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Passing of a Virtuoso
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RIP Maurice André

Maurice André passed away at age 78. Brief biography here. Andre was a coal miner who, luckily for the rest of us, found his way into music. He was a truly a virtuoso, able to make the hardest passages look easy.

André at his best, playing Hora Staccato.
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In a very personal way I'm especially saddened by his passing as I nearly gave up trumpet in 7th grade and then I heard his recordings and saw him play at Carnegie Hall. My dad got me into the green room after the performance and I met this tiny, jovial Frenchman who could truly make a trumpet sing. It's been 33 years since that time and I still play and he's still my model of what I should sound like.
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I watched a few videos on youtube of this man playing, and in many of them, it looks like he takes a breath while the tone of the trumpet is still playing. How is that possible?
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circular breathing
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I'm glad to have his recordings.

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circular breathing -- No. It's not this, I don't think. He actually parts his lips and yet is still playing. Maybe it's just that the video and soundtrack aren't quite sync'ed. But if you look at the video in the op, at the 16 second mark, and at 44... he's breathing and playing at the same time.
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Every time I feel frustrated about how the trumpet is kicking my ass I listen to some Andre. And somehow it always works -- my tone is always sweeter if I keep his sound in mind.

RIP, Mr Andre.
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