Leo Justi
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Good morning. I know that every second of weekend freedom is precious to you so I won’t waste your time with superfluous verbiage. Or superfluous links, for that matter. So here goes: Leo Justi is a DJ from Rio De Janeiro. He has quite a few tracks on his Soundcloud page but the three that come highly recommended are: "Dunno Riddim (Kid Conga Remix Instrumental)", "Floor Crank 3.3" and (mildly NSFW language)"Blacqstar – Go Get My Gun (Leo Justi Remix of Carli’s Remix)".
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(ironically, everything up until "here goes" was superfluous *winks*)
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This is Baile Funk. It's a good genre. Don't know if this guy is anything special, though.
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Perhaps you could give him a listen then, empath
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Shoot. That should be followed by a question mark.
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(ironically, everything up until "here goes" was superfluous *winks*)

Perhaps they were trying to be ironic?

Great music by the way.
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Thank you!
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I'll be looking for more of this. Thanks!
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Yeh, I dunno. Going to an outside site to 'prove' something in some kind of DJ pissing contest is pretty poor form, and meaningless anyway.

It's as if I had bad things to say about the Da Vinci Code, and somebody pointed out that Dan Brown is much more popular and successful at the writing business than I am, as an attempted putdown. That doesn't remove my right to my own opinion.

The better answer to that kind of specious argument is actually "so what", not "go fuck yourself", though.

But baile funk is an interesting genre, returning to the topic. It's a kind of home-grown music of the Brazilian favelas (shanty towns), lifting things from all over the place, but still retaining its own definitive style. I'd bet that baile funk stars are almost as revered as Brazilian soccer players in many parts of the country.
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