drugs were found inside the vehicle along with two rolled up dollar notes with traces of a white substance inside them . . . Prescription cocaine? When can I see her doctor?
posted on Apr-5-01 at 12:19 PM

Producer of 'Cops' gets DUI in Atlanta . . . Bad boy, bad boy, watcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
posted on Apr-5-01 at 12:13 PM

"Straight Pride" Sweatshirt Message Is Subject of Law Suit - A 16-year-old boy barred from wearing a sweatshirt bearing the words Straight Pride to school out of concern it would cause fighting has filed suit, arguing his free speech rights were violated.
posted on Apr-5-01 at 8:37 AM

Stun-Gun Kid Zaps Schoolmates - A Queens, NY junior-high student swiped a stun gun from a neighbor's apartment and zapped his schoolmates during horseplay that sent a dozen youngsters to the hospital yesterday - "Nobody thought it was dangerous. Everybody thought it was fun."
posted on Apr-5-01 at 8:34 AM

That's My Bush! - Premiers tonight on Comedy Central. From Matt and Trey, the creators of South Park. This is either gonna be really great or reeeeeaaaallllyyy bad.
posted on Apr-4-01 at 8:56 AM

Congress Hears Online Music Grievances - Alanis Morrissette said few musicians were hurt by their exposure on Napster, as the structure of recording contracts prevents all but a few from ever seeing any money from record sales. Don Henley, formerly of The Eagles, took a swipe at the recording industry as well, noting that artists have had no say in the negotiations between recording companies and Internet firms. Ted Nugent, a prominent Napster critic, was scheduled to testify but had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.
posted on Apr-4-01 at 5:37 AM did a survey regarding tatoos and piercings in the workplace. Half of the managers responding to's survey on body modification in the workplace said they were less likely to hire someone with visible tattoos or body piercings.
posted on Apr-3-01 at 9:52 AM

The-Artist-Once-Again-Known-As-Prince debuts his new single on Napster - The Work - Pt. 1, which is the first track from Prince's new album, The Rainbow Children will be available on Friday. Prince has worked without a major label contract since 1994 after a contract dispute with Warner Music.
posted on Apr-3-01 at 9:25 AM