Shut UP, Conda
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The 13th season of The Biggest Loser has ceased production according to a confirmed TMZ report, allegedly because the Final Four contestants walked off in response to an eliminated contestant being brought back. Bob Harper gave an interview to Men's Fitness calling the majority of this season's contestants bullies.
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So when actual reality creeps into a 'reality' show, it gets cancelled?? Perhaps contestants are finally getting sick of being manipulated by producers to create a reality that doesn't exist?
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Reality shows not actually based on reality. In other news, water wet, night time dark.
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Reality television reflects reality in the same way that a Presidential debate reflects the personal beliefs and future practices of the candidates.
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Somehow I doubt that the 'conflict' in the show is anything but manufactured, whether through active inflaming or or selective mischaracterization or both. It is trivially easy to tell any story you want with enough footage and all we are getting is the story most likely to attract viewers.

If I am curious about anything it is the undoctored views of the five involved contestants, but I'm sure that shows like this involve all kinds of non-disclosure agreements.
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I love watching this show. It is hilarious. My SO watches for inspiration and workout tips, I analyse the gameplay - fun for the whole family!

They totally should have booted Conda when they had the chance.
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Somehow I doubt that the 'conflict' in the show is anything but manufactured, whether through active inflaming or or selective mischaracterization or both

I don't think that's true at all this season. If Bob Harper is calling people out, it's not all fake.
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Yeah, the articles are petty thin. You have one guy equivocating about how he wants to passive-aggressively characterize the show, and another purported interview that is nothing more than a couple of quips about omg bullies.

Nothing about how the show producers may or may not have violated their contracts, nothing about the rights of the contestants to walk off the show, no contextual information of any kind. I've noticed this about a lot of TV reporting lately. It assumes you not only know of the show, you have in depth knowledge of the show. This is fine for a small audience of cognoscenti - but to those of us who don't even watch TV, it comes of as narcissistic, self absorbed gossip. Very much like the manufactured drama we suffered at a distance in junior high and high school.

So yeah, as Blasdelb suggests, I think the whole conflict is manufactured to create buzz about the show. Oooooooh we'll have to watch to see what happens!
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I only have a passing knowledge of the competitive reality TV formula but it seems that there's a common sense check for this type of thing:

Count the number of episodes in the season (X). Count the number of contestants (Y). If Y<X then you can pretty much count on this type of thing, right?
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