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"There's a lot of other singers out there who don't sound anything like they talk ..."
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Death Vessel is a modern folk band from Rhode Island. But mostly, it's Joel Thibodeau's astonishing soprano singing voice .

A few more of their songs from YouTube: And a few interviews to round 'em out: 1 (video snippets), 2, 3.
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Thanks for this. I've just requested Nothing is precious enough for us from my library... WIN.

Bobb Trimble [previously] is an 80's psychedelic musician from Worcester, MA. But mostly, it's Bobb Trimble's astonishing soprano singing voice

What about the voice of Geddy Lee, how did it get so high?

posted by not_on_display at 12:54 AM on August 22, 2012 [1 favorite]

I first saw Death Vessel at the Winnipeg Folk Festival..

OK, I will admit, I first heard Death Vessel, and thought "that woman has an interesting voice, I think I shall go check out her show."

Imagine my surprise. Also my delight, because HE has an interesting voice and much to say with it.
posted by louche mustachio at 12:55 AM on August 22, 2012

This was the song that drew me in. Deep in the Horchata.

You can clearly imagine how this could draw a curious, sun-dazed reveler across a field.
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I saw Joel when he played on a UK tour with Low (2007?). The audience really didn't know what to make of him; the friend I was with absolutely hated his music, but I've been listening to Death Vessel regularly since then. There's so much else to the music that it's easy to get over the novelty of his voice.
posted by pipeski at 1:32 AM on August 22, 2012

Yay I love them. Thanks!
posted by likeatoaster at 5:04 AM on August 22, 2012

This was the song that drew me in. Deep in the Horchata.

Me too, louche mustachio! The album version of that song is on their Myspace page.
posted by crookedneighbor at 7:01 AM on August 22, 2012

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