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Ding dong the witch is dead. Tomorrow, Jesse Helms will announce his retirement. Unfortunately, he has two more years left to his term
posted on Aug-21-01 at 12:43 PM

Staten Island postal people prevent posting of posterior postcards. Um, I mean, they wouldn't allow postcards of guys' butts to be sent. The cards were advertising short films to be shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. (NYT. Login: imaguest; password: imaguest)
posted on Jul-27-01 at 10:33 AM

What? The sky isn't falling! It's just an acorn! John Kelso, Austin's foremost professional Texan, writes today about the Austin-California grudge match. (In Austin, it's de rigeur to blame the Cal-dot-commers-cum-Texans for the city's growing pains. It's also a tad accurate.) He also gripes about a silly SF gate Flash site where you can turn the lights out on Austin. The guy's a crank -- and he can't write a column without mentioning Bubbas, chili, or vegetarians -- but this is a perfect example of Texas' head-in-the-sand attitude towards a possible energy crisis. And the rest of the country's, maybe.
posted on Jul-27-01 at 9:53 AM

Another stupid parent story, without which your day just wouldn't be complete. Mother and Stepfather, who lobbied for a stricter definition of 'rape' in Ohio, are charged with raping their daughter (via artificial insemination). I hate people.
posted on Jul-27-01 at 9:40 AM

Ever been caught smoking in a violent manner? This is the best slow-day-at-work reading around.
posted on Jul-26-01 at 2:28 PM

Pregnant mother has her 6-year-old arrested for kicking her in the tummy. It started when she tried to "smack the child in the mouth," and then, with the help of her own mother, pin him down on the couch. She had him arrested to teach him a lesson.
posted on Jul-26-01 at 11:39 AM